I Used To Bake Cakes, Back Before I Had A Cake Business… (Venting Off Some Mental Clutter)

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LittleMom Posted 18 Jan 2014 , 4:36am
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I am still in the process of starting up my business, it will be opening in 4 months. I haven't baked a cake in so long, I'm going to forget how.


It's a huge pain in the butt, I am getting burned out, and I have a stupid smile on my face all the time so nobody can tell that there is so much crazy going on in my head.


What was I thinking?


I feel great about this decision, until a dark thought creeps in that I am just a fraud. My husband, trying to be pragmatic, reminds me that I'm putting very little on the line with this venture. It's true, except that the part I've put on the line is myself. If I fail at this, the only thing I'm going to lose is my biggest personal goal.


Life choices are hard.


Thank you for listening to my over-tired over-stressed rant.



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liz at sugar Posted 18 Jan 2014 , 4:49am
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First, don't get wrapped up in the dark thoughts.  Second, don't think about putting yourself "on the line" with your business.  Just tell yourself that you are going to give it a go, try your best, and if it works, great and if it doesn't work, you'll find something else to do.


Life is long - there is time to try on many different hats, and sometimes the first one doesn't fit.  It will be OK, either way. :)



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Smckinney07 Posted 18 Jan 2014 , 5:19am
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AI understand where you're coming from, most of my life I avoided trying things because I was afraid to fail. It's hard to really put yourself out there; artistically, emotionally, financially...

It sounds like you have an excellent support system-just having someone truly believe in you and be supportive can really make a difference.

I'm so glad I'm finally doing something I'm passionate about, it's very rewarding.

Starting a new business can be overwhelming. Youve come this far, obviously this is something you want.

I'm sure you'll feel much better once you're up and running. It takes time to build a customer base, try to enjoy it rather then putting all that pressure on yourself.

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MimiFix Posted 18 Jan 2014 , 1:05pm
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If you want at least half a chance to succeed, you must change your attitude. Listen to Liz, she has awesome advice.

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jenmat Posted 18 Jan 2014 , 7:07pm
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Every job has things that we hate and need to vent about. (which I do ALL THE TIME)


This too shall pass. You will be baking soon! 


Definitely use the mentality of "if it works, great, and if not, oh well NEXT!" 


I'm sure others have great motivational quotes on failure and the successful. I don't, but I know there are some great ones. 


Hang in there and give yourself some grace!

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LittleMom Posted 19 Jan 2014 , 2:51am
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Thank you all for the encouragement. I needed it.



I followed my first passion for 15 years and it let me down. It's all I know, and I can't stand it anymore. I found a new path, but starting over is terrifying. There are times I have so much confidence and my desire to do this is so high. Last night was a little overwhelming. It was a little silly looking back on it... I tried practicing something I am not comfortable with, it did not turn out even close to nice, and it shook me. At my current job, I am the expert. With this, I am still on a learning curve for so many things. It wasn't the bad practice session that made me worry, it was my reaction to it. I can't fall apart for something so small. It's pretty clear that I have put way too much pressure on myself. In short, I really need to lighten up.


Tomorrow, I'm putting everything aside and taking a day off.

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MommyMommy Posted 19 Jan 2014 , 3:37am
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Looks like you got a lot of great advice from everyone.  Great advice for Anyone trying something new.  The only thing I could add is just keep on, keep on, keep on.  Do your best And trust in God.  That's what I do, as there is nothing else I find I can do at times.  Others may not agree, but if it helps you I wanted to share.  (My first statement echoes of the Brady Bunch eh?) ;)

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