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I have 4 amazing boys. I am a stay at home mom. I have 2 children with special needs so I really have to be home to help them manage when they are having a rough day. We are a military family so life is pretty hectic to say the least. My outlet is baking and I also make lots of other things as well. I am the creative mom that is always making something new. My kids love the baking part though. It is cool because there friends at school ask them what is your mom going to make for this holiday? I love being a stay at home mom as much as some days I want to take that back. I am able to be home for my boys and also enjoy sharing this time baking with them or I should say baking and them trying everything out along the way.

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  • Winter Cupcakes These cupcakes are made with moist Vanilla White Cake with whipped icing and vanilla fondant. They were something I just decided to whip up...
  • Unicorn Piñata Cake Inicorn Pinata Cake, this cake is tye dyed cake with skittles filled in the center for a pinata image and has vanilla fondant for the face...

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