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nycbake Posted 2 May 2013 , 1:22am
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Thank you to everyone who can contribute here .. I've been making/selling photo cookies for 10 years successfully using KopyKake and Lucks brand for edible print paper.  I recently switched to Icing Images and their paper is 'curling up' at the sides when the images are placed into wet Royal Icing.  Particularly with the circle shapes.  The cookies come out looking like little ash trays and it's not acceptable for my customers.  Has anyone else experienced this when using their product straight onto wet Royal Icing? 


In addition, the paper sheets often come out of the packing dry on the edges and they bend back and shatter in my printer.  I use the paper one sheet out of the packaging at a time, and reclose the package between sheets, I also turn the paper around so the 'feed end' is kept at the back of the bag and the paper still dries out. 

I recently lost 1/2 a bag of 3" circles to the 'shattering' problem .. I lost a ton of money on the project I was working on because of that.


I would really love to keep using them, but these issues are making it really difficult. Great customer service and software though.


Thanks again!

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icingimages Posted 2 May 2013 , 1:55pm
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Hi nycbake,

I am sorry you are having difficulties. Our icing sheets are different than Kopykake and Lucks, they are a bit more durable.

Lets address the cookies first. First, it is important that you smooth the icing sheet in to the icing, making sure there are no gaps between the icing and the icing sheet.  If the icing is too wet, this can cause it to lift prior to the drying of the frosting, more likely, it is not wet enough which is not allowing the image to adhere to the frosting. See if that helps and feel free to email me directly at [email protected] if you need more help.


In regards tot he packaging dry, that is not normal. Check your bag to see if there is a hole in it causing the icing sheet to dry. You can ad a piece of damp paper towel against the backing of the icing sheet in the bag to help to revive your sheet. But you should not be having that problem. Let me know what happens with this though as use the sheets within the company and they are behaving properly.  This dryness may also be contributing to your curling issue. If the sheets are too dry, they may not be merging correctly.


Please follow up with our company so we can make sure you find the success we know you can find with our sheets.

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nycbake Posted 2 May 2013 , 2:18pm
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Thank you for your reply.  I have called your company and was unable to get an answer for these problems so I thought I'd post here.


No holes in the bags.


Issues with drying are almost exclusive to the 3" circles.  ???  As I had mentioned above, I lost half of a brand new bag of images to 'dry end' on the feed side that bent back over and over with half the sheets and nearly ripped the print head out of my printer that day.  It was a terrible loss of profit, time and materials.


The images that were shipped to me 'backwards' i.e. with the feed side to the bottom of the bag were perfect.


Perhaps this can be a way to pack them?


Also, my icing is perfectly smooth and we've experimented with different consistencies of icing in an attempt to find something where the paper will cling to the icing at the edges.  We have been unsuccessful so far.


Basically, I load a sheet of paper and in the time it takes to hit 'print' and for my brand new Canon to receive the request and begin the process, the end of the paper is already drying out.  It's so frustrating ... and I'm re-sealing the bags immediately after taking out a sheet and putting the printed images into the bags after letting them air for about one minute.


I just can't figure out a way to get consistent results.


You're suggesting putting a damp paper towel into the storage bags under the images to increase the humidity in the bag?


We'll try that later if we have the time.  Unfortunately, the more labor involved in our production, the more expensive the product becomes, so we really need a sure fire way to fix the issues.


Thank you again for your reply. I'm really hoping to also hear from another cookie person who's worked with this material as well.

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icingimages Posted 2 May 2013 , 4:53pm
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I am puzzled as to why those icing sheets are drying. Can you send those back to us and we can replace them with a fresh bag? Give us a call and speak with Dawn and she iwll take care of it for you.  Something isnt right with those sheets. Do you have a lot number you can email me at [email protected]? Is your printer by chance sitting in a very cold area or an area that is getting a lot of air maybe by a vent? Something odd is happening.

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icingimages Posted 3 May 2013 , 1:44am
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In speaking with my cookie experts, they both said the same thing.They use our products on cookies with royal icing:

It could be a couple of different things, but it sounds like its too wet.  The Royal Icing should be dried first and then light water applied to it. 

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CupcakeFrenzy Posted 8 May 2013 , 12:15am
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AI've also experienced problems with the curling on the 3'' circles. I also find that different bags print outside the cutout. I don't have this problem with kooykake or lucks. We've list so many sheets that we have started using the 8 x 11 sheets and cutting out the circles. Extra time (and money). We like icing images because the sheets are usually easier to work with. The 3'' circles are dry brittle and broken in the package when received.

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