Shapes On Cakes Using Dragees

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CakePrincessPE Posted 17 Aug 2015 , 9:54am
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Have the following cake to make for a December wedding. Bottom tier would be edible icing print outs, but struggling with best way to do the 'beadwork' in dragees for top 'bowl' tier. I was considering using rice paper cut to shape backing sheets with edible glue and then applying to cake. Has anyone tried this? All suggestions most welcome.

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Snowflakebunny23 Posted 17 Aug 2015 , 10:56am
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i would pipe the pattern with royal icing...much less effort than applying dragees :-)

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TheresaCarol Posted 18 Aug 2015 , 1:57am
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I agree with Snowflakebunny23 for sure.  The time that it would take you to apply all of those dragees would be painstaking.  Piping would be much faster and less frustrating than trying to use tweezer to apply all those little boogers. :)

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CakePrincessPE Posted 18 Aug 2015 , 10:43am
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Thanks guys.... royal icing is more than likely far better..

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Shockolata Posted 18 Aug 2015 , 11:40am
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Isn't the bowl a topper? If so, it would be quite easy to apply the beads as you can handle it without fear of denting or damaging it. If it is real cake, I would imagine the leaves made out of a stencil, i.e. you use OHP sheets and cut the leaves, then apply the strip on the cake, use some piping gel on the hollowed out leaves and carefully remove leaving the perfect piping gel shape behind. Then it is a matter of getting your tweezers out and applying the dragees working from outside to inside, top to bottom. It is the extra work that goes into such cakes that makes them fascinating and unique. :)

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-K8memphis Posted 18 Aug 2015 , 4:30pm
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yeah, pipe it -- and if you get your royal just the right consistency it will drop back into itself and leave no tails on the dots if you do get tails no worries just use a finger dipped in cornstarch to pat them down or use a brush dipped in water

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CakePrincessPE Posted 20 Aug 2015 , 8:21am
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Thanks one and all. Bowl is in fact cake, so must handle with care. What are OHP sheets? Would like to try using sheets as I may have more control and can clean mistakes before applying to cake. Anyone know if rice paper will curl when applying edible glue? Either way I'll take pics of whichever route I take and post back here - will only be after Christmas though... long days of testing ahead.

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Shockolata Posted 20 Aug 2015 , 8:47am
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Hi @CakePrincessPE  OHP is OverHead Projector sheets. They are thin but sturdy acetate sheets that you can use to copy designs instead of using waxed paper, then you flip over and work on the design with fondant or cocoa butter colours. When dry, you can peel your design off (well actually you peel the acetate off the design.) These sheets make excellent stencils because you can cut them with an exacto knife and they are still sturdy to handle. It is just having the patience to create a stencil. Then don't throw away the stencil - just clean it with a damp kitchen towel and store for the future!

Re rice paper, I know that wafer paper will curl which is why people use it to create feathers. But if you are using it as backing, maybe the weight of the dragees will hold it down? I don't know because I have not tried this method out but what have you got to lose? Just try a small piece and see! The other thing you could do is make the designs on paper, place an acetate sheet on top (obviously you'll clean it first with a damp cloth and some dish liquid and then rinse with another damp cloth and dry...) then use edible glue to fill in the shape and start placing your dragees one by one, letting them touch each other (so the glue goes between them, too. Then when dry, you might be able to peel the design off. I have used this method for art with PVA. Let's hope food glue works similarly! Just try, it will be fun conquering that peak and coming back to tell us (via a tutorial perhaps? with thanks to the people who gave you the ideas?) :)

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CakePrincessPE Posted 26 Aug 2015 , 6:44am
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OHP sheets sound brilliant as test station 1...!!!

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-K8memphis Posted 26 Aug 2015 , 11:06am
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i'm not getting how to use this on a rounded surface but great if you guys have it figured out -- are you using the light of the projector -- that would be diffused/distorted too no?

i'd practice piping the right consistency royal icing so the little piping tails fall right back in & leave beautiful rounded dots -- draw my outline on the surface and pipe them on --

idk -- best to you

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Shockolata Posted 26 Aug 2015 , 5:05pm
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@-K8memphis  No, no projector. You just use the acetate sheets to create a stencil which you press onto the buttercream or icing to leave the imprint of the leaf shape, then you slowly work filling it in with dragees on the cake. 

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-K8memphis Posted 26 Aug 2015 , 5:30pm
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it's gonna be difficult getting the stencil to cooperate on a curved surface -- if you trim the inside so it's real thin around the edges it might work better -- but some things you gotta eyeball -- and sometimes you gotta use a ruler -- you can also use a string with a pin -- and scribe an arc --

best to y'all

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Pastrybaglady Posted 26 Aug 2015 , 5:37pm
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Placing dragees one at a time is such a headache! Excellent advice from your caker friends.

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