Need Experimented Advice About Storing Pops With Mascarpone Cheese,please!!

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meriam Posted 19 Nov 2014 , 7:39pm
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hi everyone

once again,i need your help ,CC members!!

about 2 weeks ago,i made some cake pops for children in the neighbourhood(about 2 dozen),as usually(we love to share sweet treats with them,because this is the purpose to join all of them during holidays)

well,instead of making a frosting,i just mix the crumbled cake with mascarpone cheese and nutella,because  first i had some mascarpone leftover in the fridge,second i wanted to save time in the process,and then i think this is fresh and good in taste.

Unfortunately,during the process of decorating them,my daughter caught the chickenpox(varicella,i m not sure of the right word!)

So,during one week i was taking care of her,and i was so exhausted that i couldn t finish them on the evening or at night;


this morning,my daughter feels way better,so i woke up early and finished my cake pops decorating (xmas theme by the way!);

so,they re all done!!after have 2 weeks!!

Of course,they were stored in the fridge all this time!

BUT,as far as they have mascarpone in them,i don t feel confident to give them to eat to the children,because i ve always heard mascarpone cheese doesn t have a long shelf life.

There s no way for me to get them sick because of me!!!

But i feel so frustrated to throw them all,regarding all the ingredients and the time i ve spent to make them!!

Please,if you are sure of you,share your advices with me:

better be safe than sorry!!

if i m sure i should throw them,i will do it!! even if there is the smallest risk ever!!

but i want to know if this is really necessary to do this!

thaks to anyone who can help me.

happy caking everyone

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kazita Posted 19 Nov 2014 , 7:49pm
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AI've too have been making cakepops ...scarecrow and snowmen....I love them.....I have no idea of the answer to your question but would love to see a picture of your pops. .

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meriam Posted 20 Nov 2014 , 6:03pm
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thanks Kazita for posting ;i don t have any picture for the moment,but if you want,i m gonna send you some in pm(they re not my best ones,because i was a bit disturbed by my daughter's sickness;

i can tell you this was a not a pleasure to make them,because i was in a hurry to finish them,and everything went wrong!!it was kind of a mess;

i used wilton candy melt,and i think this is not the best to use;the consistency was a real challenge;after that i used some of my leftover CK candy melt,and it worked like a dream!!so i could note the difference!

but it was too late,because the base of my pops were not smooth and nice,unfortunately!!

anyway,the kids would love them if i could give them to eat,but,if i can t find any help,i m not gonna give them;

if you don t mind,i would love to see yours as well;

if anyone else could help,i would be very grateful!!

happy baking and decorating everyone

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kazita Posted 20 Nov 2014 , 6:29pm
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A[ATTACHMENT=2012]20141118_182942.jpg (2,901k. jpg file)[/ATTACHMENT] [ATTACHMENT=2013]20141116_181306.jpg (2,895k. jpg file)[/ATTACHMENT]

Yeah I too used wilton chocolates this time...wont be doing that again even though the CK brand cost twice as much ill be buying it this week to make my Thanksgiving cake pops.... Happy Baking!!!! ...

These ones were just a quick trial run...the ones ill be doing this coming week I hope should turn out a little nicer as ill spend more time on them...

Oh another note....I tried using the designer straws that the craft stores carry for the pops to be on and I didnt like them very much...the pops kept falling, sliding off of them...I fugure it was the straws because I swiched over to the regular cookie sticks with the same batch of cake pops and didnt have the problem the designer ones are kinda expensive if you don't get them on sale...

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kazita Posted 20 Nov 2014 , 7:29pm
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AHey Meriam......I looked up mascarpone cheese....well by the looks of most sites say that it has a shelf life of three to four weeks as long as its say that your pops were refrigerated the whole time :lol:except when you were working on them of id think they still would be ok to be extra safe and eat a couple myself before sharing with any of the kids.....hope this would be a waste to throw them all out if they are still good....All your work and all....but like I said I'd be extra safe and eat a couple myself first....

