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Fluffy American Buttercream

This is like a cross between the Swiss Meringue buttercream and the American buttercream. You may use poured fondant instead of the powdered sugar and egg white combination below. The buttercream is fluffy, does not crust but smooths perfectly. It's a variation of Mike's Buttercream. I have been using this recipe in place of my regular Swiss Meringue buttercream since in Florida the Cottage Law does not allow a meringue buttercream. It stands up well in the humidity (adding the Sweetex) and I can get it really smooth quickly. Just stick the buttercream covered cake in the freezer for 10 minutes, the use a knife to shape your edges to make them sharp.


Amount Ingredient
2 lbs Powdered Sugar
3/4 cup Pasturized Egg Whites
24 oz Unslted Butter (room temperature)
8 oz Hi-ratio Shortening
2 tablespoon Vanilla Extract (or any flavor you desire)


In a mixer fitted with flat beater combine powdered sugar, egg whites and flavoring. Slowly beat to combine then increase speed to MED-HIGH (I use 6 or 8 on my KA mixer) beating for 10 minutes till double in volume. Cut speed to low and slowly add butter and shortening. When all is added increase speed to MED-HIGH and beat for 10 minutes till double in volume and is light and fluffy. You may add half cup more powdered sugar for a firmer buttercream.

Comments (75)

How many cups of frosting does this make?
How does it do on hot and humit weather? I live in Texas and the weather can be a problem.
Can you but fondant on top of it?
Can you substitute meringue powder for the egg whites? If so, what is the quantity of meringue powder?
Whose recipe is this?
Isn't calling something with no butter buttercream kinda dishonest??
It has butter in it...3 cups of it along with 1 cup of shortening. I'm interested, it has more than two times the fat to sugar ratio as I've been using for basic buttercream.
I have used Mike's recipe several times and i liked it, This is similiar and i will try your version. Thanks for posting. I love making smbc, imbc, etc. but i like to try others at times.
Interesting recipe. I'm on the look out for something to use in the summer (as SMBC would probably be a hassle in the Texas heat). Is it shelf-stable or does it need to be refrigerated? And what is the shelf life? Thanks!
HOLD up, am I reading the recipe right? At what point do the egg whites get cooked?
I am very sorry for not getting back earlier I did not realize the recipe was posted. I will to answer all the questions: 1)This is similar to Mike's buttercrem but I have adjusted it a bit for my climate (South Florida) by increasing the powedered sugar, a little more egg whites (pasturized egg whites in the box is what I use and what the recipe calls for and it's safe to use) and adding the hi-ratio shortenin. It gets really humid here in South Florida and I have never had a problem. 2) It works well under fondant. I mix a little of the buttercream with shavings from the top of my cake to make a spackle paste which I apply to cake then a light layer of buttercream before I cover with fondant. Most cakes are light and the spackle paste makes a sturdy foundation to cover cake before fondant. (this is after having a number of cakes, well buckle) 3).I have left it out for two days on my counter top (but my home is always 75-79 degrees F because I bake) and have had no problem. When refrigerated bring to room temperature it does not need much re-whipping. 4) I never tried using meringue powder so I do not have a definate answer for that. 5) I get about 7 - 8 cups of frosting when whipped real good. 6) I use pasturized egg whites in the box, therefore no cooking of eggs. Do hope I covered all you questions. Cheers!
this sounds like it will work great. Thanks for sharing
You can make frostings (like meringue) with egg whites and you don't have to cook them, I am not 100% sure why but I think it has something to do with the sugar. But you can eat frostings made with uncooked egg whites and it will not hurt you. And this recipe sounds great, I have been looking for new recipes to try, also your method of making the paste sounds interesting as well, I may have to try that! Thanks!
If this is mike mccarey's buttercream recipe, I e-mailed and asked if it was pasteurized liquid egg whites and they told me it was. So i use liquid pasteurized egg whites , which is safe. I really like his recipe. Is this MIke Mccarey"s recipe that you have tweeked?
I think your recipe sounds great. I am sorry that there was someone who just couldn't restrain herself and make the remark about it not being real. There are many misnomers in the Engkish language like calling a tomato a veggie or a lady a lady when we know neither one is true.
@icer101: Yes it is a recipe called "Mike's Buttercream." I use liquid pasteurized egg whites, even when I make SMBC.
You are welcome one and all for your comments.
Looks like a great recipe, but you must use pasturized egg whites as Jackie indicates. it's true that sugar acts as a preservative, but the other potential problem with fresh eggs is salmonella bacteria, which is unaffected by sugar. If even one egg has it, you're going to get sick.
Does this crust well???
@lihainalady: No it does not crust, but quickly firms up in the fridge or freezer. However it can be easily made smooth without a lot of effort. and you can get nice sharp edges.
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