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  • Benfica Lover sponge cake stuffed with condensed milk cream decorated with sugar paste
  • Vicente's Jurassic Park sponge cake stuffed with condensed cream topped with vanilla cream and brigadeiro
  • Nono 12Th Birth Day red velvet stuffed with brigadeiro cream topped with cheese cream
  • 91 Birth Day Cake Of A Very Important Lady sponge cake stuffed with passion fruit curd topped with white chocolate butter cream decorated with sugar paste roses
  • My Brother Birthday Cake sponge cake stuffed with salted caramel cream covered with butter cream and decorated with dehydrated pears
  • The Baby Girl Olivia Is Coming chocolate cake with brigadeiro filling and cream cheese topping with white chocolate and coconut milk
  • The Farm Sponge cake + salted caramel + butter cream
  • Nono 10Th Birthday Red velvet + butter cream
  • Matias Christening Chocolat cake + raspberry cream cheese
  • Nono 11 Birthday Redevelvet + butter cream
  • Alzira's 88Th Birthday Sponge cake filled with passionfruit curd and covered with whitechocolate coconnut and cream cheese ganache
  • Bela's 60Th Birthday Sponge cake filled with strawberry curd and covered with cream cheese cream, tempered chocolate and strawberrys
  • Rui's 53Th Birthday Chocolate cake with brigadeiro cream and chocolate and cognac truffles filling, covered with chocolate glaze, tempered chocolat and...

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