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MsNeuropil Posted 12 Apr 2013 , 4:30am
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Hi folks.  While I do prefer to make from scratch cakes...I am teaching my GD how to make cakes in a method she will actually be able to do without all the cake creaming reverse creaming stuff cause she just aint gonna pay that much attention...and her last cake was well...a bit hard to swallow.  LOL!  Chances that she will actually be able to make a cake from scratch at her own home is nil.  So I need to teach her baking (and cooking) with common items she would have at her home...or else Nana has to furnish their kitchen.  Best thing is to get her used to following a box type of recipe so she can be successful at home as well as at Nana's where she has access to any ingredient.


Anyways...I have used the WASC cakes before and do like them for their density for stacking.  But I had issues with the downsizing of the box when I was at the local Cash and Carry I saw these very large boxes of professional cake mixes by Krusteaz and they were very reasonable for baking lots of projects for her to practice her decorating.  My thought was OH BOY...I can measure out 18.5 oz and then proceed with the WASC (or choc version). 


Not so fast once I got to thinking about how to adjust liquids to account for the lack of needing egg whites.  The white cake doesn't require anything but water...or if you want a richer formula you can add oil, and eggs to the mix.


Has anyone used these Krusteaz professional cake mixes that can be scaled down or up? 


Has anyone figured out a WASC recipe for using these mixes?

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fearlessbaker Posted 12 Apr 2013 , 5:14am
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AI am doing the same with my 10 year old GD. We are starting out with mixes. I add one cyp sour cream and about a cup of mini chips to chocolate mix., And it make s great cupcakes too. We used malt balls to,decorate the sides.

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MsNeuropil Posted 12 Apr 2013 , 6:34am
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My GD is 9 and she is getting pretty darn good at the decorating, but her cake mixing is needing some work.  LOL!  I am getting her ready for her level 2 kids fondant cake decorating class...and we have been baking a lot of 6 inch cakes...and Nana thought if she could measure out X amount of these Krusteaz professional cake mixes to make a WASC type cake that I could just fill up the oven with cakes and then freeze them.


What was so appealing to the Krusteaz professional mixes was not only the ease of her following the recipe...but also with the WASC type additions Nana can get a denser cake than what most of the DN or BC cakes produce.  Denser cakes make it easier for her to decorate with fondant.


I saw some Krusteaz professional cake mix videos and they say NOT to refrigerate the cooled cake...but wonder if frozen cake would be fine since I am hoping to freeze a week worth of 6 in cakes and perhaps cut some for pouring fondant over.


Surely someone has experimented on using them with a WASC type recipe. 



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MsNeuropil Posted 13 Apr 2013 , 4:32pm
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Since no one responded that they had actually used the WASC recipe with the Krusteaz professional sized cake mixes I will tell you how it worked as far as the "White Cake Mix".


I made 24 cupccakes using the boxes "small batch formula" and I added vanilla bean paste to it.  Absolutely delicious white cake for cupcakes.  Not crumbly at all which is wonderful for cupcakes.  Filled each cup with 2/3 batter (about consistency of a thick pancake batter).  Came out nicely mounded...but not mushroomed.  Perfect for decorating sunflowers. 


2nd batch...I made 4 6 in cakes.  Since I wanted a denser cake (testing for ability to stack larger cakes) I had to guestimate a bit so this is what I did. 


Measured out the 4 cups of mix (per small batch recommendation)...added 6 oz of water to bowl. 


Added 4 cups of the White Cake mix


Added about 1 cup of sour cream


Mixed at medium speed until almost smooth.  About 2-3 mins in KA.


Added 1 whole egg


Added Princess Cake and Cookie flavoring...just poured some in...(LOL)


put almost 2 cups of batter into each pan.  Batter is quite thick.  I think I should have added a little more water.


Baked at 350 in well preheated oven (60 mins) onto a stone.  4 6 in pans sitting inside a half sheet pan.


Cakes rose well to fill pans to brim giving a nice 2 in cake...and crowned a bit (I generally found if I use my baking stone and long heated oven that I don't get much peaking  in small pans...but this time I did.)


When pans removed from oven I used a folded tea towel to press down onto cake reducing the peaking.  Only a little leveling will be necessary.


Some tunneling noticed when I cut crowns off to level.  I should have added more liquid and leveled it with spatula rather than tap and shake.


Cake tastes very good... and cake is light...but not as light as the cupcakes.  I do think it would be hard to stack these past 2 tiers...but I could be wrong since these cakes have a lot of spring when you compress them.


I plan to try a real WASC recipe...and measure out 18.5 oz of the cake mix...and instead of adding fresh eggwhites...I will figure out how much liquid is needed since mix has dried egg whites in it.  ( This makes the White cake mix a real bargin since you don't need fresh egg whites).  I don't see why it would not work as well as a DH white cake mix.

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mrsgreshcakes Posted 17 Jul 2013 , 2:39am
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I'm planning on getting a box of the Krusteaz white cake mix and using it in the WASC recipe.  The ingredients are the same, but somewhat different in measurement.  I'll let you know what happens.

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shanter Posted 17 Jul 2013 , 3:46am
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I've never tried the Krusteaz cake mix, but for other boxed things that you just add a little something and mix, I like Krusteaz products better than any others.

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