Buttercream Recipe Help!

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jamielynn24 Posted 2 Oct 2012 , 3:19pm
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Hey Everyone icon_biggrin.gif So I have been making a lot of cakes using buttercream icing b/c my customers prefer that over fondant. I have been using the Wilton Buttercream recipe but I am just not happy with it anymore!! My cakes have not been coming out great! I had a cake disaster this weekend icon_cry.gif with the Wilton buttercream icing icon_mad.gif So I want to change my buttercream icing recipe & I would LOVE some suggestions or recipes to try! I have found a few on here but would love everyone input. I really need to find a buttercream icing that will work well on cakes! Please Help Me!

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BakingIrene Posted 2 Oct 2012 , 3:30pm
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What brand/package size of sugar have you been buying?

How exactly did your cakes fail?

What kind of shortening have you used recently?

I have used the Wilton snow-white buttercream, the one with meringue powder, it always works.

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jamielynn24 Posted 2 Oct 2012 , 3:55pm
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I use the 2lb bag of powder sugar..not sure what brand usually whatever is the cheapest (does that matter?)

Now i did use a different brand shortening but it was the ALL vegetable shortening. I usually use Crisco but I didn't have anymore. (I kinda think that was part of my icing problem)

Well my icing on my cake just feel right off! & it was thick when i put it on but by the time i dropped the cake off it was like "melting" then my cake started to crack icon_sad.gif it was just horrible!!! I was more disappointed in the icing. I had really never had problem with it before but this time it just didnt come together. I never use Meringue powder in my BC icing but I guess i could try that way. Just dont want another cake disaster!! really want a icing that will hope up well...something consistent. I dont ever change the way i make the icing so i knew it wasn't that but so i thought maybe the shortening did it but I went stock up on Crisco again!!

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BakingIrene Posted 2 Oct 2012 , 4:13pm
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The sugar matters as much as the shortening.

Domino sugar is bulk packed as 6X not 10X (according to the Domino website). If they pack off-label sugar, they pack 6X into the same bags as 10X because they are packing the end of the day's sugar production.

So make sure your label ALWAYS says 10X. You can see how buying a good brand of sugar is worth the extra $$.

And buy Crisco brand for the same reason...off-label shortening might be mixed with oil if they want to pack the end of the day's run, and that will sure mess up your icing something wicked--I think that's what happened to you.

So your recipe is OK but you have to use good quality ingredients. I once bought a bag of no-name flour where the top of the bag was bread flour and the bottom was cake flour...NEVER AGAIN.

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cakeyouverymuch Posted 2 Oct 2012 , 4:14pm
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jamielynn24 Posted 2 Oct 2012 , 4:25pm
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Thank Y'all icon_smile.gif

I will defiantly start checking my sugar from now on too!!!

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lorieleann Posted 2 Oct 2012 , 4:30pm
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If you want to step up your game, look for some High-Ratio shortening. It will make ALL the difference in your buttercream. You can look at your local cake supply store to see if they have it, or you can order on line (google search High-Ratio Shortening, amazon sells it! Don't be deterred by the price too much. If you like it, you can buy it in bulk for much cheaper for the 50 lb box).

More so than the X factor, I alway buy a powder sugar that says Pure Cane Sugar. Other wise it can be a mix of cane and beet, or all beet sugar. The beet sugar will be grainy. Just horrible. I have found Sam's Club to have the best sugar option: the 4 lb bags of C&H Pure Cane that are under $4 a bag.

I also really recommend looking at the Edna De La Cruz How to Make Buttercream or the SugarShack How to Make Buttercream You Tube videos. So helpful.

If your buttercream was thick and falling off of the side of your cake, then you need to add more liquid. This is one part of making cakes that can be open to improvisation. If the frosting is pulling, is clumping and not going to smooth, then you need to add liquid by the Tsp to loosen it up enough to go on smoothly. Environmental humidity and the amount of cornstarch in your off-brand sugar could have caused your normal amount of liquid to be too little.

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inspiredbymom Posted 2 Oct 2012 , 4:43pm
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I would have to agree with all of the above! I have switched to cane sugar because of the grainy feeling as well as it turns a little pink if it sets. You don't see it unless you put something white up to it! Sweetex high-ratio shortening is the best one that I have worked with. The icing has been stable every time.

Sharon Zambito's butter cream is awesome! We used it as the basis for ours. We had to change a few things to suit our needs, tastes, environment and mixer but it her teaching and knowledge that got us that far! Her DVD's are worth every penny!

Sorry about your cake though. That is never fun, no matter what the circumstances.

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pinkfluffycupcake Posted 2 Oct 2012 , 5:10pm
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This is one of my favorite recipes for buttercream (but I leave out the imitation butter flavor-blech):

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