Need Help With My Buttercreme Frosting

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aundrea Posted 27 Nov 2012 , 6:41pm
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i dont know what has been happening to my buttercreme lately.

i use indydebi (sorry sp) receipe. or wilton if i need to make vegan.

sometimes it comes out great and others it looks like paste. i have to throw it away. ive attached a pic of the paste i made this weekend. three batches i had to throw out!!

now with the holidays coming up i need to get this under control.

im wasting too much time and money for the disasterous buttercreme.

could over mixing when i add the poweder sugar do this?

i do tend to mix alot (? i dont know what alot is) to make sure the powder sugar

is well incorporated. i hate a grainy tasting frosting.

thanks for helping me out.


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remnant3333 Posted 27 Nov 2012 , 10:22pm
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I have never had this issue. Hopefully, someone here will know what is going on with your butter cream. I hope the makers of dream whip have not changed their formula like the cake mix people. You just never know what these corporations do to save them money. They do not seem to care about quality anymore but only profits for them. I know Indy Deb's buttercream uses some dream whip. What lard do you use? I use the sticks of Crisco. It seems to me that they whip up a lot more smoother than the one in the cans do. Although, maybe it is just my imagination.

Hang in there. I am sure someone with more expertise on this subject will answer you shortly!! Mary

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indydebi Posted 28 Nov 2012 , 3:38am
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I always tell folks that you can't overmix this recipe.  (I used to turn on the mixer, lock up the shop, go next door to the Dollar Store, get a few things, have a smoke break, then head back to the shop .... and even then the mixer might run a little longer, depending on what I was doing.)  So don't worry about that part of it.


My initial thought when I saw the photo was it had too much liquid in it.  Because of what was mentioned above, be sure your bags of sugar are a full 2-lbs.  I always added the milk a little at a time (and most of it added as the last ingredient), using more or less depending on how the consistency was turning out.


You don't indicate what shortening you are using, but allow me to share that years and years ago (when I was first starting out), I used an off-brand shortening and the icing turned out TERRIBLE.  I sound like a commercial when I say, "I tried using a cheaper shortening......!"  (LOL!) and I know others have posted they have used other brands with success, but I refuse to use anything but Crisco.  When using off-brands of shortening for other things (general cooking 'n such), I've noticed some off-brands just don't hold up as well .... some seem to be "melty" right out of the can which can make the icing on the thin side.

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remnant3333 Posted 28 Nov 2012 , 4:28am
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Hello IndyDebi,  I have not tried your recipe yet but I plan on it next time I make frosting.  It is so nice to see your picture and know who you are. I have heard nothing but good things about your frosting recipe!!

Can't wait to try it!! Mary

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aundrea Posted 28 Nov 2012 , 1:39pm
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hi and thanks for replying everyone.

indydebi i used crisco only. never use off brands.  domino's 10x poweredsugar. dream whip and good vanilla. i also use milk.

and honestly most times my buttercreme comes out amazing...thanks to your receipe!!!

but lately i dont know what happens.but im too the point of throwing in the towel!!! i just cant keep wasting time+money on paste!

this is how i do my buttercreme...maybe you or anyone can tell me what i doing wrong.


1) beat 1 1/3 c crisco i beat it until its whip up light and fluffy. prob 15 min. and it looks so nice and pretty!!!

2) add the powedered sugar full 2 pds and 3tbs dream whip  mix a alittle.

3) add the milk-which i start slow because i want to make sure i get my vanilla in too. mix alittle to check consistancy.

4)add my vanilla or whatever flav im using. then depending on what thickness i want i add milk-if needed

****if i need a vegan (my daughter cannot have lactose) i omit the dreamwhip and use either her soy milk or water-according to wilton****

then ill mix it.......and before my eyes paste forms!!!


the last cake i did for a friend i had to run to store middle of the night..and buy ugh can frosting!! i was so freakin frustrated of throwing away product that i completely gave up.


thanks for your help

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ddaigle Posted 28 Nov 2012 , 1:53pm
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When I hear the word "paste"....I automatically think...not enough milk.    I always make a double batch because my mixer will hold it.    I need an entire cup of milk (i use heavy whipping cream)  when I make a DOUBLE batch.    How much milk are you using?   I have made millions of batches of this recipe.   Well, maybe not millions....but tons.   I also put my dream whip in with the shortening to make sure it gets the tar whipped out of it.

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aundrea Posted 29 Nov 2012 , 7:14pm
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i tried heavy whipping cream before it was a disaster. i do no know if its too much or too little milk. ive never tried putting the dream whip in with the crisco.

im getting so frustrated.

thanks for your reply

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ddaigle Posted 30 Nov 2012 , 2:52pm
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Gosh aundrea....I'm sorry you are having problems.    To me, this is such an easy, peasy recipe.    How much  milk are you using?

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MMueller Posted 30 Nov 2012 , 10:23pm
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"2) add the powedered sugar full 2 pds and 3tbs dream whip  mix a a little."


Are you saying you dump in all of the powdered sugar and dream whip at once, mix it a little bit and then immediately start adding the milk? 


I'm far from an expert but I always add my powdered sugar a few scoops at a time, mix some, add more, mix some, add more etc, until it's well incorporated and just a bit stiffer than I really want it. I do the sugar that way because depending on the humidity level etc. one day I might need more or less powdered sugar than the next. If I'm using Dream Whip or something like that, I make sure that gets added within the first few scoops of sugar. Once I get the right amount of powdered sugar in there, then I add the milk a tiny bit at a time until it's thinned to the consistency I want it. I've never had a batch turn out pasty or clumpy or anything so far. 

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aundrea Posted 1 Dec 2012 , 2:22am
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the receipe actually says (if i remember correctly) you can just "dump the powder sugar in at once"

but usually i like you add alittle of the sugar with the dream whip to kinda get it incorportated into the crisco.

then add the remaining sugar and milk because if i dont i think my KA will explode.

and like i said it usually turns out ok but darn it lately............all i get is paste!!

i have so many cakes etc to do this holiday season i need to get this figured out.

i love this receipe its my go to for everything. i literally could eat it out of the bowl.

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shalini99 Posted 8 May 2013 , 11:47am
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hi I am from India. the buttercream recipes melt once the cake is out of the fridge. what should i change to get a firmer buttercream on which i can use fondant. Also shortening is not available here. the substitute of dalda or hydrogenated oil is grainy and makes the buttercream grainy. can i use margarine instead of shortening?

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