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FlourGirlLV Posted 2 Jul 2015 , 3:09pm
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Hi fellow cakers! :)
I was inspired by the recent Facebook Page thread and thought we could share our tips and tricks for social media marketing.
What works for you? What doesn't? Which platform do you prefer? Etc...

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FlourGirlLV Posted 2 Jul 2015 , 5:20pm
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I will say to watermark your photos!! I had a horrible experience with Facebook a while back (long story) It just takes a few moments and it's so worth it! 
Also, I've noticed that Instagram gets out to far more new "likers" vs FB.
Looking forward to reading everyone elses responses! :) 

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costumeczar Posted 2 Jul 2015 , 11:33pm
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All I have to say is that you have to rememebr who you're marketing to. Having a million facebook likes means nothing if none of them will be buying anything from you unles all you want is your ego to be stroked. I know people who have tons of followers on different platforms but they can't sell any cakes.

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marymortuary Posted 5 Jul 2015 , 5:19am
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I have a business Facebook and Instagram page and I believe that my Instagram gets more attention. However, I have noticed that facebook wants my money in order to "advertise" for me but that does not mean that I am necessarily going to have people buying my product. Facebook business can be tricky because I will post a dessert and only 4 people will see it; but then the next day I will post something and 100 people will see it! I was not sure if their was a peak time or something. After further research it seems that your post lands in a big pool of sorts; so if you want your chances of people to see your post to be higher than you should spend some cash. I don't advise giving them any money; it seems too risky. I am still seeing how I can utilize their site by having people write reviews as much as possible or having them check in. It's worth a shot that does not cost me money! haha Instagram is cool because you can really use the hashtags to your advantage :-) It may bring you business and it may not,  but I like that it gets my sweets noticed from around the globe! As well as being a quick reference for potential customers and earns you an immediate spot on the web (I always hashtag my business on there). Blogger is always a good choice!!! I am still working on my page because I am not really sure how I want to use blogger to my advantage. I hope this helped! I am not a professional by any means, this is just my personal experience. Oh and I heard that Twitter seems to be a great platform these days! I just have not tried it yet. 

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costumeczar Posted 5 Jul 2015 , 12:58pm
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Targeted facebook ads are a very good use of your advertising money, But you have to target them the right way. Facebook has to limit the number of posts that people see or all of our feeds would be full of everything we've ever liked and you'd see a big mess. Targeting ads to people in your area is a great way to get customers, not just likes. I have a blog post coming up this week that one of my friends who's really good with facebook ads wrote. You just have to know who to really target.

Twitter isn't as good for business unless you have active hashtags in your immediate selling area. If you get noticed all over that world that's nice for your ego but if your goal is to sell stuff then you want to have the people who will actually buy from you see your posts. In my area people use the hashtag #RVA, so if I want people in my city to see my posts on social media I'll use that. Same for instagram. Make sure you're using the right hashtags for the people who would be your customers.

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Gingerlocks Posted 6 Jul 2015 , 2:39pm
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I will say I have never sold a single cake via my Facebook page..even though I get most of my quote requests from Facebook; I know costumeczar kind of touched on this issue, and it's absolutely true many if not most Fb shoppers are not your target audience  I find most of them are bargain hunters and its so easy to copy and paste the same message to all the local caker's in your area and see who come's up with the best price, and for them price is what counts. 

Another thing I've noticed is that about half of my "likers" are fellow cakers who are getting ideas etc..which is absolutely fine with me; but they are not going to buy a cake. 

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marymortuary Posted 6 Jul 2015 , 4:15pm
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It really all depends on what exactly you are trying to do. Certain platforms have better uses than others. I still think Instagram is a great platform! If for anything other than just for sharing. I would not necessarily say it's about getting your ego stroked as much as it is just sharing with the world! Which I too, love seeing what the world has to offer; but in the event that it does make me feel what? Who doesn't like to have their ego stroked! ;-) Using hashtags are a great way to get noticed locally and globally. People around here are all about buying local so we have plenty of hashtags associated with our city. Which has potential to help business in the long run.  As far as Facebook goes, I personally would not invest any money into it; instead I would rather put it into a website. I still use facebook for pictures, ratings, comments, posts, and etc. I just don't pay for advertising because it doesn't seem like it would bring in enough customers to make up the difference of how much money they want to charge me. But that is me and I am giving you my thoughts on my process! Not telling you what to do, just telling you what my preferences are. I am very new to the business world so that is why earlier I said " I am not a professional by any means, this is just my personal experience" 

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