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celestialangel Posted 20 Nov 2015 , 2:01pm
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I love cake decorating. My mom got me into it from a very young age. After seeing her put so much time, energy, artistic talent, creativity, good quality ingredients etc., into so many of her cakes, I can only imagine all the effort many people here put into their businesses or creative passions. That being said I get so mad when I see rude bridezillas totally try and trash a locally owned cakery in my home town.

 So, into the details of the story, I have done business with this particular cakery in the past. The owner is a delight to work with. She is polite, very clear and meticulous when taking orders. She really goes above and beyond to make sure that a customer has a not only satisfying but in my mind stellar experience. 

Like many other cakeries, she has a set process about wedding cakes. It begins with her consultation which includes tasting, designing, and all the nitty gritty ins and outs of exactly what her client wants. She also requires a $50 deposit on all wedding cakes, which I totally understand and support as I am sure she has had the unfortunate luck of having a runaway bride or a wedding that has fallen thru. 

So when I start reading a disgruntled bride's review, when visiting her website, and contemplating my next order, I see some very big red flags. I starts off, " I placed my order with a lady." Already wait, hold up, you placed an order or you had a wedding consultation. The owner, as most owner's, has a very big process when it comes to wedding cakes, she doesn't simply just jot down your order over the phone in a nonchalant way.

Then she goes on to say that she ordered a three tier square cake and they made her a three tier round cake. Okay now that could be a big problem and I can understand being unsatisfied with that. But she goes on to say that she picked it up in person, thus seeing the cake before transporting it herself to the venue. She overlooked the cake said it was beautiful and would do, paid the rest of the fees upfront, and brought the cake to the venue for the reception. She did say that she was somewhat unhappy as the lady who took the order assured her it would be square. Again wedding cakes are not a simple, "hello my name is Jane and I want to order a three tier square wedding cake from you, chocolate please, with vanilla icing, I'll be there to pick it up in two weeks, thanks. "

Here comes another red flag. The cakery has a very strict policy. Once a customer leaves the cakery with the cake the cakery is no longer responsible for the cake's well being. If they customer Heaven forbids breaks it, drops it, mushes the icing, its no longer the responsibility of the cakery. She has paid the remainder of her bill, accepted the cake, inspected it, took it to her venue, and then she says the icing started to fall off. Okay I am literally banging against my head on my desk at this point. 

So she accepted a cake that she was apparently not happy with, says at the time that the cake will do, said it is beautiful yet wished it was square, claims she simply ordered the cake like any other cake, reads and agrees to the policy that everyone sees and is made aware of all all media forums for the cakery and in the actual cakery itself, and then she complains that after she transported it that the icing isn't right. 

Okay so I am furious because I know what type of hard work and skill goes into making these cakes. Then to top it off she complains, in about I kid you not 7 reviews that she makes and copies and pastes everywhere that, she was not given a sufficient discount for all of the hassle, stress, gas money back and forth to the cakery that she had to subject herself to. She went to the cakery once! To pick up the cake no less! If you are griping about gas money to run to the local cakery then wow, cheapskate much. 

The owner, who is an angel of a woman, did give the bride the deposit back, which I think is a fair enough discount as it seems that this bride was just looking for a way to I hate to say this get her cake for free or dirt cheap. But no, not even that was not good enough, so she is hell bent on running this wonderful woman's cakery thru the mud. 

What would you all do in this situation? It makes me mad to see someone take advantage of and be so blatantly dishonest towards a lovely business owner who is essentially doing/did this bride a great service in baking her a "beautiful" per the bride's own words cake. I think given the dishonesty and rudeness on the part of the bride that the deposit back was very generous. But just wanting to get some outside input as to what you all would have done.

Thanks! <3


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costumeczar Posted 20 Nov 2015 , 2:16pm
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You can go and leave reviews for the bakery yourself. Don't even bother addressing the rude customer, that just makes it look like you're there just to fight with her. Just state your own experience with the bakery and give her a good referral. With a lot of those review sites you'll get one bad one from someone who just wants to cause trouble for whatever reason, but if there are enough good ones to counteract it people know that it was a cranky customer, not the business to blame. If you know other people who have used the bakery and were happy get them to leave reviews also.

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Webake2gether Posted 20 Nov 2015 , 2:38pm
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I just wanted to say to you that it's super nice of you to even think twice about it and appreciate your local cakers and their hard work. I usually handle my personal complaints with the business itself and they usually always correct it in a fair way bc I handle in a respectable manner. When I read reviews I take all the other reviews into consideration as well. One person can't ruin a business  especially if other people have good experiences there. If this is a type of thing she regularly does than people consider the source. I agree with @costumeczar  leave good feedback share with your friends to leave good reviews and ignore her. One thing I love for my customers to do when they review our business is to share what they ordered, what they thought about it and if they will order again. I call it the 3 part review and it's give people reading it a clear understanding of the service and product we provide as well as promotes returning customers. 

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