No Refund For Cancelled Philadelphia Class

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erinob2 Posted 6 May 2014 , 3:04am
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I started a thread last week stating that Cake Central has failed to provide me with the $200 refund I was promised for the classes they cancelled in Philadelphia that were to be held on December 7, 2013.  It is now May 5, 2014, and I have yet to receive my refund after repeated attempts to contact Cake Central.  I have also never received a response to my multiple emails, phone calls, and faxes.  I have been in contact with other individuals that have also not received their refunds.  


Other threads on this forum have false information written by System Moderators that state that all individuals have received their refunds, and that if you haven't they will help you get the refund.  I have been in contact with both System Moderator 1 and System Moderator 2, and they have both stated that they are only volunteers and they cannot help me get my money back.  System Moderators should refrain from posting false and misleading information on these threads.  It is unfair that System Moderators are leading us to believe they can help with getting us our refunds in addition to posting false information claiming that all of us have received our refunds when that is absolutely not the case.  


The thread that I started that contained all of the above information has since been deleted.  I reviewed the terms and conditions of use of the forum, and I have not violated any of the rules.  So I am unclear as to why my post was deleted other than the fact that Cake Central does not want all of you to know that they are thieves that have failed to provide a number of individuals with the promised refund for the classes that THEY cancelled.  I will continue to post to this forum until I receive my refund no matter how many times they choose to sensor me and delete my threads.  


I have filed complaints with both the Better Business Bureau and the Washington State Attorney General's office.  If anyone else reads this (before Cake Central deletes it again) that has not received a refund, I urge you to do the same.


I also strongly discourage everyone from registering for classes through Cake Central.  I will never do business again with a company that treats it's customers this way, and I plan to make sure that as many people as possible are aware of this treatment, and no longer give this company another cent.  


Hopefully the thieves at Cake Central will see fit to return the $200 that they have stole from me.

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reginaherrin Posted 6 May 2014 , 3:22am
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Shame on CC for continually doing this to people.  I have read so many threads and post about unhappy CC customers that have either not gotten a promised refund for something or their magazine.  All CC will do is delete the thread and never respond.  I hope everyone will stop ordering their magazine and classes until they get their act together.  Apparently the people running this company are not business people at all and have no idea how to run a successful business.  If you can't provide the product that was bought and don't treat your employees fairly then you have no business being in business.

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lynne1969 Posted 6 May 2014 , 12:30pm
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I filed a complaint too with the State Attorney General's office.  If nothing else we can alert other people to their shady business practices. 

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cai0311 Posted 6 May 2014 , 6:35pm
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AReporting a business to the Better Business Bureau doesn't really do anything. There are no consequences for businesses, even if there are multiple complaints. Plus, all a business has to do is show they made an effort (even if the effort is complete bs) and the Better Business Bureau will consider the matter handled and mark the complaint as closed.

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SugarJen Posted 6 May 2014 , 6:54pm
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WOW- I keep reading about this. I guess I wouldn't risk signing up for a class now.

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SystemMod2 Posted 6 May 2014 , 9:40pm
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AErin0b2 - I have never stated I would help in getting refunds, or misled anybody in threads on this forum on this topic.

I HAVE stated that I am an unpaid volunteer, on the CC forums (only!) a cake business owner, and that I have nothing to do with CC's business dealings, magazine, book, classes or advertising. This is all correct, and is the reason I cannot help you or any other member in seeking refunds etc.

I'm not understanding why you believe I stated otherwise?

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TattooMom25 Posted 6 May 2014 , 9:58pm
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AHow did you purchase the class? If it was on a credit card a simple phone call to your card company will get you your money back, then your credit card company will force cake central to pay them back for the money they gave you. Hope that helps

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karennayak Posted 6 May 2014 , 10:01pm
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AI remember reading the thread and the posts that the OP mentioned, among many similar others.

But, as usual, the thread has been deleted, and we will never be able to confirm who said what.

Unbelievable that they keep deleting threads instead of facing the issue and refunding the money they owe!

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erinob2 Posted 7 May 2014 , 11:38am
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cai0311-At this point I am attempting to file a complaint with any organization that could potentially help to get my money back, or at the very least warn others about the terrible business practices and treatment of customers by CC.


Tatoomom25-I tried contacting my credit card company, but they told me I am outside the timeframe of 120 days for filing a dispute through them. Thanks!


SystemMod2-I did not state that you specifically stated that you would help in getting refunds.  If you refer back to my first post in this thread I wrote, "I have been in contact with both System Moderator 1 and System Moderator 2, and they have both stated that they are only volunteers and they cannot help me get my money back."  


SystemMod1 did state that she would help in getting refunds, in addition to other false information in this thread:


I have continued to send countless emails and faxes, and have made phone calls, and STILL no response....

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pastrypet Posted 7 May 2014 , 10:12pm
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You could try reporting this to the Washington State Attorney General:

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erinob2 Posted 9 May 2014 , 11:20am
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AThanks Pastrypet! I actually already filed with them last week.

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