How Do I Ship Cupcakes???

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Momma_bakes Posted 3 Dec 2012 , 9:36pm
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AI plan on sending a couple dozen cupcakes to my parents for christmas. I'm going to send them overnight. But what I need to know is what type of container or boxes to put them in and how to package them once in the container to prevent them from getting destroyed while being delivered.

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basschica Posted 4 Dec 2012 , 4:59pm
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I'd be interested in the answer to this too.  I tried my best to package some for a friend in Seattle (I live in Michigan) and he said they were destroyed despite my efforts during the shipment, but they tasted delicious!  Well, I tried at least!

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SnLSweetEscapes Posted 4 Dec 2012 , 5:58pm
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I have tried before as well.  One package to WV and one to Florida.  I had ordered cupcakes from Georgetown cupcakes to see how they did it.  I packaged them in the plastic cupcake containers where they each have their own individual spot.  Place a lollipop stick into each one to hold in place then placed in the freezer.  I used ice packs in the box and packaged tightly.  Both people told me that when they got them the package was either up side down or on its side despite my arrows pointing up.  The ice packs were still cold but the cupcakes were still tossed around even in the individual spots.  So they were eaten with a spoon.  Not sure how these places do it! I have been looking at other online places that ship their cakes too.  Would love to know how it is all done in one piece!

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remnant3333 Posted 4 Dec 2012 , 6:58pm
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You have to buy cupcake boxes  which have inserts in them with holes for the cupcakes to fit through them and hold them securely in place. I don't know where would be the cheapest to buy these. I imagine people on this site who do cupcakes could give you the rundown of who has them for the cheapest. I am sure you get them cheaper by the bulk.

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lorieleann Posted 4 Dec 2012 , 10:59pm
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If I am shipping cupcakes to family, I put them in a mason jar layered with buttercream and cake with sprinkles and finish the whole presentation off with a ribbon.  You still get the taste of your cake and frosting, but it doesn't matter if it gets tossed around a bit.  Google 'Cupcake in a Jar' for some cute images.  And if you pack in solid bubble wrap and put them in a 'one size, one price' priority mail box, the shipping won't kill you either. 

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fcakes Posted 6 Dec 2012 , 3:18pm
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Lorieleann...i"m looking into the jar options many jars fit in the medium or large priority box? And do you wrap each jar in bubble wrap then fill more in the box? thank you for the help!!!

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Ebeneezer Posted 25 Apr 2013 , 7:29pm
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Cupcake shippers similar to the guys in DC

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ddscook Posted 26 Apr 2013 , 1:14pm
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You can ship cupcake to your family by some courier services,who provide fast delivery services and pack those cupcake in a jar.


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ddscook Posted 26 Apr 2013 , 1:18pm
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Ship cupcakes to your family via some courier service provider,It will reach safely.

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bct806 Posted 27 Apr 2013 , 9:29pm
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I have done the mason jar way of shipping. It was for my husband's birthday and I shipped it all the way to Afghanistan. He said it still tasted amazing. It was moist and fresh since I sealed it the way you would if you were canning something. Unfortunately I couldn't send homemade frosting since it takes about 2 weeks to get there but considering all that, the fact that it still tasted good means it definitely works. Also, the treat pop tubes that wilton sells would work well. You just layer mini cupcakes with frosting. Don't forget to bubble wrap the mason jars if you use them. Even labeling something fragile doesn't mean they will handle it carefully.

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miranjaz Posted 30 May 2013 , 7:10pm
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Hi..I'm trying to figure out how to send cupcakes to my mother in law in Florida. I have the cupcake boxes with the inserts. Just don't know how to send them. Any advice??? By the way, I got the cupcake boxes and inserts from a website called They come in boxes of 100 per order and very nice designs. I paid less than 9 cents per box and insert together. Hope this helps some of you..

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AMANDASEDIBLECR Posted 22 Nov 2013 , 1:36am
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at oriental trading company they sell the boxes for individual cupcakes inside the box contains the inserts to keep them on its place its like a doz for 5.00.. but since usps don't care theyll still toss the package

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Annabakescakes Posted 22 Nov 2013 , 6:28am
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AThis reminds me of when I worked for a temp agency and went to a shipping warehouse. We were tossing these small boxes from bin to bin to sort them by postal code (like everything else that came through) and I kept hearing a tinkling like bells. I was concerned it may be breaking whatever item was in there, and got a supervisor. She opened one (you are allowed to make sure it isn't drugs or whatever) and rather than bells, it was a tiny Mary and baby Jesus. Whoops. We must have broken hundreds of them. They were some little gift a church had sent out to people who sent money in to Haitian or African children. And they were not marked fragile or anything. They didn't even have a white glove service or anything, we tossed everything.

I would use the clam shell containers with individual cups for each cake, the lolly pop sticks to keep them from smashing into the top, and a commercial freezer to freeze the cupcakes to well below zero, and pack it with dry ice and insulating foam, then in the box.

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smile22 Posted 7 Dec 2013 , 3:23pm
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i have a deep freezer would that work for freezing them i have never frozen a cupake before and i would love to ship some out to my family in pa i get the plastic clamshell boxes but cupcakes fully frosted in them insert a lolipop stick into freezer then how would i ship them from there?

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deannescakes Posted 27 Dec 2013 , 8:53pm
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I haven't had any success with shipping either, especially since my cupcakes are mostly soft buttercream that is easily smudged and smushed. Does anyone know of maybe a company that specializes in cake delivery, with cooled trucks and such?

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