Stacked Sphere Tier Cake (Continued #3)

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pareenshah Posted 6 Jul 2019 , 12:16am
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I agree and felt foam was a better way to go over rkt. Those dimensions sound about right since I was estimating about 12-10-8-6-4 inch diameter for the spheres. I was thinking of doing the bottom three in the cake/foam format and the top 2 be total foam, any reason you think that won't be possible?

My biggest concern is the sphere second from the bottom. The central dowel won't go through the middle of that sphere and I don't want the weight from the right side of it pulling it off the central dowel if it's been sitting out for a few hours during the event. It will be indoors.

You mention making the tops foam too. So are you thinking just the central 3/4 of the sphere be cake? and the 1/4 of the bottom and 1/4 of the top be foam? I think the bottom might be fine to do just the top cake and the bottom foam and then maybe the top and bottom foam for the next sphere.  Definitely plan on having a heavy weight board for the base.

This is for my sister's wedding and so will mostly be a labor of love and quite honestly just wanted to push myself a bit and maybe add something new to the repertoire. Then charge the next person a couple of body parts for it ;) haha I've done a few other gravity defying cakes but the spheres are throwing me off here

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-K8memphis Posted 6 Jul 2019 , 1:05am
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it’s not at all that I think it’s not possible to do three spheres or more in cake/foam — i would just want to make it easier on myself — two cake orbs in that line up is already a lot — I think the top of the biggest tier being foam again just makes it a little bit easier — and means you have somewhere for the dowel to seamlessly connect to as well as where the next sphere will attach to — and then just maybe the foam two inches deep on top and five inches deep on the bottom leaving you with five inches of cake in there — unless you make those smaller you’re going to have to add another cardboard circle in there effectively making it a two tier sphere — agh no I would not want to do that — and the foam on top just to hang onto that roundness there without sweating it — ‘cause there’s plenty of other sweating to do :)

I don’t think you’ll have any problem with the 10” being a bit off center of the main pole there  — that’s a possible concern if you deliver it assembled and drive crazy but of course you wouldn’t do that — 

although delivering it assembled is a real possibility

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-K8memphis Posted 6 Jul 2019 , 1:11am
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also if you cap the 10” with a little foam on top too that will assuage the fear of it going sideways there — maybe 3” deep foam on the bottom 2” deep on the top --

it’s just a thought to make each sphere the same size cake and to keep things well contained — it will make the cake a little easier to slice too by eliminating that rounded top — a little

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-K8memphis Posted 6 Jul 2019 , 1:38pm
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and I hope we’re not doing whipped cream and strawberry filling, no curds, no cream cheese, no real carrot carrot cake— I might nix red velvet too — otherwise I would disintegrate in a cloud of smoke — I thought that sounded better than shooting myself or someone else ha!

although if you whirl freeze dried strawberries in a blender (available at whole  foods, target and probably amazon) you can make an incredible strawberry icing/filling just adding it to your usual btrcrm — and I would ditch the meringue icings too — i’d use American made with butter, cream and white balsamic vinegar to cut the sweetness and it gives it a very real faux cream cheese vibe —

but great choices would be pound cake and Italian cream, a lot of chocolate cake recipes, yellow, white, spice, lemon etc.

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-K8memphis Posted 6 Jul 2019 , 1:46pm
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upthread regarding the foam on top of the spheres when I said “...and means you have somewhere for the dowel to seamlessly connect to as well“

I meant the dowel inserted in the cake not the central pole —

and there’s a thread going on right now about fondants and beyond any shadow of doubt I would get one of the massa fondants — the Cadillac of fondants — you are probably familiar with it already but you can roll it thinner and it handles brilliantly — 

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