Pre Rolled Fondant Sheet ??

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Sonya Posted 26 Jul 2013 , 11:19pm
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Hi All! I have a question.... I am looking for pre rolled fondant sheets that is already cut into strips. I am doing a cake in a couple of weeks and I am going to be putting fondant stripes on the side of the cake in different colors. I would just color fondant and roll it out and cut the strips but my left hand has been swelling and going numb lately and I dont want to aggravate it more by coloring a bunch of fondant. I do order some cake stuff from Decopac and I called them to ask if they sold the sheets already cut into strips and she said no (but they do carry the whole sheet, not strips)..... however I know they do carry the strips because I work at a local grocery store making cakes and we order from Decopac and we get in fondant sheets that is already cut into strips and we just peel them off the paper and put on the cake. I looked at the wilton sugar sheets but I dont like them, lol. Does anyone know where I can order the sheets already cut into strips?



Thanks for any help!

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BatterUpCake Posted 27 Jul 2013 , 1:01pm
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Can't help with the fondant but that sounds like classic Carpal Tunnel. Get a brace to wear to support your wrists and it will help. Of course I would also see a doc in case it is more serious.....But CT is very common doing this type of work. My doc gave me soft comfort cool braces for the day and a hard splint at night. Good luck.BTW...I am NOT a doctor...nor did I sleep at a Holiday Inn Express Last night...

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Sonya Posted 27 Jul 2013 , 2:17pm
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Thanks! I went to the dr and he took a xray and said I have the start of arthritis in my shoulder and they have scheduled me to see a neurologist but I cant get in to see him until Sept. I also have shoulder and neck pain that runs into my head and gives me a headache everyday. My dr seems to think it is something going on with my neck as my ring finger and pinky finger stay numb all the time but not the other fingers. I also went and had a massage done and she said that my muscles were inflamed and that she thinks it may be a pinched nerve. I got up out of bed about a week ago and my hand was so swollen and numb I couldnt even grasp a pen to write with. I will try the splints at night to see if that helps I do have a tendency to sleep with my hands curled. I really really hope its not CT as I decorate cakes at my full time job and I do it at home also.... I would be crushed if I couldnt decorate anymore :(

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BatterUpCake Posted 27 Jul 2013 , 2:28pm
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Ahhhh that is cubital tunnel. Same as carpal tunnel except the ulnar nerve rather than the median nerve is involved. I have bilateral CT and definitely does affect my work. But sometimes it is just the inflammation pinching the nerve. I know I get relief from ultrasound therapy, biofreeze, wrapping heating pads around my hands. I just had surgery on one hand 3 moths ago. The numbness was totally relieved but I often have incapacitating pain. My doc says this IS NOT normal though and I know many who have had compete relief with surgery. If it is just caused by inflammation (hopefully) the braces and an NSAID may be all you need. ANyhow this is CC not  SO I have the Wilton ribbon cutter and even with your hand problems yoy should have no problem using it...I think it was $15 and I used my Michael's coupon. If you have any questions or need support with the hand problems PM me. I know how emotionally devastating it can be to not be able to do what used to be so easy.

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Sonya Posted 28 Jul 2013 , 1:11am
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Ahhh thank you for your help! I will google Cubital Tunnel and read up on it. If I have any questions I will PM you. For the stripes on the cake Im going to be doing I think I will order the solid white pre rolled fondant sheet and use the ribbon cutter I have to cut the strips and then airbrush the colors I need. That way Im not mixing multiple colors of fondant with my hand. Thanks again for the help I appreciate it.... now off to read :)

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BatterUpCake Posted 28 Jul 2013 , 1:23am
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Good pics

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