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Smiley21 Posted 23 May 2015 , 9:06am
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Hi All,

I am having a problem to make my own wedding cake contract 

Anyone kindly enough to share their wedding cake contract, please? :) Thanks a lot. 

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-K8memphis Posted 23 May 2015 , 1:48pm
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i would like to suggest as you are in this process to keep it simple it's a cake -- sure it's important but it's not supposed to be like buying a house -- so just a thought for you -- if i had to sign a long drawn out contract i would balk at buying the cake -- so my recommendation is to keep it on the simple side --

i use a full page order blank book from office depot, then you have copies to hand out at the consult -- plus i have two index cards -- one for me to scribble notes and one to give to bride for whatever 'homework' she needs to do for me --

on the order blank:

people details

  • phone numbers/address/email of b & g
  • phone # of mob, coordinator, florist, caterer, venue, 
  • chat them up about b&g places of employment

wedding day details

  • time of wedding, reception
  • location, phone details for both
  • whose in charge at reception site
  • the florist/caterer/dj

cake wedding/groom's details

  • color design
  • how many servings, the dollar amount and total
  • flavor/s
  • size/s of cakes




payment details:

  • divide total by 3
  • 1/3 as retainer due today's date
  • 1/3 due 2 months out on such & such date
  • balance due 1 month out - no changes* to cake made after this payment date
  • all payments are non transferable non refundable

*additional cake in 24 serving increments can be purchased if needed

a wedding cake serving is traditionally 1x2x4 inches or the approximate size of a cupcake with fillings. one 9x13 cake yields 24 cupcakes. therefore choose your cake cutter carefully or consider more portions to accommodate more casually sized servings.

i reserve the right to produce/deliver the cake to the best of my ability.

cancellations must be made in writing

we both sign -- attach my business card

that's how i do it

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-K8memphis Posted 23 May 2015 , 4:20pm
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i tell my brides that the wedding taking place is not contingent on the cake being delivered and that i do not house nor hold the cake past the date and time we are agreeing upon -- if the wedding is delayed they need to find accommodations for it --

payments being non-transferable and non-refundable is written on the order form -- reason being i am pledging to them i will cross off that exact time for them -- if they want another time it's another order -- when it happens i can be a little flexible but just all depends on my mood that day but i don't reveal this -- and i'm usually in a bad mood --

reason to get places of employment of bride & groom is to collect if necessary -- rarely happens but you have the info if you need to do a collection call -- see the contract binds both ways -- there's only the one chance to deliver the cake -- if they miss the payments it's a lot of stress to decide to not do the cake -- this way you can continue with the cake and collect later -- it's infinitely easier than not doing it -- and what if they pay 48 hours in advance of the wedding then you gotta scramble -- getting a third down takes the sting out of going through with it without being fully paid -- i had to go into collection mode very few times -- once is all i can remember for a cake --

a lot of cakers say they won't do a cake without full payment -- me neither but i'll collect on it and get paid late if i have to -- and you have to know the law in order to collect -- it RARELY happens but having their places of employment is your hedge against that bet -- the contract binds both ways --it is far less anxiety on you to go through with it -- that's why cancellations must be made in writing -- they can't just decide to forget it after they pay the retainer -- they are getting a cake whether there's a wedding or not --

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-K8memphis Posted 23 May 2015 , 4:30pm
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here's some other choices:

^^^ the last one has all the wordiness i try to avoid -- way too formal for moi -- and if the cake maker knows the florist is using harmful flowers then it's the cake maker's responsibility to keep the cake safe -- it's always the cake makers responsibility to ensure safety -- which is why i put "i reserve the right to produce the cake to the best of my ability" 

i'm not gonna contact the bride 30 minutes before she walks down the aisle to see if i should move the cake table out of direct sunlight -- i just get it done -- i tell my brides, 'worry about the flower girl and ring bearer, worry about uncle horace getting into it with cousin eugene, worry about aunt louise getting tipsy and loudly revealing family secrets -- don't worry about your cake -- i take care of everything for you'

just some ideas for you -- plus if you do a search on here there's tons of cake contract stuff

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costumeczar Posted 23 May 2015 , 5:33pm
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Make sure to have an attorney go over whatever you do end up with, because the laws vary depending on where you are. Whatever phrases you use have to fall into line with the situation in your area. Some places allow this clause or that clause and others don't, so if you have a contract that's full of stuff that won't hold up in court you might as well not have a contract at all.

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Smiley21 Posted 24 May 2015 , 4:45am
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Seems I need to a lot of time doing T&C parts, just to be "safe". 

Thank You so much guys! really appreciated ^^

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