What Is The Best Printer For Printing Edible Images?

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RobinsCakeNCake Posted 7 Dec 2015 , 5:33pm
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I've heard an equal amount of conflicting opinions about Canon edible image printers, so I have opted not to take a chance. Alternatively, can anyone tell me which brand is best,  Epson, Brothers or some other brand, and what is your recommendation? 

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costumeczar Posted 7 Dec 2015 , 9:35pm
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I'm summoning @icingimages  again... On a side note, I have a Canon and I like it so much I bought a spare in case the first one conks out. It's stopped working right only twice in a year of heavy use, and by following the instructions for cleaning it out on the Icing Images website it started working fine again both times.

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icingimages Posted 7 Dec 2015 , 10:33pm
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Hi there,

Thanks for reaching out Czar!

The number one problem people have with all edible printers is the edible ink. In Second Place is customers not using their edible printers enough.  Number three is misleading, its the icing sheet.

Icing Images has been around for over 16 years.  We pride ourselves in quality products and quality service.  As the owner of the company,   I would much rather have a quality product so that I do not have to spend time fixing problems! Makes sense?! 

So let's talk edible inks.  There are several different brands of edible inks out there.  You do get what you pay for.  If the ink is cheap, there is a reason for it.  With inks there are two major factors the color and the clogging.  Having a good quality ink should give you the truest possible ink with the fewest clogs.  Icing Images has it's own distinct formula which is balanced to hold its color and get a greenish/blueish/redish hue to it, but give you the truest color in edible inks.  This formula is balanced to reduce clogs thus allow you to print, and print, and print!  Having alcohol in ink was problematic in the past because too much was added causing premature burnout, but having the right amount keeps the ink pure and allows the ink to hold its colors.  But if you have an inferior ink you will have clogs, a lot of them.  This use to be the number one complaint with all printers, no matter what the brand.  But Canon was and is the most popular edible printer brand out there.

So what happens if you get a clog, it is bound to happen with any printer?  This s why you choose a Canon printer.  Canon printers have always been the number 1 choice because of its removable printhead.  If you do get a clog, simply remove the printhead and clean it.  You can't do that with an Epson.

Some companies have had problems with their Icing Sheets or Sugar Sheets.  I think we must have sold ever brand of Icing Sheet or frosting sheets at one time or another and do you know what is our number one? Icing Images Premium Icing Sheets.  This is for several reasons.  First they are known for their flexibility. You can roll these icing sheets and they will not crack, crumble or fall off their backing.  Some companies have actually not been able to recommend Canon because of their paper cracking, not because of the quality of the printer.  Premium Icing Sheets work wonderfully in the Canon printers.  In addition, they have edge to edge, full 8.5" printing. It has the largest printable area.  Finally, they taste yummy!  You know the Premium Icing Sheet because of the clear plastic backing!  And the other brand that has held true to Icing Images quality and has remained on sale with Icing Images is the Lucks brand.  Premium Icing Sheets hold 99% of the icing sheet sales on the Icing Images web site!

Using the printer is also a common problem.  People buy a printer and let it sit for months at a time.  The printer is meant to be used.  If you don't use it regularly then don't buy one.  We recommend every week to two weeks for our edible inks.  Some companies require you to use it more.  But there are edible printing companies out there that will print for you, we do if you need it.  But if you are not going to use it, then you will be one of those people who hate edible printing! 

Please if you have any questions, ask, I will be able to help you.  We do have a coupon until 12/10/15 on our edible printers.  It was just sent out in our newsletter (sign up at www.icingimages.com) . The coupon is for $25 off our already reduced price.  Use code "Holiday25" for the discount at check out.  The printers are already on sale for the Holidays, this is just an added bonus.  Please call us at 1888-442-4648 or 540-869-5511 if you have any questions or send me a PM.  We are always here for you!

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RobinsCakeNCake Posted 9 Dec 2015 , 3:14pm
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@icingimages  thanks for the input.  Who knew purchasing a printer would be so hard.  Icing sheets vs Waffer sheets, which is best for Fondant and which is best for buttercream?

