First Customer Complaint ... Feeling Hurt

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mtbanks Posted 22 Jul 2013 , 2:53pm
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I did a carved wedding cake for a customer that was delivered on Saturday.  She wanted buttercream with gum paste flowers.  I even made the cake bigger so the design that she picked to have it carved into would look good (didn't charge her extra).  I received a text this morning (Monday) that started with the words ... "don't mean to be rude..."  than she tells me the cake was beautiful but the cake tasted a few days old and the icing was crusty and that only two people ate the cake.  That was all. 


First of all I made the cake Wednesday, and froze it because it needed to be carved.  It was carved and crumb coated on Thursday night, put in the fridge and finished up on Friday so it would be ready to set the flowers and delivered on Saturday afternoon.


I added some cornstarch to the buttercream, because I was afraid of the heat getting to the cake and I kept it in the fridge as long as I could.  It was for an afternoon wedding in 80* weather outside ... and I was also told that it would be covered (which it was not when I delivered it).


I am crushed that someone would says this about my work, I have been making cakes for years and this is the first complaint, so I am taking it hard.  What should I do?  She is not requesting a refund or anything (at least now).  My husband says I shouldn't respond.  What would you guys do?

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JSKConfections Posted 22 Jul 2013 , 3:01pm
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Wow I don't believe it...what does she think the cake is baked that morning?  People don't know the first thing the time and energy that goes into these cakes.  I don't believe it tasted old or that only 2 people ate cake...most wedding have someone cutting and serving cake...ask her where the cake is if nobody ate it! Frosting is crusty?  You need a crusting buttercream or the cake will melt  I understand though I would feel hurt too...gosh I'm not sure what I would do...I would think long and hard before responding so your emotions calm down first.  Good luck let us know what happened. icon_sad.gif

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ddaigle Posted 22 Jul 2013 , 3:20pm
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My opinion:  #1 always respond.   I would never ignore a complaint.    Not everyone asks for a refund or compensation...though most people these days do.     After apologizing for her dissatisfaction, I would offer "something" to her.    She may not want anything...but I would definitely offer "something".   Great customer service is most important for unhappy customers.   Word of mouth and facebook will kill your business these days.   That's what "I" would do. 

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JSKConfections Posted 22 Jul 2013 , 3:24pm
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Oh yes I agree, you do need to respond for sure.  Ditto what ddaigle said! lol...

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mtbanks Posted 22 Jul 2013 , 3:59pm
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a agree too (sometimes hubby isn't always right)  just figuring out how to word my reply.  Thanks ladies!

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Sweet_Cakes Posted 23 Jul 2013 , 1:52pm
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Definitely respond like the other say...but from me lurking on this website for so long, there is one thing that I do know. First of all, if the cake is not to the customer's satisfaction, I read on someone's contract that they must be notified within 24 hours. Secondly the cake would need to be returned as proof of the dissatisfaction. Like someone else said, I highly doubt that only two people at a wedding ate the cake unless the guest list totaled 5 people. I would write back and be very professional about it, and make sure you don't say anything to put the customer on the defensive, because that would not end well.


For example,


Dear (Customer's Name)


I'm very sorry that you were not satisfied with the cake that was delievered on Saturday. At (your company's name) we strive to deliever a top notch product that will statisfy both the eye and the mouth. Per the contract that was signed, if you are not at all satisfied with the cake, I would be happy to examine the cake and do whatever I can to make this right.


You can contact me @ (your contact info) during the business hours of (business hours).


Thank you!


I'm not that great at writing replys like this, but this is something that I would be ok with writing to a customer.

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mtbanks Posted 23 Jul 2013 , 2:09pm
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AI did write her back via text message (I hate sending it that way...but her email address is invalid) I told her I appreciated her feedback and explained the process of making a cake and why the buttercream was the way it was. It's been almost 24 hours since doing that and I haven't heard from her, so I'm thinking she is either thinking of her next move or is going to drop it (let's hope it the later). This was a simple cake that was only suppose to feed 20 people, so I never did a tasting, she was slow to get me the deposit and final amount ... So I gave her the benefit of the doubt. My husband had a slice of the cake that I carved, last night and said it still tasted good (he is my worst critic). We are just thinking that she is trying to compare the cake to a light and fluffy Walmart or store bought cake ... Mine are dense so that I can carve and stack them. What ever it is I'm letting this one slide off my back and not get to me ... This might sound rude but I kinda thought I might have a problem with the caliber of people I saw at the wedding when i dropped off the cake.

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Paperfishies Posted 23 Jul 2013 , 6:25pm
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I'm sorry :(  don't let one complaint discourage you.


With that said, perhaps I am in the minority but if the cakes was to be delivered on Saturday for consumption on Saturday, having it refrigerated for all day Thursday, all day Friday seems to me like it may have very well dried out a bit.  The refrigerator seems to dry cake out rapidly. do you brush your cakes with simple syrup before freezing and refrigerating?

Definitely respond, don't ignore her.  Good luck!

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