Does Bad Mood Affect Baking??

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Sarahoza Posted 13 Oct 2014 , 11:39pm
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Hello ladies,


I want to ask whether any of you has noticed the following:


When baking (making any dessert, cooking, crafting, or making anything else) and feeling great or happy the result comes out satisfactory and if you're tired, or not in a good mood the cake comes out so so or not so delicious or something that doesn't please you enough??? 


It happens with me but I can't say I'm a total believer...... I mean shouldn't baking be science and hence has nothing to do with your mood swings?? 


Did any of you face this before? If so how were you able to still make delicious cakes while being tired. 




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Sarah :)

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craftybanana Posted 13 Oct 2014 , 11:55pm
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Being tired shows up in all areas of your life, like being a new mom I've walked out of the house with mismatched socks and my shirt inside out. That was one of my most exhausting days, and I think there will be another soon if he doesn't start sleeping through the night again... dang growth spurts....:-? . When I'm tired I don't notice the important details, they tend to fall by the wayside. Baking isn't an exact science.... but sometimes I just fudge it a little too much. (and I think I just ate a bit of the cupcake wrapper, time to sleep).

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CraftyCassie Posted 14 Oct 2014 , 2:32am
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AI am certainly affected by how I feel when doing a project or even the weather can affect me.

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julia1812 Posted 14 Oct 2014 , 5:57am
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AYes! That's why they say one can taste if it's cooked/ baked with love, LOL

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Pastrybaglady Posted 14 Oct 2014 , 6:47am
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Have you seen "Water for Chocolate"?  It was about a young woman who was the cook of the family and whatever she was feeling went into her food and whoever ate it felt those same emotions.  Your question reminded me of it.  I would say a bad mood doesn't help baking.  Bad moods can be distracting and mistakes can be made.

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Sarahoza Posted 14 Oct 2014 , 9:43am
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Hahaha Craftybanana I wonder what did the cupcake liner taste like ^_^. I'm not a mother but I've seen my sisters in law in almost the same situation. It can get crazy indeed ^_^ may God bless you, your child and all the moms in the world. That's why in my religion God said that Heaven is underneath the feet of mothers because of all that they suffer :). 


I agree with you that being tired can make one miss things up while baking (and almost everything else). I can tell you about the time I baked 3 big tiers of chocolate wedding cake and when they were done I realized that I forgot to add the sugar; or about the time I forgot to add the baking powder or this or that. But can it really affect the taste??


Nowadays I try to be very precise even if I'm tired or not in the best mood while baking, so I check and double check every step I make, but I still feel that the taste isn't that great. :(

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Sarahoza Posted 14 Oct 2014 , 9:45am
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CraftyCassie I'm pretty much the same and I've seen how my mood can affect my figures making for example, but when it comes to cake taste I'm puzzled!!!

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Sarahoza Posted 14 Oct 2014 , 9:49am
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Yes Julia1812...... I've always watched series, movies and anime ^_^ about baking/ cooking with love and always wondered if it's true......

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Sarahoza Posted 14 Oct 2014 , 9:59am
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Pastrybaglady...... it seems like I missed this movie and I got to watch it :)


I totally agree with you that when distracted mistakes happen and in bundles. However, lately I've been extra cautious if I wasn't in a good mood and I had to make a dessert. So I made no mistakes but the taste of almost everything I made be it desserts, cakes, or even frosting was not to my liking at all. My family members would say it's not your usual level but it's not that bad but to me it tastes horrible.


That's why I'm wondering if anyone else has faced the same problem and how they managed to overcome it. As human beings and specially as women we can't always be in the perfect mood, and as bakers we need to always provide the best to our customers so it's a dilemma if mood does really affect taste. :(

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AAtKT Posted 14 Oct 2014 , 10:20am
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the movie "Simply Irresistible" has a similar theme...


And I have noticed that when I am angry, baking cheesecake while soothing, doesn't turn out well... LOL

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Sarahoza Posted 14 Oct 2014 , 2:20pm
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ِAAtKT........yes I've seen the movie and I like it...... I love the crab which helps Sarah Michelle Gellar the most ^_^

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craftybanana Posted 14 Oct 2014 , 2:59pm
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I like to watch cooking animes and read mangas centered around food too! Small world, lols. I do find that it does affect the taste, as when I'm in a good mood, I add a bit of this and a bit of that and family says that those cookies taste better. Rush jobs are never very tasty or pretty (unless you're a robot, lols). My husband can tell when I've had a tiring day because dinner isn't as good, ha ha. I also don't like to start cooking unless I'm in a good mood because I'm nicer to my utensils then.:lol:


P.S. the liner tasted like chocolate paper :razz:

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