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theresaf Posted 28 Apr 2021 , 6:44pm
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Besides baking the other fun hobby for me is tricking and tormenting my siblings when it comes to their cakes.  We all need hobbies, right?  That's what older sisters are for, as I understand it.

My baby brother is turning 46.  lol

I've made him cakes that are half cheese board, half actual cheese, a whole barbecue setup, and a moving remote control car cake, to name a few.  He's actually requested something that explodes (!) this year but I am not going that far.

So my idea is an Alien head on a kinda-top half body.  I want to make it so that some green liquid shoots out of the eyes. Preferably at my brother.  And not at me. Either by pressing something on the top of the head or cutting it makes it shoot out.

Here's the question, what kind of mechanism do you think I can put in the cake so that liquid shoots out - not just oozes out.  I know if I make a chocolate coated chamber in the middle it could hold the liquid but then cutting the cake just has an ooze.  And where's the fun in that?  If I could wander around a toy store I'd prob find something that could be useful but my mind isn't coming up with a solution right now.   

All ideas welcome.  His birthday is June 2 so I have a little time....



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jchuck Posted 28 Apr 2021 , 10:48pm
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Sounds cool…but alas I wouldn’t have a clue where to start. You might want to check out YouTube university!!

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-K8memphis Posted 29 Apr 2021 , 4:27pm
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a water gun!!!! pretend to be cutting it and whamo!!! omg I Love this!

I'll keep thinking though...

an IV bag and tube -- if you can set the cake up with the IV bag under the table or something -- run it under a tablecloth maybe -- then step on the IV bag -- 

omg skip the picture we need a video!!! 

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theresaf Posted 29 Apr 2021 , 5:47pm
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Kate! The IV bag/tube is definitely an idea worth trying out - the simpler the better - thank you

June - All my searches on Youtube etc for things spurting out has led me down a rabbit hole of men's private parts cakes - I gotta clear my search history lol!!

And video - yea that IS required - my other brother lives in Arizona while the rest of us are in NY and he will also need to see it happen.  It's a fun project to think about and I laugh every time.  

Thank you!


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jchuck Posted 29 Apr 2021 , 6:25pm
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Hmmmmmm, men’s private parts squirting…I don’t need to see that. With 3 grandson’s, I get to see live peeing all the time!!! I’ve seen all types of keg cakes where the actual spout works, and liquid comes out. No idea how to achieve. 

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theresaf Posted 29 Apr 2021 , 8:13pm
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Wow I wonder if the air pump could hold liquid - there's only 4 left so I also wonder who else is plotting something haha - so I put one in my "cart"

There's a pharmacy supply store in town that I may wander into later this week for an iv bag too  - I do not plan on divulging why - it seems insensitive

I was thinking I could run the hose through the cake by using some appropriate size pasta  (manicotti, fat ziti, etc) too

I see some experiments OUTSIDE in my future !

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-K8memphis Posted 29 Apr 2021 , 10:59pm
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y'know how the IV bag tubes have those clamps on them -- y'know how they

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-K8memphis Posted 29 Apr 2021 , 11:03pm
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oh gosh I'm all thumbs today -- 

as I was saying, y'know how they use the clamps to tie off the liquid -- 

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theresaf Posted 30 Apr 2021 , 1:07am
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Kate if only you weren't that far away I think you might like to be hands on (and away from the goop) on this one!

I ordered the air pump and some other supplies through Amazon earlier today - let's see how that works out


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-K8memphis Posted 30 Apr 2021 , 11:20am
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can't wait!

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jchuck Posted 30 Apr 2021 , 8:10pm
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Cool Teresa….Can’t wait to see your creation…

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SandraSmiley Posted 1 May 2021 , 1:10am
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This is such a fun topic!  I've laughed my head off.  Best of luck!  Sounds like you are on the right track.

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Jazz2U Posted 1 May 2021 , 3:20pm
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If the pump doesn't work, a syringe with a hose.  You can probably find them in the pharmacy.  Make the shoulders out of cake,Styrofoam  for neck and support for a rice Krispies head which you can mold around the hose or easily make the passage way for the tube.  Take a peek at my Green Day cake. That head was almost life sized.

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theresaf Posted 1 May 2021 , 6:13pm
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Sandra - You are such a great sculptor I bet you could make a super-lifelike alien.   hmmm  if we even know what a super-lifelike alien truly looks like!!

I'm glad others find the topic so entertaining.  For me, planning is also fun and funny.  I generally tell many people my plan except for the person who's getting the cake so everyone is in on the joke ahead of time.  

About 5-6 years ago I decided to make my niece an edible card from wafer paper and my nephew, the brother, was going to eat the card after she read it.  Turned out my sister decided to have the get together on a day I couldn't be there so I gave my gift to my other sister to bring and asked that they video.  Well my niece took out the card and before she could read it, my nephew stole it out of her hand and jammed the whole card into his mouth in a split-second.  My niece was shocked and I could hear everyone else choking laughing.  I think the whole family has that video on their phone still. Of course my nephew wound up having to spit the card out because we all know wafer paper is edible but not delicious - but he was also more than willing to be in on the laugh.

Jazz2u thanks for those ideas too, I hadn't considered a foam part but that makes a lot of sense and way more stable.  Not sure where the party will actually be - I sure don't want that mess at my house . Chances are it will be at my brother's and he lives about 48 miles away so it'll be a harrowing transport. 

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