Still Thoroughly Confused With Sealing And Shrink Wrapping!

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colmcb Posted 21 Feb 2013 , 10:27pm
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I'm hoping for some direction here. Although I have baked cookies for years, I've never really shipped them before. Now I want to expand my business and offer shipping.


I feel like a total ditz but I've read through every post I can find regarding sealing and shrink wrapping cookies to ship. I'm still confused. I apologize in advance for all the questions and for being so "green" here. Any advice/direction that anyone can give me would be greatly appreciated!


1. Is it necessary to both seal and shrink wrap the cookies? Doesn't shrink wrapping them remove most of the air? (see, I told you I'm so confused on this).


2, Which types of bags are best to use? I've seen some people say cello bags, others have used regular plastic bags, etc. I want to ship cookies decorated with RI and I know everyone says the RI will not melt, but I'm terrified to try it without having a better idea of which bags to use. 


3. Any ideas on the best place to purchase the bags would be great. 


4. Now that I will have the bags, what do I use to seal them with? I've read a lot posts where people talk about an impulse sealer and also an I Bar but I did a google search for these and I can't tell one thing from another. My husband told me he has a heat gun in the garage but how do I know if his heat sealer is too strong, or if there even is such a thing as being too strong? Is there a wattage I should be looking for? Can anyone give me a brand and model number that would be good?


5. Ok, now you're really going to think I'm lost but.....if I'm using a heat gun, isn't that sealing the plastic and also shrink wrapping it at the same time? 


6. I think what I need are some specific steps/directions. For example, if I have a dozen decorated cookies, not on sticks, this is what I think I need to do but I could be way off here so please forgive me if I am:


I place the cookie in a bag that is a bit bigger than the cookie. 

I gather the top of the bag and press most of the air out??

I seal that top (with what and how though is the question)

I use ___?__ to then shrink wrap that bag so the bag is snug against the cookie.(How hot is the heat supposed to be to shrink wrap without ruining the cookie?)


My other question is this: What type of box do most people use to package the cookies in for shipping? My original plan was to use a regular cardboard bakery box, pad with bubble wrap, add the cookies and then top with bubble wrap, and then put that box into a larger box to ship (i.e. a USPS Flat Rate Box). Is this the best way to ship to ensure the least amount of damage to the cookies? I read on a website recently that a sturdy "document box" is better but have no idea where to even buy them. Is a regular bakery box (I want to be able to get boxes in bulk) too flimsy to pack cookies in? How about a corrugated box?


Yesterday I saw an adorable idea in a magazine where the cookies were in a box similar to a narrow shoe box. It's hard to explain the box exactly but it looked like a box you would buy a pair of sandals in - definitely sturdier than a bakery box. Lined with tissue paper the cookies looked so cute in the box. I have no idea where to buy those type of boxes though. Any ideas?


Thanks so much!





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gingerbreadtogo Posted 22 Feb 2013 , 4:01am
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I can tell you what I do.

  I put cookie in a 5 x 7 poly ( 1mil) or cello bag. I twist tie the top. When I ship I use 8 x 7 x 4 "white literature mailers" , bag, tie and box all from "" .


I lay bubble wrap on bottom of box, I line up cookies in a row not stacked  and pack colored shred or tissue paper around cookies and bubble wrap on top. I'm sure that all is packed tight so there is no room for movement. Haven't had any breakage.


I think bakery box or shoe box would be to flimsy.  Uline carries all kinds of packaging stuff.


Good Luck,


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colmcb Posted 22 Feb 2013 , 11:29pm
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Thank you so much Lisa. The literature box sounds like what the other woman uses. I will check out Uline for sure. There is a company who ships 7" cakes to my job (my regular full time job) and they put them in a sturdy corrugated box which is really nice also. They're square boxes and seem like a great size for cookies. I may try to call them and see who they get their boxes from as well. 



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millicente Posted 1 Mar 2013 , 3:30pm
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Once my business picks up I want to buy this......They are a very nice company and a small system may cost 250.00-350.00.

 from natl Shrinkwrap

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havealittle Posted 1 Mar 2013 , 3:35pm
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that's cool!

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Roseyrod Posted 1 Mar 2013 , 3:48pm
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I put my cookies in a 5x7 with twist (or ribbon) as gingerbreadtogo mentioned. I line a flat rate Large USPS box with bubble wrap, put a layer of cookes, a layer of bubblewrap, another of cookies etc. I usualy fit 2 dozen cookies in the box.  My cookies are decorated with RI and I can tell you that they arrive intact, not a broken cookie. I place the cookies side by side and layer them as i mentioned all the way to the near top of the box.  I leave no room for movement.

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Tapsitis Posted 24 Apr 2014 , 5:30am
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AI just bought a $10 on sale straightener to seal my bags, I thought for SURE it would melt the bags but it worked with great success! I used cello bags from michaels and the straightener was so cheap it only had one setting - however I would put it in the lower setting if there was a choice...

Once hot I just literally touched the plastic and the straightener and voila not melted and perfectly sealed! With NO plastic stuck to the straightener...

Highly recommended, I did however do a test run as I was sure it would fail however super excited it worked so well, hope this helps!

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babylittrell Posted 24 Apr 2014 , 7:31am
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AHi colmcb! I can tell you (also for my full time job in an International shipping company ;D) that every delicate object, such as your cookies must be protected with, at least 2 inches of bubble wrap per side and the outer packing must be hard or shocking resistant enough, so I don't recommend to use a regular document box. I would use a pretty bakery box, maybe printed with your logo, filled with bubble wrap or plastic peanuts ( remember, not less than 2 inches per side!!) and a regular shipping brown cardboard box as outer pack. Some shipping companies offers you an amount of shipping material such as outer boxes or bubble wrapping ifor free if you open a credit account with them, and also gives discounts on their prices of shipping if you open an account. Is worth to say this is not advertising for the company I work in ha ha ha!! Hope I helped you, come back to tell us what you did.

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