Cake Boxes For Stacked Cakes

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cakelvr Posted 12 Sep 2012 , 3:40pm
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My question is - What do you use for stacked cakes? I like for my cakes to look professional when delivering them but find it hard when doing stacked cakes. Using something I deem worthy to put it in. icon_smile.gif Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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inspiredbymom Posted 12 Sep 2012 , 4:15pm
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How big are the stacked cakes? BRP has a box that can handle a small stacked cake. I recently ordered a sample of it. I think it is a 12x12x10. Most of my cakes recently have been on 14" so I have been using two boxes, one for top and one for bottom. I have also read about using ridged corrugated shipping boxes that had one side cut. Other than that, I have not seen anything. There was a lady who had a box shop that had awesome tiered boxes but she went out of business. I wish someone would be able to buy her patent and start making them again. I really liked them.

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Pam1976 Posted 13 Sep 2012 , 12:47am
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I use moving boxes. I buy them at Target or Walmart. They even come in sizes like 12x12x6 or 14x14x6. I tape one end shut and then I take a utility knife make a "door" with one side panel of the box. I can then slide my cake in and tape it shut. It is easy for the client to remove their cake, too.

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funtodecorate2 Posted 13 Sep 2012 , 1:43am
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I have purchased the rubbermaid or sterilte containers with lids . I can sometimes get two cakes in them if they are smaller ones. I have 3 containers. They are sorta clear and have snap on lids so nothing gets in them. I think it looks very nice carrying cakes into a room. Easy to clean and reuse.

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funtodecorate2 Posted 13 Sep 2012 , 1:45am
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Sorry , forgot to add that cakes will have to be stacked there as this containers are about 6-7 high and cannot be used as a stacked cake container. But they are great if needing to carry in singles and stacking at venue.

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MarianInFL Posted 13 Sep 2012 , 3:02am
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Here's a great video for making a large cake box.

If the link doesn't work, go to YouTube and search "How to make a cake delivery box."

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heartsnsync Posted 13 Sep 2012 , 4:35am
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I came into this dilemma myself some time back and wanted to find a way to deliver my two tiered cakes and cakes with tall 3-D elements in a pretty way and not have it cost me a fortune which eats into my profit.

What I came up with is modifying white bakery boxes. I use a bakery cake box the correct dimensions to perfectly fit my cake board or if side elements are an issue then a little bit bigger. Then, I determine how tall the box is going to need to be in order to clear from my cake board all the way up to at least 1" past the tallest part of my cake. I measure the height of the cake box bottom (usually 6") and then continue on an measure out the additional height needed up onto the lid of the box and mark the spot. I do this on both sides of the box. At the spot where I marked I cut the side flap in towards the box top and stop right where the actual top of the box begins on both sides. Fold the box top at this spot creasing the lid cleanly. Fold the new creased top down and neatly tape it on the inside. Fold and assemble the box as normal but leave the front bottom flap undone for ease of inserting cake later.

Now, tape the new box lid to the bottom sides of the box on each side. When you are done you will have something like an overhang where the top of the box does not now reach over the whole top of the cake but leaves plenty of room for the cake to have clearance. For the opening I use clear gift basket wrap (I buy it at the Dollar Store or you can buy thicker more expensive kind) neatly taped to the top of the box and then draped over the opening and then taped to the bottom of the front of the box after the cake is inserted and the box is closed. The sides of the clear plastic wrap are folded like you would when wrapping a present and taped with clear tape. Inside the box, under the cake board, I place a small square of non-slip shelf liner so the cake will not slide at all. When delivering the cake make

I have my logo stuck on the front of the box under the wrap. For an even prettier presentation I have also added a bow to the top of the box. The benefits of delivering this cake are great - 1) the presentation is very professional looking, 2) the customer can see the cake immediately upon delivery - this is especially important if they are then going to be transporting the cake elsewhere. 3) it only costs me about $2.00 - $3,00 per box (depending on box sizes) when using the thinner clear wrap.

For three tier, and up, I use the more traditional corrugated cake box for delivery. Oh, and if you are using it for an extremely tall two tier with 3-D elements like my example picture I reinforce the inside of the cake box top to the cake box bottom with tongue depressors or popsicle sticks taped in place.

I hope I explained this well enough! I have included a picture one of my tallest cakes using this method so you can see that even in extreme cases of a very tall two tier this method still works.

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heartsnsync Posted 13 Sep 2012 , 4:36am
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Here is a better picture of the cake that I placed in the box above.

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emilysikes Posted 21 May 2013 , 9:52pm
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I have the same problem, and it sounds like many other bakers do too! I've submitted an idea on and would love to hear your comments and suggestions. Vote and comment here, and we can make this product a reality!


Thank you!




The Cake Mom & Co.

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AZCouture Posted 21 May 2013 , 10:27pm
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auntginn Posted 22 May 2013 , 4:59pm
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Emily, we are looking for Professional Cake Boxes, not plastic grocery store containers

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