Help, Fruit Cake With Strawberrys, Kiwi And Peaches

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Shanelly Posted 29 Jul 2017 , 1:44am
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I have an order for a fruit cake with strawberrys,  kiwi and peaches. I have honestly never tried or heard of a fruit cake. She wants it two tiers. I also can't do anything that needs to be refrigerated for my cottage food law. Does anyone know what she's talking about and have a recipe for me.  What kind of frosting typically goes on these cakes?  Thank you guys!

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AAtKT Posted 29 Jul 2017 , 3:53am
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Not sure where you are from, but is your customer wanting a traditional fruitcake with brandy or rum soaking that can take quite some time to prepare properly or is she wanting a regular cake with fruit added?

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-K8memphis Posted 29 Jul 2017 , 3:11pm
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here's a recipe for a banana kiwi cake -- i'm sure it's positively delicious -- and no disrespect to the baker --- but note in the picture how it did not hold up and puff up in the middle like you're gonna want for a successful tier cake -- and i would predict it was a little dense and gooey further into the middle slices -- and no disrespect to the baker -- just saying kiwi is a funny fruit to work with -- add in the others and it's quite a different/difficult batter to deal with for a tier cake --

so if you feel like investing in all the ingredients to test this thing with the fruit she wants, my suggestion is to bake many real short layers -- to stack up -- using your usual icing --

i would only take this order by putting fresh fruit in between layers with the fruit sandwiched between well whipped whip cream -- and so i'd refrigerate it and i realize that's not possible for you -- and i would't mess around with testing it all baked inside either -- tier cake is a different animal where i used my established formulas --

testing is big time and money invested -- you should charge by the hour and have her pay for all ingredients -- which is why i used only my established recipes --

best to you -- then again what if you used dried fruit in there?

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-K8memphis Posted 29 Jul 2017 , 3:25pm
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but i wonder how crunchy would it be and if it would be good with the dried fruit --

hmmm i think i would try three types of already cooked filling swirled into the cake batter -- i'm pretty sure there's still kiwi/strawberry jello and peach jello -- so i'd start there and ok so two fillings to swirl in -- but i'd stripe the bag -- y'know put both fillings into one bag -- i'm starting to get excited about this --

because you can test fillings fairly easily -- i mean not to mention i'm sure you can buy peach sleeve filling and strawberry sleeve filling -- those are shelf stable too -- would hopefully work with cottage regulations -- y'know to make it even easier you could brush apricot glaze on all the fruit and use it on the outside for decor -- or do the two sleeve fillings and put glazed kiwis on the outside for decor -- you could even cut them into leaf shapes and use them by icing flowers --

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-K8memphis Posted 29 Jul 2017 , 3:34pm
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wonder what would happen if you cook the kiwis down first -- idk -- lotta time testing though huh

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-K8memphis Posted 29 Jul 2017 , 3:40pm
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ok -- i wonder what would happen if you coated small fresh kiwi pieces in tapioca flour first and dropped them onto the batter that was swirled peach & strawberry fillings ?

pure maybes blush

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-K8memphis Posted 29 Jul 2017 , 3:42pm
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like i mean all those swirling suggestions going into a nice safe tried & true white cake batter 

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Alohilani Posted 29 Jul 2017 , 4:41pm
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Is your customer Hispanic or Brazilian? Because this sounds like a cake they've in South America. It's a very light sponge cake, with the filling in a cream type frosting filled with peaches and cream. They also use a sweet milk caramel filling with that and add dried plums sometimes. The cake is very, very fluffy and light. I've had with strawberry and peaches on one layer and the kiwi in another. It was very good. I don't have a recipe though, but if you google it, I'm sure it will come up. Or try asking in the Spanish forum, I'm sure someone there will have it. They use it at sweet fifteen, and baby showers all the time. If you want to use kiwis on the batter, you have to use freeze dried ones or it will be a mess. If this is the cake, t hi I don't see you being able to do  under CLR.

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Shanelly Posted 29 Jul 2017 , 9:45pm
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Thank you guys for all your suggestions!  

I am not sure if my customer is Hispanic they sent me a message on my ad on Facebook.  I googled for a while last night and the only cake that seems to match is what Alohilani posted. Not sure how to get my phone to tag you.  I don't think I can legally make a cake like that. 

I know the sleeve fillings are self stable before being opened. Do they require the cake to be refrigerated after opening?  I'm still very new to my business and the cottage food law. Still figuring out what I can and can't make.  Of coarse she needs the cake by Thursday so I don't have a lot of time to try different recipes.  I also didn't factor that into the cost at all. I wish she could give me the name of the cake so I knew exactly what she wanted.  

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remnant3333 Posted 29 Jul 2017 , 11:38pm
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I am not hispanic but I love tres leche cakes which has fruit in between the layers with heavy stabilized whip cream frosting and fruit on top. This is one of my favorite cakes!!!

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Alohilani Posted 30 Jul 2017 , 1:50am
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@remnant3333 I'm not Hispanic either and I like that cake too. I even try to keep the doce de leite, condensed milk  and  the milks in stock that are lactose free because it's so popular. However, This is not a tres leche cake. It has no caramel filling/doce de leite/dulce de leche or the soaking of the cake itself with the  milks. It has no coconut at all either. It's a soft and airy sponge. It's hard to explain how the actual batter tastes like. Sometimes, people will use simple syrup but most don't because, of how airy and soft the cake itself already is. It's the last cake on the right side, on the very first line of the google search I showed it to you. If you go back to the "all" search away from the pictures only search, it gives you a few recipes, but they were not in English. You're correct in saying that you won't be able to make this under the CLR because, it needs to be refrigerated. It uses fresh fruit and fresh cream, which spoils very quickly. Now, if they aren't hispanics but are Brazilian instead, there is a variation that you can make that would be acceptable under CLR. The customer, is really the only one who can answer that. However, PLEASE be very careful when you ask them what their ethnicity is, because you don't want to offend anyone or be accused of racism. All you got do is say that you're trying to understand which version of the cake they're after, so you can best meet their needs. If it's the original recipe,  pass it because you really don't want to make something that would make people sick and cause you to loose your CLR permit. You can look into it later with more time and try a few recipes on your own to figure it out what works for you. One last thing, I've never seen this cake stacked (I'm sure it's possible with the right supports/correct recipe) I've seen them in floating pedestals, and those stands that hold which cake parallel to each other, side by side, if that makes sense. Good luck @Shanelly! 

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-K8memphis Posted 30 Jul 2017 , 1:49pm
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what's interesting now that i'm thinking about this and learning more in this thread -- thank you, alohilani -- is that my wonderful neighbors gave us a big chunk of this type of cake with fruit in it -- it was the peach -- i was watching my weight and did not want to try it because it would open the floodgates and i'd want to eat it all -- but my husband loved it -- couldn't say enough good things about it -- and i wish i would have tried but then again -- controlling my weight is a full time job -- but it was the soft airy creamy layer cake with peaches mmmm --

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