How Do I Box Multi- Tiers Cakes

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pucina Posted 22 Aug 2014 , 12:59pm
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ASo there arent any 10 inch tall boxes that i have ever come across and i make cakes all the time that are two or more tiers. I dont know what the common practice is but i feel odd just placing it in a box and having most of the cake exposed. I have the same problem when i deliver wedding cakes. I like to assemble at home and deliver it that way to minimize my time spent at the venue. I tend to hold the cakes in my lap while someone else drives and it just seems that there has to be an easier way without spending a fortune on those fancy delivery boxes. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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CindiM Posted 22 Aug 2014 , 1:10pm
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That's easy. 

I have a Post Office/UPS/Fed Ex store near my house.  They sell boxes that are 14x14, 18x18 or whatever I need.  I have them tape up the box to open on the top.  I set the box on it's side and slide the cake in. 

It doesn't cost very much to protect my cake.  It works perfect. 

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FrostedMoon Posted 22 Aug 2014 , 1:27pm
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Like CindiM, I use boxes from UPS or Staples.  However, I tape up everything but one flap on top and cut down the sides.  That way you open a side and slide the cake right in or out.  I try to make sure the box is exactly the same dimension as the cake board so there is no slipping around.


Off topic, hold the cake in your lap?  Eek!  I've been known to curl up around the box in the back holding a delicate part while my husband drives, but I've always heard that a lap is the worst wiggly spot for a tiered cake.  Glad it has worked for you though!

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pucina Posted 25 Aug 2014 , 12:44am
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AThank you for the advice. It is quiet nerve wracking holding it in my lap I'm just so scared of having in the trunk where i cant see it lol. Do you put something around the box to keep it from sliding in the trunk?

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CindiM Posted 25 Aug 2014 , 6:30am
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AI do not put the cake in the trunk. It is very warm in my area, so I run the air conditioning to cool off my van. Then I set the box or boxes, in the back on a piece of non skid shelf liner on a clean sheet, so it doesn't slide. I drive very carefully and I have no problems. I also take an umbrella and a large piece of plastic sheeting to cover the box in case of a rain shower.

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MyMacka Posted 26 Aug 2014 , 5:17pm
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OK Guys

You officially made me laugh.  I thought I was the only insane-i-ac out there when it came to cake delivery.

I have taped rectangle cake boxes up and left the lid open up 4 to 6 inches and taped plastic wrap over the opening

Bought boxes from UPS etc

Held cakes on my lap (OMG, scary AND a NASTY workout for the forearms!!!)

Wrapped myself around the cakes in the back of  a mini-van holding up a lid and protecting a flower... 


Boxed them all up, slipped each box individually in a giant black trash bag, laid a bedspread down,put the non stick mats on top of the spread, put the cakes on top of those and put a plastic tarp over the whole then, all went onto the back of the pick-up!!!!!

All because the car broke down on delivery day - and it was raining (naturally) 

I nearly had a stroke on the way to the wedding I was so freaked out...but it seems God takes care of his special idiots,.. so the cake turned out fine AND I got a bonus because they were so pleased with them.

Still laughing at (with) you guys!!!.



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-K8memphis Posted 26 Aug 2014 , 5:39pm
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AI found that my delivery fears subsided when I drove instead of my husband -- also i do not depend on the air conditioning -- so if traffic slows or stops and the car overheats I will sweat buckets but only from the heat -- my cake will be safe/secure for hours because I deliver climate controlled in a sealed corrugated cardboard box with freezer packs inside when necessary -- i love delivering cakes -- flying all around the area on Saturday making events beautiful/fragrant and making people happy -- setting up edible eye candy -- great fun!

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MyMacka Posted 26 Aug 2014 , 6:41pm
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Agree.  Ice packs are great!

I have even made my own box with lid out of styrofoam planks hot glued together.

I got them at Lowes in the air conditioning isle (I think it was..)

They are about a half inch thick and covered with foil.

Easy, can custom size and not all that expensive.

Looks a little weird.  I don't care.  Cake is safe, I can use ice packs in there and keep all cool

I take those boxes home with me though.

(The things we do...whew!!!)


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