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Laura5168 Posted 18 Aug 2019 , 3:56pm
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I had recently made a beach themed 5 layer new York  style cheesecake wedding cake, and the shells were made of white chocolate and the flowers were made of fondant. There was a 12", 10", 9", 6 ", and a 4" they were approximately between 3.6" to 4" high. I received  $100 for the work and she bought the ingredients.  How much should I charge for something like that? And how do you determine how much you should charge per slice? Any and all advice would be Appreciated. 

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cakefan92 Posted 18 Aug 2019 , 5:40pm
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The most important thing here is, do you have a business?  If you do, then you need to get your pricing lined out before you even take an order. If not, then whatever amount you are willing to accept is fine. 

It sounds like you made a 5-tier cheesecake and that's a lot of cheesecake. Including shells and flowers, you put in a lot of work. Everything else aside, how many hours did this take you? Divide $100 by that many hours and that's what you made for your labor alone. Was is worth it to you?

Not including the top tier, if you use Wilton's serving chart, that's 138 servings (for regular cake). I would think cheesecake servings would be smaller, but for the sake of argument, let's go with this.  For $100, you were paid $.72 for each serving, and you gave them the top tier for free. Was this worth it to you?

All this doesn't even include planning, shopping, gas for your car, utilities, cleaning supplies, cake boards, delivery, insurance, the going rate for your area, and the list goes on. All this needs to be considered.  If you are in business, I would think that you'd need to charge a minimum of $5 per serving, which would be $690. Quite a difference.

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SandraSmiley Posted 18 Aug 2019 , 5:46pm
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Well said, cakefan92!

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johnson6ofus Posted 18 Aug 2019 , 9:48pm
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And don't forget supplies, beyond ingredients. Did you get paid for use of the equipment to make the fondant flowers, shells forms, parchment paper for the pans, soap and water to wash up? Even that teaspoon of vanilla from your pantry (yikes, at the current price of vanilla!). 

I wouldn't do it for $100...and I am retired. :)  But it is always a matter of what you time is worth and what liability you are willing to accept, as cheesecake is very perishable. 

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-K8memphis Posted 19 Aug 2019 , 1:21pm
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is that the payment you expected? was it from someone who is your superior in some way, such as a teacher to your kid, your manager at work, pastor’s wife — anything like that?

if that was the deal you both had the meeting of the minds on, so be it — put it this way if you take another deal like that you are allowing someone to take advantage of you — 

i mean maybe it was a friend or aunt or something idk but hammer out the details in advance — don’t accept, “i’ll make it worth your while” as your contract — because they didn’t come close! you are very right to question this!

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-K8memphis Posted 19 Aug 2019 , 1:23pm
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there is some kind of new member delay on being able to "reply" to posts so please start a new thread to continue any discussion -- at some point all of a sudden you will be enabled to "reply" but not for a while -- maybe like 30 days — I think it might have to do with time and activity levels -- please respond by creating a new thread if you want/need to — because I would love the hear your thoughts on this 

best to you


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-K8memphis Posted 19 Aug 2019 , 4:17pm
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and be careful of any referrals you from this person -- no more deals like that yes?

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