School Bake Sale - Need Help With Pricing And Product Amount

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HajraK Posted 6 Apr 2017 , 2:25am
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hi everyone

i will be doing monthly bake sales at my school at the request of the school admin. Half of the profits from this sale will go to support the school PTO. We did a "flash sale" yesterday at dismissal time with just an announcement made a few minutes prior and I sold out everything (40 cupcakes, 16 cake pops and a bunch of cookies). In just that 1 hr, we made almost $200 and I gave half to the school. The school has 300 students. I have a few items in mind:

simple cupcakes $2/each

cookies 3 in a bag for $1 each  bag

cake pops $2.25 or $2.50 each 

brownies and Rice Krispie squares $1 each

im also thinking of maybe making 12 of those cupcakes made in ice cream cones and selling them for either $2.50 or $3 each

any advice on the above mentioned items and prices? And how much of these items should I actually bring? 

The sale will take place during the students snack time and students will know about it in advance so hopefully it will go well.

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HajraK Posted 6 Apr 2017 , 2:25am
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Should probably correct myself and say "my kids' school" lol

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bubs1stbirthday Posted 6 Apr 2017 , 5:31am
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What country are you in? What age are the kids? How big is the school?

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ElizabethsCakeCreations Posted 6 Apr 2017 , 8:46am
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Are you even covering your costs? I sell for minimum $3 cupcake and I don't have to give to a school. I know their kids but at least break even 

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HajraK Posted 6 Apr 2017 , 12:30pm
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I'm in the US. The kids ages are from preschool all the way up to 8th grade. It's 300 students in all.

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leah_s Posted 6 Apr 2017 , 2:22pm
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I think all your prices are seriously low, unless you're in a very economically depressed area.  And are buying your ingredients very cheaply and your energy costs are low.  And your packaging costs are low.

I wish you luck and it's a good thing to give money back to the school.

Honestly, I'm surprised that the school allows this sort of thing.  I just got cancelled on an event at a school with my food truck, because "federal school lunch rules to not permit outside vendors on school property" who are not party of the approved food program.  And I think we've all heard about so many schools cancelling bake sales and even birthday treats due to food allergies and food prep concerns.

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GI Posted 6 Apr 2017 , 2:34pm
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It sounds like this is a private school?  If this is the case, I would up the price a bit, rounding off to the whole dollar.  Most kids don't have pocket change or if they do, they lose it.  if most of your buyers are kids themselves, keep it easy on them by using whole dollar.  Most parents of the younger set won't let a kid run around school with a $5 bill in their pocket (I know *I* didn't!).  Is your sale cash only?  If you do this on a regular basis, you may see sales drop off unless you switch up the novelty of what you are selling.  

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HajraK Posted 6 Apr 2017 , 3:30pm
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Yes it is a VERY private school with barely any students having allergies. My son is probably only one of a handful. Every week they have a pizza lunch sale, nacho sale and they started selling milk and muffins for breakfast as well. 

we will have our first bake sale in about 2 weeks and if it goes well, we want to do it once a month. Hopefully this way it won't lose its appeal the way nachos somewhat has since it started a few months back on a weekly basis.

I could probably up the price of the ice cream cone cupcakes to $3 each but I'm guessing to make the brownie and Rice Krispie squares for $2 each they should be a big enough size that kids want to spend on it as well. 

I seem to be stuck in a hard place by not wanting to have prices with change (like 1.50 for brownies) but then feel like upping the price by a whole dollar is a bit too much.


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GI Posted 6 Apr 2017 , 3:50pm
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You could vary the size?  So, a $1 RKT and a $2RKT one is smaller, the other larger.  In my experience, kids will want the larger size cuz well, bigger is always better!  You can also cut costs further by putting it on napkins vs bags? Or well, rethinking...bags is better keeps out bugs.  I guess a couple of trial runs with the change vs no change is good way to see how it will work.  If there are parents picking up kids, they always have loose change in between the seats....

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HajraK Posted 6 Apr 2017 , 4:31pm
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Yeah I think I'll package those in the cheap sandwich baggies rather than the more expensive cellophane bags. I think I'll keep cake pops at $2.50 just because unless I take out the packaging, there's no way I'll meet coats with a $2 cake pops and no packaging makes me feel icky

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