Need Advice On Completing A Hazard Analysis

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HappyCake10609 Posted 1 May 2013 , 7:14pm
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I am a little overwhelmed right now, after trying to figure this out, so I'm having trouble wording my question.  Please bear with me!


I am in the process of applying for a license at a new commercial kitchen (it is closer and much more updated and better equipped than than the kitchen I currently operate out of).  The new kitchen is regulated by the town, whereas the other was regulated by the state health department.... so the process is a little different than what I did a few years ago...


Where I am getting stuck is with the Hazard Analysis....  I have to complete a flow chart to identify any "critical control point," if any, and complete a Hazard Analysis and HACCP plan.  The forms, my local health officer sent me, all come from and have examples for seafood processors.... I'm usually pretty good at deciphering and completing forms, but having trouble figuring out how to apply my business to the examples given!  Does anyone have experience with completing similar forms?  I'm not sure where to start- do I complete a form for each ingredient I use (eggs and milk need refrigeration) or do I complete one for each recipe I use.  And how specific do I get, down to hand washing and sanitizing surfaces... or just run through the recipe?


I DO have a message in to the Health Officer asking for advice... but I haven't heard back yet and I want to try to tackle these forms so I can get them in ASAP... My first wedding cake of "the season" is at the end of this month and I'd love to be in the new facility by then!  I didn't have to do this for the license I hold at the kitchen I currently rent from, I'm not sure if it's because I had a different class license or just because of the different jurisdictions... 


Thanks for any advice anyone can offer!!

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jason_kraft Posted 1 May 2013 , 7:53pm
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APage 24 of the link below includes an example HACCP for a bakery (specifically, chocolate chip cookies). You should be able to use that template to build a plan for each recipe.

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Margaret393 Posted 1 May 2013 , 10:34pm
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Originally Posted by jason_kraft 

Page 24 of the link below includes an example HACCP for a bakery (specifically, chocolate chip cookies). You should be able to use that template to build a plan for each recipe.


What location is NH? Contact a bakery or cake decorating school/academy in your locality and ask if their is any HACCP training available - specific to the bakery/cake business. In Ireland, some training companies here offer HACCP training courses (usually over 1 day) for those who propose to start up as professionals in the cake decorating business. HACCP is a food safety management system. Therefore compliance in food safety regulations, is a pre-requisite to obtain a license to operate in any sector of the food industry. Employers are obliged also to offer basic hygiene training to their employees.


The 7 principles of HACCP can be applied to any food business from a small coffee shop to food production on a larger scale. Once you understand the HACCP programme - you will be able to develop and implement an effective HACCP system within your own bakery, and also be able to review and monitor the on-going effectiveness of the programme.


A phone call or message to your local health officer may not suffice! For the record write or send an email to the officer about your concerns - don't be afraid to ask questions! Any queries in writing by all accounts should be answered.


As for the forms - some would have to be filled in, at least once or more on a daily basis, as in temperature control charts (hot and cold) including "goods in" Its advisable to keep the forms in a prominent position adjacent to the relevant area - as a reminder that they be kept up to date. Assign staff to fill them as required.


Jason has sourced an excellent document! The HACCP template should be of great assistance to you in the context of creating flow charts - specific to your own recipes.


By the way another training option would be to do a course on-line but check it out beforehand to verify that it meets the local health regulations. The subject matter is a very broad area for discussion in this post, but I hope this helps!


Good luck!



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HappyCake10609 Posted 1 May 2013 , 10:35pm
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Jason, thank you SO much!  That is exactly what I needed! 


I ended up talking to the Health Officer right at the end of his day... Turns out that since I sell directly to my customers, and not as a wholesaler to another business, then I only need to do the HACCP if I have a potentially hazardous product.  We went over the types of recipes I make and determined that I don't need to do this, unless I decide I want to offer those other products and/or the code changes (ie. he okayed my SMBC for now, but said the rules might change for the temperature the egg whites need to reach to be "safe"- he doesn't agree with the code as written).


But this document is extremely helpful and I've saved it for use in the future... if I decide I want to offer other products.  It makes the whole form so much more clear!


Thanks again!

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HappyCake10609 Posted 1 May 2013 , 10:49pm
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Thanks you Margaret, as well!  NH is New Hampshire, in the US.  Our requirements are a bit different... my state allows for home kitchens under a "Homestead License," which is regulated by the state health department.  There are several towns, like the one I just moved to and where this new facility is located, which are "self-inspecting" and the town health department regulates.  If I have under $10,000 in annual sales, I could bake from home and wouldn't even need to be licensed or inspected.


However, I prefer to work in a commercial kitchen and this new facility is absolutely gorgeous!  All new equipment and supplies, they will purchase any equipment if i think they are lacking.  They also have a conference/class room, business classes and space for consultations... and the rent is very reasonable!  It's too difficult to make cakes with young children under foot and I don't have a very big kitchen.


A lot of other states have different requirements... and, though not a requirement in my state, we have a ServSafe course about food handling and safety that I do plan on taking, but haven't yet.  I'm not sure of the exact curriculum but I assume it will probably go over the HACCP process!


Thank you for your detailed answer to my question!

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