My New Retail Shop (With A Few Pics) And A Question

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luvscakes Posted 10 Apr 2014 , 6:28pm
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Well, we are finishing up our buildout. It HAS consumed our lives just like we knew it would.


I hope to have my local dept. come and inspect next week after my partition glass goes up.


I'm attaching photos of inside my shop for you to look at. We've been at this a month and a half! I can't wait to open and only work a 12 hr shift instead of 18 :)


A quick question- My cupcakes will mostly be set out on the counter behind glass. (I have a few flavors that need refrigeration but only a few). I'm having a hard time finding either white or acrylic Clear trays to set them on, that look nice enough for, well, a nice display. Anyone have ideas on where I can look?


Second question- I'll be giving out a number of free cupcakes on my opening day. I don't want to package them in boxes (unless they buy more than their free one!) Does it seem tacky to just serve them on napkins? Maybe cute ones?


Thanks for any opinions you may have!




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Rosie93095 Posted 10 Apr 2014 , 6:42pm
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Great looking store! Best of luck with your business. I am starting to work on opening one in Dunnellon soon, that is about an hour and a half north of you.

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MBalaska Posted 10 Apr 2014 , 6:48pm
post #3 of 15 wishes and much success. 

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MimiFix Posted 10 Apr 2014 , 8:48pm
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Congratulations! I wish you well!! It's so nice to hear from someone who actually followed through. I'd be a millionaire if I had a dollar for everyone who said they were going to open a storefront. :wink:


When you give samples, you are inviting people to taste your product. You are not obligated to supply them with take-home treats. No one needs a box when a napkin fulfills your intent. If anyone asks for a box you can say, "Sorry, not for samples, but if you would like to make a purchase we can wrap everything to go." (Or something like that.)


And great name! I'm so excited for you!

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howsweet Posted 10 Apr 2014 , 11:03pm
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Me, too! Congrats and good luck! I wish you every success! :D

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SweetTzippy Posted 10 Apr 2014 , 11:22pm
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ACongratulations Luvs! I love the name of yr business, the turquoise color of the sign & cupcake box and the look of yr store. That round table on the corner is adorable. Wishing you much success !!!!!!!

About your question... I think a napkin is enough for samples, how about turquoise color matching your logo/sign?

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MimiFix Posted 10 Apr 2014 , 11:57pm
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For display trays, I've ordered from Hubert and Webstaurant and Global. Instead of using the traditional bakery trays, large plates and platters can work. I've had great luck finding them at my local home goods stores. 

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sweettooth101 Posted 11 Apr 2014 , 2:30am
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Congratulations, love the name,color and logo. Wishing you a prosperous future in your new venture.

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morganchampagne Posted 11 Apr 2014 , 2:51am
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AHey check you out! Wishing you all the best! Such a major accomplishment. I know you'll be very busy, but come back and update us from time to time when you can! Congrats again!!

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cazza1 Posted 11 Apr 2014 , 5:50am
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I must confess I am always more impressed looking in to cake plates with glass dome lids than those commercial ones,  when I am out and about and looking for cake and coffee.

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luvscakes Posted 11 Apr 2014 , 1:28pm
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Thank you everyone! 

The day after I signed my lease I woke up thinking "Oh Sh$$$- What have I done!" (And I'm not a cursing lady folks!)


I must confess I am not a business woman so this is pushing me, but I have a lovely business mentor who has helped me every step of the way. It's make it or break it time.

Although the fear of failing is always on my mind, so is the thought that I'll never know until I try it. I'd hate to come to the end of my life and not have given my all.


Mimi-I had looked at Hubert and Webstarant but not Global, I'll check that out today. And thanks for the tip on Homegoods- Duh! I never even thought to look there! I live a half a block from one.


Rosie- Dunellon? I've never heard of it, but I am privy to St Pete. I LOVE this city, and don't even venture over to Tampa too often. Maybe we can connect one day!


It's been interesting how many people have come forward hoping to get hired. Everyone knows someone who wants to work in a bakery (or cakery).... I've had to say a million times, "Thank you but for now I'm praying I can cover my costs. I don't plan to hire anyone for at least a year." (My business mentor hired her first employee at 5 years so that is actually my goal. Before 5 years will be a HUGE blessing- haha!)


Thanks again everyone!

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SweetCarolines Posted 11 Apr 2014 , 1:41pm
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How exciting! Good luck!!

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cupadeecakes Posted 11 Apr 2014 , 1:50pm
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Congratulations and best of luck to you!  I'm not sure about acrylic trays, but put Restaurant Equippers ( ) in your favorites list and check them out.  When I was building out my bakery I got so much stuff from them, and their prices and very reasonable. 

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Rosie93095 Posted 22 Apr 2014 , 2:47pm
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Luvscakes, Dunnellon is near Ocala , right off of I-75, maybe we can connect one day!

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johnson6ofus Posted 22 Apr 2014 , 3:40pm
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Those small pedestals with domes (all glass) are really cute, in multiple sizes and at hobby lobby. Really cute to display, but not really practical to serve from. They would look great accented with your store colors ribbon and set up to drool over, you know?

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