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stephsweetreats Posted 2 Feb 2016 , 6:39pm
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I absolutely LOVE my convection oven (it's a DELUXE brand oven).  It's great for cakes and cupcakes because each individual rack has it's own heating elements.  So while this is amazing for cakes and's not so great for cookies.  

Cutout cookies are just fine, but other cookies just get too flat no matter what I do.  The exact same recipe in my home oven set on convection, turns out completely different once it's on those individual elements. I have been able to remedy a few to meet my satisfaction by layering more than one pan trying to get the heat to not get to the dough as much; I've chilled the luck; used a variety of recipes (even though I have a great one-just can't get it in this oven)... They still come out way too flat for my liking.  I mean they taste fantastic, I just don't want to send out flat cookies to customers.  Eating all the rejects is nice, but I'd like for them to turn out so I'm not stuck with a million cookies :)  

If anyone else has this brand of oven and has a method or tricks please let me know.  If you can think of anything else I should do, send them my way before I double my weight from cookies!


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-K8memphis Posted 2 Feb 2016 , 10:24pm
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i have that brand of oven with the gentler fan and maybe there is a little more flattening but if i take them out sooner they are ok -- i just tried some papa murphy's choc chip cookie dough (because it was free) in two different batches because there's just two of us and it kinda flattened out more but like you said when i froze the second half the cookies came out better when i took them out sooner -- but my regular choc chip cookie recipes don't bake off that way --

y'know come to think of it yes cookies can tend to flatten a bit more but when i do the tweaks (freezing, lower temp, less bake time) they work out better and it really hasn't been as big a problem for me as it seems to be for you --

also if i use a lower oven rack rather than the top one -- it's slower oven -- oh another thing is these ovens can cycle up too high for the first 30 minutes -- you're suppose to let them heat up for 30 mins before using -- that might help? but i will often ignore that depending on what i'm doing -- but it you're not baking off multiple loads of cookies and therefore keeping your oven on longer (past the 30 mins) you might run into the unfortunate higher heat kwim

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MimiFix Posted 3 Feb 2016 , 12:59pm
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Have you tried calling or emailing the Deluxe company? The sales people are trained to help. If they don't know the answer, they should be able to connect you with their technical help.  

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stephsweetreats Posted 3 Feb 2016 , 1:09pm
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@MimiFix ‍, unfortunately the company is no longer in business.  It was family owned and they had a series of deaths and illnesses that caused them to shut down after I bought the oven.  I can still get parts for the oven, but the company itself is no longer open.  They were so kind, so I have no doubt that if they were open, they'd be able to help me.  Their site is still up and stuff, but when I filled out the contact form about a year ago for something I was contacted and informed they have shut down. :(

@-K8memphis ‍  I've tried most of those things, and nothing seems to help.  Like I said, double panning helped with my brookie cookies, but not with chocolate chip. (haven't tried to the double pan method with any others yet).  I've chilled dough for an hour, turned down the oven temp, doesn't matter where I put them in the oven (I have 3 large racks that can fit two half sheets per rack), oven is always preheated (maybe doing them when it isn't preheated would work better! but would be a pain when making a lot of cookies).  And it's not the recipe because I've tried several and the one I prefer works just fine at home.  Frustrating!  Macarons in this oven are just as frustrating since they turn out beautifully when I test at home.

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-K8memphis Posted 3 Feb 2016 , 1:26pm
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ok i got it -- block the fan from blowing on your stuff -- just put a foil thing around the edges of your project -- something that's about 3" tall -- that should help...maybe :)

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-K8memphis Posted 3 Feb 2016 , 1:26pm
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foil barrier

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stephsweetreats Posted 3 Feb 2016 , 1:27pm
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I'll give it a shot thanks!

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stephsweetreats Posted 3 Feb 2016 , 1:34pm
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Even though I'm going to try it, I have a feeling that's not the source of my problem.  This oven has individual heating elements in each rack in addition to the convection fan.  I think this is what causes it for me.  But hey why not try right??  Fingers crossed!

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-K8memphis Posted 3 Feb 2016 , 7:46pm
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i have the same oven i have been burnt several times by the very dang freaking hot heating elements that run under and above each deck -- i get that -- but i can bake all my cookies in there too w/o a problem -- i worked for a bakery that could not bake their cream puffs in their convection oven because it blew them to bits -- it was a regular convection oven but they had a weirdy cp recipe too it seemed to me but -- i can't remember the work around for that -- maybe they baked them in muffin tins? oh i think they blocked the fan and baked them in certain parts of the oven --

well if you are hesitant to try any ideas...i mean what do you think the cause is then -- the heating rods?

i tell you another way -- add a handful more flour in your cookies -- bam!

this is a maybe -- one other idea is to put a pan of water in there -- that slows the baking down

idk i've baked thousands of cookies in convection ovens mine and full fan -- no problem-o

would love to know how it goes for you -- hope you can get a work around for this - i just love my deluxe -- should clean it for valentine's day huh -- no k8 should clean it 'cause it's dirty !! hahahaha

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