Store A Frosted Cake That Contains Heavy Whip Cream Without Ruining It With Moisture?

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Derryberry Posted 8 Nov 2012 , 12:48am
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I am making my daughters 4th b-day cake next Friday. Her party is at Chuck E.Cheese the next day at noon. I am terrified I will ruin the cake in the fridge but I know it has to be in the fridge since my buttercream contains heavy whipping cream and secondly afraid it will sit out too long at the party before it's cut.

My cake is 2-layers, bottom is 12'' and top 9'', I have a cake saver and/or a box that will fit the top layer but cannot find a box for the bottom 12'' layer since I am putting it on a 14'' board. I've read about keeping cakes air tight, plastic wrapping the box, some even said to avoid moisture inside the container leave it cracked. I am so confused and overwhelmed. I searched for hours to find a good buttercream recipe like the store frosting without dairy so I could just leave it out but all the recipes I've found call for butter or milk. My recipe is the Wilton's Unbelievable Buttercream recipe only uses heavy whipping cream. Any suggestions for proper storage over night and how long it can sit out at the party without spoiling from the dairy in the frosting? Thanks!

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Danilou Posted 8 Nov 2012 , 1:23am
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HI Derryberry  there's nothing worse than becoming overwhelmed with the thought of making a birthday cake! Have you made this buttercream before? I never make a birthday cake unless I've trialed all the recipes before. Some buttercreams are more stable than others. If the buttercream has lots of sugar in it and not much cream, the sugar may be enough to be able to keep the buttercream out at room temp. Like ganache, that has cream in it but because of the high amount of sugar in the chocolate it can be left out at room temp. Also I don't cover my cakes with boxes. I know if your cake has fondant on it some ppl suggest covering it with a box if its going in the fridge to minimalise condensation. I use ganache or swiss meringue buttercream on my cakes ( sweetalopita can a good recipe which she explains in detail, and which is better Not in the fridge). For ganache I use "Inspired by Michelle designs" chocolate to cream ratio recipe on you-tube. Plus check with the venue about keeping the cake in the fridge. If you put the cake in your fridge at home just make sure there's nothing stinky next to it like garlic or metwhurst as butter absorbs the smells of your fridge. I put a a bowl of bi-carb soda next to the cake to prevent this.

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Danilou Posted 8 Nov 2012 , 1:25am
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Also when transporting your cake, the best way is in your boot with rubber non-slip matting underneath! Not on your knee!!!! Also glue the cake to the cake boord with a little ganache or melted chocolate so it doesn't move around!!! I hope I'm of some help!

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Derryberry Posted 8 Nov 2012 , 1:52am
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There is no butter in the recipe so no worries on butter absorbing any odors as you mentioned, just crisco shortening, powdered sugar, flavoring, salt and heavy whipping cream. This recipe I have used before and it stands up great for decorating. My concern is how to store it being there is dairy involved. The teacher that gave it to us in class said to keep it refrigerated, just not sure how to after it's on the decorated cake. I am almost tempted to stress myself out and wake up extra early and try to do it the day of so it's limited fridge time. The big question is, how to cover and how to not create moisture on the cake if I do seal it? I have used my cake keeper before and found moisture build up inside if lid was sealed, must be my fridge or something.

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Danilou Posted 8 Nov 2012 , 2:05am
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Derry Berry what if you don't put it in a box (or container) just leave it in the fridge without cover. I never cover my cakes in the fridge. Also it will be less stressful to do it the day before! I've never used that recipe before! (Only regular cream, not crisco)

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BlakesCakes Posted 8 Nov 2012 , 4:03am
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I use the same Wilton BC recipe.  It's fine at room temp (below 80F) for at least 4 days (family cake have gone longer in my house and been just fine). 


There's plenty of sugar and fat in the recipe (natural preservatives) and it has a low moisture content.  You don't need to refrigerate the cake at all, whether you use all butter, half butter, whatever.


I'd just leave the cake in a box in a cool spot out of direct heat & light overnight (the same instructions I give to clients).


If you feel that you really have to refrigerate it, you can box it and put a layer of saran over the box to keep out odors.  Leave the wrapping on after you put it on the counter to come to room temp--that way you'll have no condensation on the cake and it'll be fine.



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leah_s Posted 8 Nov 2012 , 5:01am
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AThere's nothing about your frosting recipe that requires refrigeration.

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