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raragothic Posted 23 Oct 2013 , 11:29pm
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AOne of my daughter's just this week has been diagnosed gluten,diary intolerant, she's gutted as she loves her cake's. I looked up recipe's for making brownies,cakes etc and as I've never made any of these before its rather daunting,and lengthy process, I'd rather make them as the cost to buy them is rather expensive and having a large family isn't easy on your penny's. Can anyone please give me some advice

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IowaBaker Posted 24 Oct 2013 , 12:10am
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This recent thread had many good points related to GF baking. My dad has had celiac disease for about 30 years and I didn't realize before I came here that gluten can remain in the air for 24 hours after baking regular products!


I'd asked for GF cookie recipes just this morning:


Would you want slow cooker recipes, too? The author has a child who can't eat gluten and she cooks GF for the whole family. The brands listed are available in the US, not sure if you'll have the same and ingredients may vary by country, but it would give you/her somewhere to start. She posts all her experiments, both good and bad, so read to the end before picking one. She has a few cake recipes among the desserts:


You may have some luck looking in vegan gluten-free cookbooks. There are a few available and that would take care of the milk, too. Many people with celiac disease also avoid dairy because the casein, a milk protein, makes it worse.


Sorry, I don't have any recipes for GF cake baked in an oven. I live a long way from my dad and only see him about once a year.


I hope your daughter is soon feeling great now that she knows what was wrong.

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-K8memphis Posted 24 Oct 2013 , 1:12am
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i understand how life changing it is to have loved one (my son) on a special diet.--it also has the potential to bring so much healing because this knowledge is such a powerful gift to be able to help control someone's health in such a do-able way.


i never told my son that he had to be deprived or that he was different--i said 'we are dang lucky to know what can help you, dude'. so he was prevented from majoring on the negative aspects of his special diet--like at parties and things--your choice, wannabe sick or wannabe healthy. done. 


my suggestion is to keep this as matter of fact as possible--just a thought--


fwiw-- i might have a few recipes in my weight loss blog flour free peanut butter cookies might work for her--and if they offer some kind of non-dairy butter substitute the chocolate cups and brownies might work too--


and one other thought is to maybe go for the teeny tiny small amounts like in my recipes using 1 egg or even half eggs --at least it's an option sometimes to make her small special treat when the others are having their brownies etc.-- saves on those pennies -- i get it --


so you can do this--no it's not easy---and once you get out of the woods here and get a few recipes rolling well--you'll all do great--


plus i got a flax seed muffin thing and a zucchini bread that's killer--i'll get them onto my blog right away tomorrow sometime--the muffin cooks in a minute in the microwave--easy peasy! and versatile


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raragothic Posted 25 Oct 2013 , 1:04pm
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AThank you both,I have to change the whole way of cooking for her, don't think its fair she has to miss out while her siblings get to eat cake etc which was why I asked. Iowabaker,she's been back and forwards to doctor for yr,trying to find out what's wrong,she's just turned 18 and has never had any trouble with gluten,diary up till then,then out blue everything she was eating was ending up making her stomach in agony,and her sick!still haven't been explained why she can no longer tolerate gluten or diary?

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-K8memphis Posted 25 Oct 2013 , 1:21pm
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few things in life are fair, my friend.


it is a huge gift to know that her health can improve substantially by just eating  differently. if she's 18 she can learn to cook and bake for herself if she doesn't already do this.


make it a fun adventure learning about a new way of cooking and preparing food. everyone in your family can benefit from eating like this too--it's all good.

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Spireite Posted 25 Oct 2013 , 1:49pm
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In the 'free from' aisle of the supermarket, there is a make of flour called 'Doves Farm' that I have made a very good rich fruit with, I had less success with a chocolate sponge, but I'm sure that would come with practice.  I think they do SR and Plain.   Some supermarkets stock it  with the other home baking  ingredients.

You can also bake with oil or veg fat rather than butter/marg if you need it dairy free.

Good luck.:-D

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IowaBaker Posted 25 Oct 2013 , 2:51pm
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I think this article is helpful for the newly diagnosed:

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-K8memphis Posted 25 Oct 2013 , 3:22pm
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also--before i went 'gluten light' for my own health i made some incredible no gluten added products--incredibly fabulous--oh yeah my daughter has a gluten free chocolate cookie--made with coconut


now that's three recipe i need to add to my blog...


i mean those cookies of hers are brilliant--they are above average cookies in every way--gluten free is not flavor free--


what i'm blathering about is there is wonderful world of specialized food out there especially these days


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