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lazarova75 Posted 6 Oct 2017 , 3:49am
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Hello! Does anyone know if the magazine will be published or there's a problem with the company?

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-K8memphis Posted 6 Oct 2017 , 12:13pm
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i'm sure it's going to be published -- they are known for being fashionably late -- and with the big cake show in orlando in like a week or something -- who knows exactly when but they'll get the magazine out -- they always do -- and it's worth the wait

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kstevens Posted 6 Oct 2017 , 4:33pm
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I like your optimism @-K8memphis ‍ but there should have been an issue in June and here we are now in October.  They give people crazy short deadlines for submissions and then fail to get the magazine out.  I'm just glad I'm not paying for a subscription. 

It's been a very frustrating few months after receiving an email saying one or more of my photos has been selected but the issue has never happened.  More frustrating is the fact that they do not reply to inquiries about it.

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-K8memphis Posted 6 Oct 2017 , 8:17pm
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i can see how it might sound that way but it's not exactly optimism -- i've been on here a long time -- this happens -- the magazine always comes out eventually -- this is how it goes for the magazine and sometimes other endeavors -- i've never put out a magazine -- but i've done papers -- we've all done papers and it is a huge pia to get them out by deadlines -- since they set the deadlines they have flexibility -- 

they typically do not take/use up their time to respond -- it's how it is -- i mean if you don't have a subscription -- just gently speaking -- why/how would/could you expect a response -- if they respond to every email or even selective emails -- those who receive one would get on here & say what it said and everyone would jaw about it and wonder why they didn't get a reply and all this would take up more & more time that they could be putting out the dang magazine kwim?

i did not chose this modus operandi for them -- it's how it usually goes -- it's just not worth your frustration -- it's a sweet plum of life to get picked for a cc magazine -- keep it sweet is my advice -- and yes i've had to wait too -- it's ok --

but wow wow wow -- what a show they are a part of putting on in florida -- i mean i'm gonna pray they have the sweetest less stressful time ever -- why not? we have this lovely board and 10,000 million photos and recipes and tutorials and and and and and and and -- it's a great place to be to me

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babysteps22 Posted 6 Oct 2017 , 10:09pm
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@-K8memphis ‍ Are they definitely a sponsor for cake Fair?  I know they were in 2015 but I don't see them on the sponsor list?   Maybe I'm just overlooking it?

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-K8memphis Posted 7 Oct 2017 , 12:41pm
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babysteps -- thank you -- you are correct -- i was getting the emails for the cake show and i assumed -- sorry 'bout that misinformation --

everything i said about the cake central magazine from  my observations over the years is correct though -- deadlines seemingly overlooked for whatever reason for months is not an unusual occurrence -- them not updating is usual --

and it is worth waiting for -- i hope everything and everyone is ok -- it can't be easy on them to have these periods of delay -- i know they do the best they can -- look at this place -- 

best to y'all

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babysteps22 Posted 7 Oct 2017 , 12:55pm
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Yes! I couldn't sgrrr more, I love the magazine so much and would be so sad to see it go.  And the delays are definitely the norm, I nearly went crazy waiting for the issue my cake was in last fall!   I think for me the worry started when the website was down.  But still looking forward to the next issue ☺️

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MissMona Posted 22 Sep 2019 , 1:20pm
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Am I wrong to believe that it’s been a year since this thread and there are still no new issues???  I just looked up my subscription and the last issue was out in April of 2018?  Any news?

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SandraSmiley Posted 23 Sep 2019 , 2:34am
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No word, MissMona.  We are afraid the site has been abandoned.

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