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Perfect White Chocolate Ganache Frosting Perfected

After much trial and error and following other recipes with little success, I finally figured out a recipe for white chocolate ganache' frosting that works every time. This is not for poured ganache' , although you could probably use it that way before it sets, this is for white ganache' to use as a frosting either under fondant or alone.


  • 1. 3 cups of white chocolate chips (either Hershey's, Nestle's, or the larger candy melts) DO NOT SUBSTITUTE WITH ALMOND BARK. This is a big mistake....I know..I tried it. Do not use shaved baker's chocolate either. These measurements are for chocolate that is in chip form only. 2. 1 cup of heavy whipping cream (not the kind in the can...the kind in the carton) Do not use half & half. It will be runny. 3. pinch of salt


1. Put all of the chocolate in a glass or stainless steel bowl. Do not use plastic or aluminum. They will both give your ganache' a nasty flavor. 2. Heat the cream and salt in a heavy saucepan until it boils--simmering is not hot enough, it must come to a boil. 3. Pour all of the cream over the chocolate and push the chocolate down with a utensil until it is all covered by the cream. Put a lid, plate, cookie sheet etc..over the bowl and let it sit for 5 to 7 minutes. 4. Stir it with a whisk from the inside out until no lumps remain. If the mixture still has small lumps that won't dissolve, put the bowl in a skillet that has an inch of water in it and heat on medium high stirring the chocolate constantly until melted and smooth. 5. Cover the chocolate with plastic wrap. Push the plastic down until it is sitting on the surface of the ganache'. Push out as many air bubbles as possible and make sure no ganache' is exposed to the air or it will have crusty spots in it. 6. Let the ganache' sit overnight. It will be firm in the morning. 7. You may use it as-is or whip it with a mixer until fluffy. Either way works well as a frosting. Whipping it makes it a little easier to spread and lightens the color.

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so even using the heavy cream it does not need to be ref. after? :)
So Ive followed the recipe, and leaving it covered on the kitchen counter....tomm. how long do I whip it for to get it fluffy?
@2txmedics....It should whip up very quickly. Don't over whip it or you will end up with a weird texture. if you want to use it without whipping it, you can increase the ratio of chips to 4:1instead of 3:1. If I am using it under fondant, I use 4:1 and I don't whip it. I spread it on the cake as-is and let it set up again which only takes a couple of hours. I then brush the sides sparingly with a mixture of 1Tbs corn syrup to 2Tbs water. This allows the fondant to stick. I don't coat the top which allows me to move the fondant if needed before I start to smooth it. should refrigerate it the next day but for the first day, it should be left to set up without refrigeration. Be sure you take it out of the frig a couple of hours before use so that it comes to room temp naturally. It is impossible to spread when cold.
Hey i was just wondering, could i use this recipe a to pipe it onto cupcakes? I want the frosting to look sturdy and sharp and not collapse as with other recipe's i have tried :(
Does this ganache work well as a carving base? I would like my carved cake to have clean crisp edges that i don't seem to be able to attain with buttercream. I'm looking for a ganache that firms up more than buttercream to allow me to carve details into it.
I've never tried that but after it sets up it may work. I'd do a small cake or cupcake with it and see. The only trouble I can see that you might have is that it is quite sticky and tends to stick to the utensils which would hinder your ability to pull away from your work and make sharp edges. It can be done with a hot (not wet) knife and works well though.
this recipe/technique was perfect. I followed it exactly, and then used the upside down on freezer paper method of frosting it. My cake finally had a flawless undercoating for my fondant. thank you for sharing this.
Can this be used to pipe/decorate? How long would I whip it?
do you know how large a cake this will cover?
Do you have to weigh the white chocolate? Is 1.3 cups 11 ounces? Also, you actually boiled the heavy cream, all the other posts say only to simmer? Thanks, really anxious to try this.
Its not 1.3 cups of chocolate. It is ingredient # 1..... 3 cups of chocolate.
Also, ingredient # 2....1 cup of heavy cream
Also, ingredient # 3.... pinch of salt.
 Can you add food coloring? And if so do you do it when its warm or after it has cooled?
The only food coloring I would suggest using would be the oil base kind used for coloring candy and I would do so sparingly.
thank you for this! I would love to try this today. Would white chocolate coins work for this, the merkins kind any chance? Thank u
I'd like to add Frangelica to this recipe. Will it ruin it or can I substitute it for some of the cream
I see this was posted 3 1/2 years ago but I am just seeing it tonight. Could you tell me what size cake one recipe of this ganache will cover. I am thinking only the outside, the inside would be a different filling. Thank you.
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