Delivering A Cake In Two Hours, And This Stupid Air Bubble Keeps Coming Back! Help!

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Spring24 Posted 17 Nov 2012 , 3:30pm
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I have been working on this particular cake for a few days now, and finished it last night.  I was extremely happy with it, sent a picture of it to the anxious mother who loved it, covered it last night, and relaxed.  About two hours later I went to look at it again, and there was a giant air bubble forming on the side!  Between the fondant and frosting, like a giant air pimple.  lol  I popped it by poking a small hole and slowing pressing the air out. A few hours later...back again!  So I did the same thing, then poked a tiny hole under one of the decorations and piped a tiny bit of frosting in, thinking maybe the fondant just wasn't sticking to the frosting for some reason.  A few hours later..there it was again!

I went to bed (had dreams all night of waking up to finding cake bits blown all over my kitchen, eesh) and there it was again!  I have to deliver this cake in two hours, and now the fondant is even getting soft and puckered in that place.  I may just cry.  Please, does anyone have any ideas on how to make this go away!  It just needs to make it 3 more hours!  Thank you!!


(btw, it's a three layer devil's food cake, fully cooled before iced, then crumb coated and stuck in the fridge overnight before adding final layer of frosting and fondant)

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TheCakeDude Posted 17 Nov 2012 , 9:55pm
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AI've heard that sometimes if a little corn starch is trapped in the it will chemically react and create an air bubble... Not sure why it's recurring tho! Anything you could stick in front of it? A flower or something? Maybe squirting some lemon extract in there would melt it just enough to adhere....hope you get it fixed!

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leah_s Posted 17 Nov 2012 , 10:19pm
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AGet the smallest straw you can find like a coffee stirer. Poke it into the bubble and suck out the sir. Your lips never touch the cake. Put a deco over the hole from the straw.

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Spring24 Posted 18 Nov 2012 , 12:39am
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ATheCakeDude...I've never heard of the corn starch thing! That's really interesting! Hmmm...

Leah_s...I've.pushed the air out a few times, it just keeps coming back!

Well, I pushed the air out and left it uncovered it until I delivered it, it wasn't until I had to cover it to transport it that it came back! SO odd. I deflated it again and just left it least it made it! :)

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leah_s Posted 18 Nov 2012 , 5:19pm
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AWhen it happens next time, and it will, don't PUSH the air out, suck it out with a straw like I wrote. Also works with bubbles underline buttercream.

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cakeyouverymuch Posted 18 Nov 2012 , 6:49pm
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What Leah said.  Works every time and the bubble never comes back. 

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Annabakescakes Posted 18 Nov 2012 , 9:50pm
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AI use a stir stick to poke a hole in the icing or fondant, and press the air out, when it happens, but prevention helps too! I cut my stir sticks into 1" pieces and stick them in the edge of the cake, next to the board, as close as I can get. The excess air escapes through there. I have never sucked it out, gotta try that, if I forget to put the sticks in sometime....

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Spring24 Posted 19 Nov 2012 , 5:48pm
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Leah_S...I see what you're saying now!  I'll definitely try that next time!  Thank you!

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