Macaron Colour Driving Me Nutty

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Bakedbyme Posted 26 May 2016 , 7:28pm
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So ive always had a problem with my macarons not coming out the colour I make them

Today i tried again and over the years i have learnt all the macaron troubleshooting and they come out perfect except for the colour.

My purple ones today (when they were piped) turned out greyish after being baked. My oven temp isnt too high as i have lowered it due to thermofan. I used the Wilton violet

Got the feet, smooth tops and all that. But ive seen others making these bright amazing colours.


Is the Italian method the issue here? I know many others use french way. Does it affect the colour?

Are my gel colours old?

Ive read that some gel colours arent heat resistant. Ive checked mine (americolour and wilton and the bottles dont say that) even checked CK brand at the shop today.

Anyone else experience this?

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Pastrybaglady Posted 27 May 2016 , 12:52am
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Most likely it's the color rather than the macaronage. I have more issue with my macs browning than fading. I haven't used the purple in my macs yet, but when I do I'll let you know how it worked out. I bet powder colors work best in this application. 

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hippiecac Posted 27 May 2016 , 3:41am
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Wilton gel color is called "icing color" and it is not heat resistant. Powdered color is the best bet in macs. 

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Bakedbyme Posted 25 Jun 2016 , 4:48am
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I do use Americolour as well for all other colours. And same results across all brands.

Is it possible for gel colours to get "old"

Powder colours i find you have to throw in a huge amount to get a deep colour. I use rolkem powder colours.

I am trying to find out if they are heat resistant.

I cant bake my macs at any lower temp than what they are now.

Ive also read to leave a wooden spoon in the oven door to keep it ajar while baking---has anyone tried this? What is its purpose?

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gfbaby Posted 29 Jun 2016 , 6:22pm
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I am SO having the same issues... I totally ignored the macaron fad as it spread everywhere like a rash; I'm kinda like that- if everyone else is doing something I do something else. Awkward to the end..! 

Anyway, as they are no longer the 'thing' of the moment I had another go at them and actually only cos they're glutenfree. I use Sugarflair and americolor gels (uk based) for all my colouring and like you- got insipid pastel- even grey results. My macarons - like yours- totally fine except for the colour. Luckily, I only made them for my own birthday cake, so no customer complaints but I hate not getting things right and would like to produce the rainbow ones I've seen others manage... so if you crack this-  PLEASE POST HOW! I even cracked how to make a two colour batch...and macarons from dried egg white...yes. It works. 

BTW- leaving the door open will dry out your macarons like meringue and you lose the chewy middle. Well; that's what happened when I accidentally did it... don't ask. And it didn't alter the colour....

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Pastrybaglady Posted 29 Jun 2016 , 7:00pm
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You're not actually supposed to eat Macarons the same day. They are supposed to be dry, you fill them and let them "ripen" in the fridge  a day or two, let them come o room temp and then eat them.

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Bakerlady2 Posted 30 Jun 2016 , 3:36am
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I've always had trouble with my wilton purple gel color. even my buttercream and fondant turns grey on me. I got so mad at it the other day I threw half a jar of wilton purple in the trash. My icings turned a blueish /grey . I finally mixed my own purple using blue and bright pink. I agree with everyone else and use powdered colors in the macs.

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810whitechoc Posted 30 Jun 2016 , 3:52am
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I use Americolor Regal Purplle in macarons and it turns out a beautiful rich purple.  What recipe are you using? I use  Adriano Zumbo's, you add the gel colour to the boiled sugar syrup before you pour it over the whipped egg whites comes out a brilliìant colour.

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gfbaby Posted 30 Jun 2016 , 8:10am
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Well I guess it's personal choice on how you eat your macarons... dry or slightly chewy.. and I always leave them to 'mature' cos they improve..! As for the colour, I reckon it's cos the colours we're using are designed for decorating and aren't bakesafe. I use Sugarflair and don't have any issues with smbc, fondant or royal but DO with rainbow cakes etc so it's defo the heat element. The outside fades but the inside is bright and true. I doubt it's the recipe either. I don't even know where mine came from...I've had it for years and it works with dried egg whites so I stick with it. I'm not a perfectionist- I don't need uniform perfect smooth little drops. This recipe avoids messing with heating syrup etc so does me fine...!

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