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meriam Posted 21 Nov 2014 , 7:12pm
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hi Kazita

your cake pops are really nice,they will surely be a success with the kids!!

the trick is to take time when we make them,time to get the right consistency of candy melt,that's what makes me crazy sometimes,and specifically this time,working for the first time with wilton brand and being in a rush!!

i guess i need to get use to this product;

well,thank you very much for your advices,i think you re right,i should eat some of them first,before giving them to the kids!!

perhaps,i m gonna eat all of them to be safer,lol!!!

i will try to send you my pictures as soon as i can,check your pm box sometimes.

good luck for your next pops,happy baking,happy decorating,and thank you to be the only one concerned by my problem,lol!!!

all my bests

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kazita Posted 21 Nov 2014 , 7:22pm
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AHey problem glad I could just happened that im working on cake pops ad well....ive read alot about the candy melts..from what ive read wilton isnt very good to use..yes they work but ive read that merkins is far better...and I found a good online store where to buy from that hopefully isnt to expensive....thanks for the nice complements.....looking forward to seeing your pops....:

P.s. do you know that Craftsy had a cakepop class that you can sign up for free...

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meriam Posted 23 Nov 2014 , 9:50pm
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hi Kazita,

sorry for the late answer,but so busy with kids!!

for craftsy,i know that,thank you to share:the problem is:where i live,we don t have a good connection to the net,so it s hard fo me to view videos correctly,this is "nerve cracking"(is it the right word?anyway,you know what i mean?

so,there s no way for me to buy classes or video tutorials on line.

i want to download the pictures of my pops(that i ve finally decided to throw away:i was so worried about the kids!!i would nt be able to sleep if i have taken the smallest risk to get one of them sick!!

but,no worries,i m gonna make some others,and this time,i m gonna take my time to make them,for sure!!

i ve never posted any picture of what i make,so i don t know how to do;

do you have some time to explain me easily how to do,please?

just to share with you,"face to face"(lol!)because nobody was interested with this thread,ha,ha!!!

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kazita Posted 24 Nov 2014 , 12:07am
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AHmmmmm you are on a computer right?? Im not sure how to download a picture onto a computer to get it to the on my phone so I just took pictures with my phone of my cake pops and was able to attach it here...can you log in here using your phone??....and I think most people here are over the cake pop phase so thats probably the only reason that they didn't get involved with this thread...

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kazita Posted 24 Nov 2014 , 12:08am
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AOh and the phrase youre looking for is nerve racking...:grin:

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meriam Posted 24 Nov 2014 , 1:19am
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oh,i think i got it!! my first picture!!! downloaded from my computer!

don t laugh at me,but i can t take any picture with my phone,i just can make a phone call,and that s it!!!

i don t use it a lot,i don t really need to!

i just "smash" all my pops today,it was so sad!!but i assume this!i feel less stressed now!

thank you one more time Kazita for being involved,

happy decorating for coming xmas,


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kazita Posted 24 Nov 2014 , 1:27am
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AOh wow your pops are very put tons of work into those. impressed. ....and im not laughing at you about your phone alot of people only use there cell phones for phone calls.....and we have Thanksgiving this week on Thursday before Christmas comes....we're celebrating Christmas early with my in laws and I have to make like 150 cake pops for that day....

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EdieBabe Posted 24 Nov 2014 , 5:32am
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AMy 2 cents:

Admittedly I started skimming the replies 2/3rds of the way through them... Only noticed one reply addressing the mascarpone enquiry and it was based on research (smart - I'm like that too when I have enough time to be that is

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meriam Posted 25 Nov 2014 , 7:13pm
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Kazita,thank you for your very kind words:don t be impressed,cause everything went wrong from the beginning to the end!!

and,i assure you that your pops are very nice,the consistency of your candy melt is perfect,i can see it by the surface of your snowmen;

Happy Thanksgiving! i can t believe you re gonna make 150 pops!!

how is it possible? do you have a "super kitchen" with a "super fridge"?

anyway,good luck for this !!

EdieBabe,thank you for joining us on this thread,and for sharing your experience,this is good to know for a next time if that happens again.

Anyway,for now,see what happens to my pops,on the photos:lol!! that s sad,but i think it s better like that,

i will be more precautious next time,and i think this was and this will be the first and last time i use mascarpone cheese for my cake pops!!

i ate some myself to check first,and they were good,i did nt feel bad after;

but,as long as they were for children ,i prefer not to take any risk!!!


Happy baking and decorating,ladies!!

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kazita Posted 25 Nov 2014 , 8:54pm
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AHey Meriam, Lol no I don't have a super frig...we do have two frigs and one is just for my cake stuff so I have room to make and store them...but mine are made with homemake buttercearm so they dont need to go into the frig after I dip them at least not for a couple days and they dont last around my house more than a couple of kids and hubby gobble them right up....I started yesterday making the pops so im doing 50 a day...but I have other baking to do too, so im pretty busy these three days before Thanksgiving. ...I need to buy CK chocolate next time because its way better but being I have so many to do this time im just gonna use the Happy Baking. .

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