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mylilpeaceocake Posted 10 Jun 2014 , 12:36am
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AI just launched my new website and I'd love to hear any feedback that you have...positive or negative. I can handle it. I just got my LLC and want to make sure my business website is user friendly and attractive. Thanks!!!

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Norasmom Posted 10 Jun 2014 , 1:01am
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I like it!   Only suggestion I have is to put the flavors in bold print and then the description of flavors as it.  It's easier on the eyes and people can spot the flavor they want immediately.

You are very talented.

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CWR41 Posted 10 Jun 2014 , 1:25am
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For more attractive presentation boards, I wouldn't use uncovered corrugated cardboard circles, nor covered with plain household silver aluminum foil.


Creamsickle Cupcake should be

Creamsicle Cupcake

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RedneckRuffle Posted 10 Jun 2014 , 1:34am
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ADoesn't work on my phone. It says "browser not supported" when I try to look at a pic. Android with Google Chrome Mobile.the home page looks awesome, though.

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Cevamal Posted 10 Jun 2014 , 1:40am
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AI had the same problem with the gallery under android/chrome.

From what I could see your cakes are gorgeous! According to what I've read in the pricing threads here your prices are too low.

The "about" page has too much information. I would change it to just the about you section and add a new tab for "pricing and flavors" (or something similar).

I would set up [email protected] as your email address. You can still forward to your Hotmail account if you want but it looks more professional to use your domain email rather than Hotmail /yahoo/Gmail for a business.

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cai0311 Posted 10 Jun 2014 , 2:45am
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AEverything was fine until I tried to select a photo on the gallery page. When I select a photo I get the same error as redneck ruffle. I am using safari on iPad.

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Edible Art Co Posted 11 Jun 2014 , 1:04pm
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Hi, I'm still working on a new site so thought I'd take a look :) most of your pics are brilliant, your work is very neat and tidy which isn't easy, the biggest things I would suggest to you are 1. see if you can edit out the background/replace with a plain colour even if it's just white, because after a while I realised I was looking at your worktop over and over! And 2. I would remove the slightly blurry photos, it's clear you are very good, you don't need lesser quality pics to drag down that important first impression! Hope that doesn't sound harsh, just trying to help :)

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denetteb Posted 11 Jun 2014 , 3:04pm
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Here are my thoughts.  I am not a fan of the sepia cupcakes that are featured.  Cakes are all about color and detail and that is lost with the sepia.  I get that the gravity defying topsy turvy cake that is on the very top left of the home page is an impressive cake to build and look at, but it gives me the impression of a cake that is on it's way to falling over, probably not the impression you want to give to potential customers.  I think having a city and state where you are located is helpful so people know whether you are in the right geographical area to be ordering a cake from.   Possibly separate the about section from your pricing and flavors.  Right now they are kind of hidden by the about tab.  Not every customer would think to open the about tab.  Why is a tiered celebration cake less expensive than a tiered wedding cake?  I may have just answered it since that comes with a free cake tasting.  Never mind.  Although for a 150 serving cake the price difference is $75 which is a pretty high price for a cake tasting.  You don't have to change your pricing structure, I am just mentioning these to make sure you have thought of this.   Do you want to state when full payment is due?  Would it be easier to read if you had a listing of the cake flavors, a list of the icings and a list of the fillings since you can mix and match them all?  Maybe change out the pictures at the bottom of the pages so that the cupcakes and tower isn't the same for more than one page.  I didn't go through all the pictures in the gallery but there seems to be a variety of skill levels.  Since you have so  many pictures I would suggest you go through and remove the ones that aren't as clean or a less quality photo or display.  Narrow it down so you are only featuring your best work or special cakes.  Keep the other pictures off your webpage and you can show them to specific customers if it is a style they are considering though.  For example the Michigan/Ohio cake is rather odd looking.  It probably has a back story but someone scrolling through, it just looks a little odd.  You have some really great skills in decorating.  You may want to do some more research so that your photo lighting and background shows off your skills even better.  I kind of got carried away with my comments.  Your website looks good, works on my desktop and I didn't notice any obvious typos or weird grammar.  Your cakes are great, good luck with your business.

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maisie73 Posted 11 Jun 2014 , 4:58pm
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AOverall it look a good and the cakes I can see are lovely. However I can't click on the photos in the gallery either, it says "browser not supported", I'm on an iPhone.

I don't like the sepia much either, with the dark background it's all a bit brown!

I was going to say I'd like to see prices until I found them in the "about" tab, I'd give them their own tab if I were you.

Finally I don't like that wedding cakes are 50p more than tiered fondant cakes. I'm a hobby baker, I don't sell my cakes so I'm looking at it from a customer point of view. Private tasting included or not, I'd move on to someone who didn't charge me more because it has the word wedding in front of it. I hope I don't sound harsh, it's my honest opinion. :-)

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mylilpeaceocake Posted 11 Jun 2014 , 8:57pm
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AWow!! Thanks for all the great advice! I will definitely make some changes to the site! Any advice is appreciated, not harsh at all :)

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FlourPots Posted 12 Jun 2014 , 3:17am
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As maisie73 stated, I'm a hobbyist too, so my opinion is from a customer point of view...


I REALLY dislike "About Me"  pages that are written in third person...


The only exception is if the accompanying photo is of a cake alone, not the decorator/business owner.


I also don't like it when they're really wordy and include lots of anecdotes...

Yours isn't and doesn't, so I like that!



(PS...starting, should be changed to started)

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sweettia Posted 12 Jun 2014 , 6:17am
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AI suggest similar things

List your cakes and icings separately since you have it listed they can be mixed as desired Browser not supported on my ipad to view the photos The front page looks a it dark with the brown background and sepia cupcakes as the cover photo

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