Baking With Breast Milk

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Kaylynadams Posted 21 Nov 2016 , 10:45pm
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Okay, I am making a smash cake soon. Mommy wants me to replace the milk in the cake with breast milk. Does anyone know how this will affect the cake? The texture of it? Has anyone done this before?

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bubs1stbirthday Posted 21 Nov 2016 , 11:22pm
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Oh yuck - I am almost 18 weeks pregnant at the moment and since I fell pregnant any thought of baking something makes me want to be sick, I think this just capped it off for me haha.

The amount of fat/protein in breast milk is not a stable thing and it is always changing so you wouldn't really be able to tell what difference it would make. I would say the cake would be a bit drier perhaps but seeing as the child will only be really playing with the cake it wont really matter anyway.

Personally I would rather replace any milk in the recipe with water if there was an issue with dairy etc.

P.S I breastfed my little one for 2 years and also had to express regularly due to a fairly low supply so it's not an issue with breast milk in particular, just the idea of putting it in my mixing bowls/baking pans that grosses me out about this lol.

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remnant3333 Posted 21 Nov 2016 , 11:22pm
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Never heard of anyone doing this. I would assume it would be just like using milk. Is this an immediate family made cake? This is a strange request!!! Not sure what others will have to say on this matter.  Good luck and if you use breast milk please let us know how the cake was!!

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ypierce82 Posted 22 Nov 2016 , 1:03am
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I cook and bake with my breast milk all the time, but only for my family. I have not had an issue replacing "regular " milk with breast milk. 

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jgifford Posted 22 Nov 2016 , 1:56am
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The sugar and fat content are going to vary from mom to mom so you're going to have variations in the taste, texture, etc. That said, the differences will more than likely be negligible.

I personally find the whole idea a little weird, but hey, to each her own.

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jgifford Posted 22 Nov 2016 , 2:01am
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Something else that just occurred to me~ if you're a commercial bakery this may not be possible. Some Health Dept. regulations won't allow for "home grown " ingredients. Just something to consider.

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Cookie269 Posted 22 Nov 2016 , 2:44am
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Do search about the risks of heating up milk in a microwave or an oven for that matter. Maybe your customer doesn't know, or has forgotten. If she's still okay with it, then I guess you don't have a choice. 

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littlejewel Posted 22 Nov 2016 , 10:50am
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Yuck alright. I never thought someone would think it's  okay to use breath milk to prepare food for anyone other than the little is produced for. I will be sure to let my pregnant family and friends know I don't want to consume their breast.  I would not do it.

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LelekBolek Posted 22 Nov 2016 , 11:45am
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I'm both hands "for" breastfeeding, or plain feeding your child by any means.

But a big, resounding "No" on this one.


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ypierce82 Posted 22 Nov 2016 , 12:59pm
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Breast milk IS milk, and it is "ok" to cook and bake with it. OP if it makes you uncomfortable, or you don't think that you can, just tell her no.

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Kaylynadams Posted 22 Nov 2016 , 3:32pm
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Lol! Thanks so much everyone. I would like to point out that this is a friend of my fiances who is making the request and the cake will only be consumed by the baby who the milk is intended for. Lol I only bake cakes from my home and I guess you could say Im just making a cake for a friend so health laws shouldn't be an issue. Since the baby is turning 1 the taste and texture of the cake aren't a huge concern. I guess my biggest concern was whether the cake would bake up correctly and be stable enough to be stacked and frosted. I think it will be fine but we will see I suppose!  Aha I will let everyone know how it turns out. Thank you so much for all of the feedback!

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Ritzgirl Posted 25 Nov 2016 , 3:29pm
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If it's just the baby eating the cake, it's not nasty at all.  I hope the mother is being honest when she says it's just for the baby.

I would add placenta to the buttercream as well....

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-K8memphis Posted 25 Nov 2016 , 4:30pm
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wow in all my time doing cakes I've never heard of this -- for me, i might eventually think of doing this (back during baby rearing days) -- I mean if you had it sitting around in the fridge --but actually I was a dud at breast feeding -- but I could Never fathom asking someone else to make the cake -- that's just me but I'm a die hard baker too --

very unusual and very thought provoking

i think the simplest vanilla pound cake with a light lemon-y glaze is what I would want to serve to my grandkids...if I ever get the chance :) and like baked in a pan that makes a little flower muffin-y thing or train car -- small but cute -- and my pound cake takes cream -- I wouldn't use bm -- seems too valuable/precious no? 

idk -- if that's what your friend wants though she should get it -- just be sure your recipe is ok with any kind of liquid and you'll be fine with it -- or just use a token amount so you don't throw off a scratch recipe --

best to you and her and all -- please update on how this goes for you

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maybenot Posted 29 Nov 2016 , 3:50am
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Ah, the "crunchy mom" arrives on the doorstep of the baker...................

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GIGGLEBOX2014 Posted 29 Nov 2016 , 8:24am
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@Ritzgirl ‍ Placenta buttercream!!? That one definitely takes the cake! lol.

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