I Can't Think Of How I Can Make This Cake To Serve 50 People.

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Aish90 Posted 17 May 2015 , 2:19am
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    I need to make this cake for a friend's birthday party that serves 50 people. I think an 8" cake with 4 " height would look good but according to the serving chart that will not be enough. I was thinking maybe I can make it into a 2 tier cake. On the bottom have the silhouette pattern and on the top have a plain starry sky....How do you think that would look? Or any other suggestions? 

And what cake sizes would you all suggest?

Also can someone help me on how I should plan making the cake? I always have issues planning it and have to stay up late the night before! It is for this Saturday.


Thanks :)





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-K8memphis Posted 17 May 2015 , 2:44am
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you can do a 10x6 or 9x7

check this out http://capitalconfectioners.com/cakulator/cakulator.html

start two days earlier than your last cake --

but i can't see a picture of the cake so can't comment on the decor

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Aish90 Posted 17 May 2015 , 2:49am
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Oh sorry I forgot to post the link. Here it is:


Thanks for your help :)

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-K8memphis Posted 17 May 2015 , 1:22pm
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i like the idea of the 2-tiers and the starry sky on the top -- what i would do is make both cakes one solid color as 'sky' then make the silhouette of the skyline the contrasting color and dot the top tier with the stars -- i would try to dot the stars in a graduating fashion so they got thicker towards the top --

i might toy with the idea of a 9x7 so the tiers are more even in size and try to have a few pieces of the skyline bleed up into the top tier too like a real tall church spire or something or even some smoke out of a chimney -- i'd see how i liked that idea --

or instead of one solid color make it one graduated color so it deepens at the top where the stars are more plentiful and it's brighter/lighter towards the building tops but still night --

just some brainstorm ideas for you -- (i'm reading a book about istanbul "the last rain to istanbul"

best to you

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-K8memphis Posted 17 May 2015 , 1:24pm
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so another thought is to add some henna to the design -- but just a teensy bit and the piping would be the same color as the buildings -- if you are going for the istanbul effect because it is so full of the most beautiful filigree and paisley --

just design ideas to toss in the hat and choose from...

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Aish90 Posted 17 May 2015 , 2:20pm
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Thank you for all the help I really appreciate it! :)

Dumb question. ...what does a 9x7 cake look like? The link you sent me does not work...do you know how many people this would serve?

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imagenthatnj Posted 17 May 2015 , 4:44pm
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I don't think she means a 9x7. Maybe she means a 9" round (as tall as you want, I guess) and a 7" round on top?

If you go to the link she gave you, you can choose "party slices" on top, then choose 9" and choose 7" so that you can see how many total servings you get.


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-K8memphis Posted 17 May 2015 , 6:02pm
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yes what imaginthat said -- i meant a 9" tier & a 7" on top both round that gives you the servings but i think you get 50 with wedding servings --

no yes that link is to plug in sizes so you can determine the amount of servings you can get with the various size serving sizes too -- it's not to show you a picture it's a work tool a  a cake calculator "cakulator" -- just a funny looking mostly blank page with square and round cake sizes all in a row that you can click on/choose and it calculates the serving sizes -- there was one poster on here that would always wisely suggest it but i haven't seen her post in some time -- it's a great cake tool --

and by henna -- just look up henna images because i wasn't very clear on that either --

the reason i suggested the 9x7 is because the edges are thinner (than the 9x6 and the 10x6) and the running a bit of the city skyline up into the top tier is easier visually -- i wouldn't run it on the ledge just jump it from one tier to the next -- just random ideas just to jump start your idea flow or whatever :) (toothy grin)

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MinaBakes Posted 18 May 2015 , 2:12am
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As far as designing goes, sit down with a piece of paper and a pencil and just sketch out your ideas. It may not be pretty, but it's for you and it really helps. Then, if you're like me and tech savvy, and have a smartphone or tablet, you can download an app. I use it all the time to sketch my cakes. It's called Autodesk Sketchbook. 

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Aish90 Posted 21 May 2015 , 3:13pm
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Thanks for all your help :)

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