Edible Image Printer Confusion

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SourLemonz Posted 20 Jan 2015 , 4:16am
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AHi all!

I know this has been asked on a number of occasions, but I haven't been able to find any recent threads. What are some of the best printers for edible imaging? What makes one printer better than the other? There are so many printers to choose from, my head is spinning. What printer features are "must-haves" when it comes to edible image printing? I am located in Canada, so shipping costs for the supplies are also a considerable factor. Any insight on ink and frosting sheet suppliers, would also be incredibly appreciated.

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icingimages Posted 21 Jan 2015 , 3:46am
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Hi there,

You want the Canon MG 5620  or ix6820.  The 5620 has a scanbed on it and can print all sizes up to 8.5x14.  The 6820 does not have a scan bed and can print every size icing sheet available.  You can purchase a printer up in Canada.  What really does matter more than the printer is the ink and the icing sheets.  Edible ink is not the same from every company. Different formulas produce different colors and icing sheets also vary.  You should call the different companies, check out their website and search Cake Central for recommendations.  We sell our own formulas and we have a Canadian Distributor as well.  I am biased and think ours  is the best!!!  But I would suggest you ask about those who have different experiences with different companies so that you are comfortable in your decision!

I will be glad to answer any questions you may have.

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SourLemonz Posted 21 Jan 2015 , 6:55am
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AThank you Debbie. But this is adding to my confusion. I have read that I should stay away from sponged cartridges. The MG 5620 uses the sponged cartridges, doesn't it? I haven't been able to find the IX6820 in Canada.

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icingimages Posted 21 Jan 2015 , 12:26pm
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I am sorry to have confused you more!


The whole sponge verses cartridges without  is old news and technology has changed since then.  We have carried both types previously and found less problems with our current version so we went back to selling the sponged cartridges. We are consistently working with all our products to improve on them.  We are never complacent with improving our products. Even though we feel our products are amazing, there are still things you can change to make things better and better.  But we are to the point that they are slight changes.  We have a great success ratio from our customers, with our colors, with our clogging and with cartridge leakage, better then we ever had with the previous versions. I have been in the business for over 15 years and seen a lot!!! With our current line we also do not have the leaking problems with the sponged cartridges that we had with the previous versions of cartridge types. 


Amazon in Canada does carry the printer.  But keep in mind, not to confuse you more, that you will have a hard time servicing your printer if something breaks if they know you used edible ink in it.  The reason our company sells the printers is that we warranty them, however we warranty them only in the US.  BUT, we do help all our customers if they have problems.  We do have a distributor in Canada as well that if you decide to buy our brand, may work better for you.


Please continue to ask questions until you have determined the best course for you!! I will be glad to help you.  I am sure this forum will help others as well!

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SourLemonz Posted 24 Jan 2015 , 3:09am
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AThanks Debbie. Can I ask what makes the MG 5620 different than the rest? Also, who is your supplier in Canada?

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icingimages Posted 24 Jan 2015 , 6:51pm
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Different then the rest, which printers do you want to compare it to?  There are only a few printers that are compatible for edible printing. Please clarify your question a bit for me. The Canadian Distributor is http://www.cavaliercakes.ca/

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victorialyn Posted 25 Feb 2015 , 11:47am
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To Icing Images


I am also located in Canada but have had nothing but problems with my Canon 5620.  I purchased one in December and it was replaced by Canon at the end of January as I could not get proper images.  Canon and  I had assumed printhead problems but now I have figured out this was actually due to the sponges in the cartridges being dry (why is that?!).  I am again soaking them in the attempt to make my images come out properly. I am almost through my replacement bottles of ink trying to fix the problems but  I have yet to have this work.  VERY FRUSTRATING and VERY expensive so far without any results.  


I attempted to buy from you a couple of weeks ago but the shipping charges to Canada were too much.  I will look into your Canadian supplier but do you have any other suggestions for me.  I believe the ink and sheets I am now using are well-rated (Photofrost).  



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Island_Ink-Jet Posted 19 Apr 2016 , 2:30pm
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Hi Victorialyn,

Late response but hopefully still helpful to yourself and to anyone else coming across this post (as we did).

The most likely culprit in this case appears to be a poor ink formulation.  It does happen that sponges dry out however in our experience, sponges typically only dry out once the cartridge is spent and left empty to sit for a period of time.  Ink leaves a residue on the sponge and without any other liquid (ink) to help maintain the moisture, that sponge will dry out.  Once a sponge dries out it will no longer hold ink.  We always recommend to print something at least once a week and do not let cartridges sit empty - this will help maintain your printhead and cartridges.

That said, I would be extremely surprised if a dry sponge was the issue - I believe you referenced this as being a new printer and presumably the cartridges were likely still full.  Even if they are half full the wicker effect causes all ink in the non-sponge side of the cartridge to be drawn into the sponge so it's not likely your sponges that were the root cause.  Likely a printhead problem either caused by faulty hardware to begin with or an incompatible ink that's clogging the nozzles within the printhead.

A legitimate printhead problem can be fixed under warranty however be aware that information you provide to a printer manufacturer may be used against you to void that same warranty.

The Canada competition act prohibits tied selling in Canada (which is why a manufacturer cannot force you to purchase their own branded ink cartridges).  This is important legislation that also ensures a manufacturer cannot void your printer warranty simply based on the grounds that you choose to print with 3rd party cartridges (edible ink cartridges in this case).  They can however void the warranty if it is found that the 3rd party products are the cause of the printer damage. Be careful not to imply the root cause before it is found. Warranties are like insurance, the providers always want to find a way out. :)

As for where to buy in Canada, a few companies offer edible ink products.  Google "canon edible ink canada".

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