Buttercream Melted When Delivering What To Do?

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Holiver Posted 2 Sep 2016 , 3:10pm
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I have recently made a buttercream covered 3 tier 1st birthday cake. I had to deliver it 1.5 hours away from my house which is always worrying. I am usually very vigilant when it comes to the weather and the delivery date didn't show as being warm so I went with my normal BC mix with no shortening. 

You guessed it on the day of delivery it was 26 degrees and the top tier slipped making it wonky. I attempted to fix it but it just wasn't possible with the amount of BC I had and the heat. The recipient was understandably disappointed but was very understanding.

I was to give her some sort of reimbursement as the cake wasn't as she expected but don't want to make a loss any thoughts on the amount that should be refunded and how to avoid such a disaster again would be greatly appreciated.Attached before and arrived pics for you to see.

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reginaherrin Posted 2 Sep 2016 , 6:01pm
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That looks more like a structure issue then buttercream issue. What kind of support system did you use?  I always worry about delivering tiered cake myself and sorry this happened to you.  As far as refund amount, I would maybe do a 20% refund.  The cake did not fall apart and the decoration is so terribly messed up but I do think the customer deserves something.  What kind of refund were you thinking?

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640Cake Posted 2 Sep 2016 , 6:07pm
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The buttercream doesn't look melted, looks more like a support issue.  Did you use supports?  If you used dowels or straws, were they cut to the same length?  Not the height of the cake, but each support should be equal in length before being inserted.  I insert one (I use straws), mark the height, remove and cut to size.  I then cut each of my supports to that same length and then insert all supports.  This ensures the supports are all level, even if your cake is not.  It seems your cake settled on the drive and it sunk on one side...collapsed a bit.  It really doesn't look too bad off, but as you both agree it wasn't what was expected, a refund may help with any future orders...or perhaps a discounted order in the future. 

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julia1812 Posted 2 Sep 2016 , 6:59pm
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Yes ^^^ 

Maybe one of the dowels in your middle tier shifted. What did you use?

The buttercream is fine. Maybe it was soft but not melted. 

That being said it might have been a combination of both: super soft buttercream  (the cake wasn't chilled right?) allowed one dowel (maybe a straw or a wooden stick? Not cut to same height? ) to give way.

Sorry it happened. Maybe you can give the client a nice dicount on her next order?

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Holiver Posted 4 Sep 2016 , 10:44am
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Thank for all your replies!

I used one central wooden dowel and large hollow dowels, 4 supporting the top tier and 6 supporting the middle tier. You live and learn I suppose. I'm going to definitely move the dowels out further so the wait is distributed better.

I was thinking 20% as well (although that's only £30). 

Thanks for you help

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Naivohw Posted 4 Sep 2016 , 8:48pm
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If you do a lot of delivieries, you might want to rig up an insulated box. My boss got a big cardboard moving box (about 36" tall and 24" wide and deep roughly) taped the whole thing up nice and tight and then cut a door out of the front, like a mini fridge. She lined the inside with 1/2" thick Styrofoam insulation, and put some of the no-slip drawer liner stuff in the bottom. If we have a delivery we get the cake nice and chilled and pop it in the box. No problems yet  

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Holiver Posted 8 Sep 2016 , 10:42am
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WOWza that sounds like an awesome idea!!! I'm going to have to try that! Thanks!

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-K8memphis Posted 8 Sep 2016 , 10:46am
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great idea -- make sure the size you pick will fit in your vehicle first -- you can get the foam insulation at hardware stores - I get mine at Lowe's --

best to you

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