Clueless About Cookies!!

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Miss.Reynolds Posted 8 Nov 2016 , 11:41pm
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I got an order for a spider man cake. Easy peasy. However, 2 days later I get a call from the same customer requesting spider-man cookies as well. I hesitantly say yes. Knowing me, I give anything a try but the date is getting closer and now I am frantic! A few questions that I have. 1. After you bake the sugar cookies and they cool on a rack, Do you need to store them in something? How far ahead should you bake them before the delivery date before they start to go stale? (I have to do 2 dozen cookies) The design of the cookies have (of course) very intricate lines for the Spider webs and the Spider man's hand. #3. What icing would be best to get those straight lines and lastly #3. some of the lines will be black. How do I make that icing black and foul proof?

I know I am pretty much saying "please tell me all that you know about making sugar cookies with decoration" Thank you for any suggestions. smiley.png

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inthekitchen2 Posted 9 Nov 2016 , 1:32am
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I can tell you what I do. After I bake them and they are completely cool, I place them single layer on a cool cookie sheet and "flash freeze" them for an hour or so. After that I stack them in a sealed container in the freezer. I keep them there until needed. -Flash freezing keeps them from sticking to each other when you stack them together.

I have had great luck with using the marshmallow rolled buttercream recipe found on this site. I can't remember who the author was. I would use that to do the basic background color (red or whatever). I would roll that out like fondant, use the same cookie cutters and cut out the shapes. I swipe the cookie with a smear of shortening, and then add that shape to match the cookie right on top smoothing it. I use the cookie frozen. It thaws so quickly, and they do thaw while working on the others, so it really doesn't matter that they are still frozen. I would let that partially dry out and then use a toothpick or something to embed the design for the cookie. Then let that completely dry overnight. Just lay on a tray and put them up. (Some people put the rolled buttercream on the cookie as it comes out of the oven and it dries that way, but I like to bake all the cookies ahead of time before I worry about decorating.)

The next day I would use royal icing dyed black, or whatever color you need and go over the design. Once again, allow to dry.

Once the cookies are completely dry, they are ready to go, package as you'd like , -or-  "flash freeze" again, and then wrap individually in bags and tie with a ribbon. (If not individually wrapping them, you can just put in the container you are taking them in or whatever.) Then freeze until needed. When needed, pull from freezer, leave in container to thaw overnight and they are ready to go the next day.

Tips I found out: It's best to make a thick cookie and thin marshmallow rolled buttercream. You can flavor the rolled buttercream with butter and vanilla flavoring, maybe a little almond flavoring -not too much of these. Also, allow cookies to completely dry out before putting them in the freezer.

This is my method, the cookies are always delicious, taste completely fresh, and lots of compliments. I hope that helps!

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msalasek Posted 9 Nov 2016 , 2:28pm
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If I were you I would use royal icing to decorate the cookies. There are many tutorials on YouTube using royal icing, and teaching you how to flood, and pipe the designs. I would bake all cookies first before decorating. When I make cookies I bake them and let them cool on a cooking rack, and then store them away in airtight containers. I've baked cookies up to a week before the party without freezing them and they still taste fresh. They key is making sure they are locked up in containers when you are not decorating. 

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Miss.Reynolds Posted 9 Nov 2016 , 3:23pm
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Thank you Both! @msalasek ‍ I just bought the ingredients for a royal icing that I saw on here. I think I am going to try that for flooding the number 5's that I have to do. @inthekitchen2 ‍ I love the convenience of the Rolled buttercream and I never even thought to do that! I think I am going to give that a go. I found a recipe on CC for a marshmallow rolled buttercream does this sound familiar?

Marshmallow Rolled Buttercream for Decorated Cookies


  • 1 – 10.5 oz bag of mini marshmallows
  • 1 Tbl of water
  • 1 1/2 cups of light corn syrup
  • 1 cup of shortening (I use sweetex)
  • Powdered sugar 4 to 6 lbs


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inthekitchen2 Posted 9 Nov 2016 , 3:48pm
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Yep, that's it. It makes a lot, so you can always just cut the recipe in half. I like using that as the background cut from the same cutter and then I make impressions in it of whatever design I want, and use that to make the design with royal icing once the background is dry. Just make sure you use something for it to stick to the cookie, like I said shortening works fine, I know some use edible glue or corn syrup or whatever.

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millicente Posted 9 Nov 2016 , 4:41pm
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When is your order due?

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Miss.Reynolds Posted 9 Nov 2016 , 5:14pm
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Thank you @inthekitchen2. @millicente My order is due Sunday. I love JBcookiecutters! I buy from them alot for my fondant work. Im a little iffy about it getting to me on time with this one and to add insult to injury (smile.png) my customer asked for some specifics. (the hand "spraying" the web and spider webs and number 5's with webs and spiders on them.)

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Apti Posted 9 Nov 2016 , 5:48pm
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@millicente  Great suggestion!   

@Miss.Reynolds  If you can pass along the cost of the cutters/postage/tax to the customer, the cookie cutters with fondant stamp would work great. 

I agree with the others and would bake - freeze - then decorate cookies.   Personally, I would order the stamp/cutter suggested by millicente and just roll out and impress the design on fondant and slap on the cookies.    

You can use flooded royal icing and make the web design (one of the easiest designs out there for royal icing). 

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millicente Posted 9 Nov 2016 , 6:50pm
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This is my Spirderman cookie I do from my site Its red fondant and i used a cutter and stamp  and also purchased a spiredman eye cutter set. I baked the cookies.put on the fondant then stamped on the cookies. Then used black RI to trace the spider web. Then made the eyes with the cutter set. There any many cutters to choose from on Etsy.

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millicente Posted 9 Nov 2016 , 6:52pm
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If may cost more than you would like .However it will save time and he is a classic hero  and will use again and again.

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Miss.Reynolds Posted 9 Nov 2016 , 8:50pm
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Thank you! @millicente. I think I am going to try the impression stamps to see if that works. 

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