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icingimages Posted 9 Dec 2015 , 5:14pm
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Hi Robin. 

Thanks for the question.  We actually sell both Icing Sheets and Wafer Paper because there is a difference in the two. 

History on Wafer: Wafer paper has been around forever.  Some people call it rice paper, wafer paper or potato paper.  Bottom line is it is an edible paper that has a potato base in it, not a rice base.  So really it's not really a rice paper.  Rice paper is generally what you wrap sushi in!  You really do not see it used in cake decorating much any more.  Up until within the last year, Wafer paper, based with Potato was not a great option, while it was a cheap source of paper, it was chewy and did not taste great.  After all, why would someone put something on their cake that did not taste good.  It detracts from all your hard work on making something that people want to eat.  Generally people pealed it off.  In the last year, Icing Images came out with a flavored wafer paper!  It tastes like an ice cream cone.  We also added colors to the then only available white wafer paper. 

History on Icing Sheets:  Icing Sheets are also called by many names:  Frosting sheets, Fondant sheets, Sugar sheets, and Icing Sheets.  This sheet is younger than the wafer paper, but was developed because of the edible printing industry.  Wafer paper is not ideal for printing and placing a whole sheet on the cake. I will discuss that later.  The icing sheet came out about 20-25 years ago as a less expensive option for edible printing.  Prior to that we had huge machines that would print on the cakes.  These machines were very expensive, so with the evolution of the edible printers came the icing sheet.  There are many different brands out there and there is a difference.  The Premium Icing Sheet came about because of the need for a sheet that held up to more environmental situations such as high humidity and dryness. Flavor was another reason for it's invention as well as problems with peeling the backing off the icing sheet. The Premium Icing Sheet from Icing Images solved all these problems!

So why use wafer? Why use Icing Sheets.  Icing Sheets and wafer paper do cross over in their use, but the general rule of thumb is that if you are creating accents for a cake, Wafer Paper is the best.  While Icing Sheets can be used for accenting a cake, they work best on flat surfaces or surfaces with some sort of back bone such as gumpaste, fondant or buttercream.  So when you are laying the icing sheet on the cake or you have minimal lifting off the cake, the icing sheet is the best.  The icing sheet has the more cake like texture, and is designed to work best when laying on something.  So when you are printing a full picture for a cake, or cupcakes, Icing Sheets.  They even come precut for cupcakes, cookies and cakepops.  If you are wrapping a cake in a printed design, Icing Sheet.  If you are using Isomalt or chocolate, Icing Sheet! Wafer paper is most effective when you are creating accents such as flowers or designs that are sticking off the cake.  It is great for smaller more detailed cutting that needs rigidity and you are not using a backbone such as gumpaste with it.  Prior to having flavored wafer, people did not like using it either.  But because of the flavors and colors you are now seeing an surge of more things made out of wafer.

So to answer your question, edible printing use icing sheets.  Creating standing or lifting decorations such as accenting with flowers, use wafer!

Using on Fondant or Buttercream, really makes no difference.  If I am laying it flat....Icing Sheet all the way.  For the Premium Icing Images sheet, simply moisten the area with a little bit of water to lay the icing sheet on.  Make sure that you slightly bend the icing sheet in half and lay it from the center out pushing out any air bubbles.  Make sure your buttercream is not crusted, if it is dampen it.  I do not recommend the wafer paper for laying a flat image on a cake as it melts easily and so if you have to moisten the cake you would want to use pipping gel, crisco, or very very little water.

So because I LOVE LOVE LOVE educating people in edible printing supplies, Here is a coupon valid for this month on our website.  So until 12/31/2015, use code cc1215 at check out on our website, www.icingimages.com and receive 5% off your next order.  You can only use this coupon once per person and it cannot be combined with any other offers or discounts.  If an item is on sale on our site, you can use it in conjunction with the sale price.  We are sorry, it cannot be applied to phone orders, only new online orders! 

Happy Decorating!

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