Decorating Class Ideas!?!

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Bethroze Posted 20 Apr 2012 , 11:46am
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My daughter's school librarian asked me to help out at the Accelerated Reader sleepover. I agreed to do a small cake decorating class for the attendants. The small class has turned into possibly 25 kids ages five to twelve and five chaperons. It dawned on me this morning, that I should have said I would do a cake decorating demonstration and then we could all eat the cake after they watch me decorate! Unfortunately, I have already baked 30 small heart shaped cupcakes and the sleepover is this evening...HELP!!! Any ideas on making this fun but not a frosting food fight?

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sweetideas Posted 20 Apr 2012 , 12:40pm
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Sorry, the only thing I can think of is putting one empty seat between the kids, using just "enough" frosting in a decorator bag tied off with a rubber band, limiting sprinkles or none, and going over expectations with the chaperones before so they can keep kids in check. Best of luck to you! Fondant might be the way to go, not sure. (It's easier to ball up and throw--LOL)

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Bethroze Posted 20 Apr 2012 , 12:56pm
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Mainly, I am concerned with quantity of equipment. In my dream world, I would have 90 star tips and bags with three different colors of icing. Unfortunately, they will have to share...uhg...I have been tossing around the idea of stations and having fondant at one. Station one - ice your cake; Station two - piping; Station three - fondant; Station four - eating.

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LaWmn223 Posted 20 Apr 2012 , 1:07pm
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I dont know if this would help but in the "Hello Cupcake" book she does not use tips to decorate with...but uses ziploc bags that she cuts notches in to mimic a piping tip.

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Bethroze Posted 20 Apr 2012 , 1:13pm
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Yes! The ziplock bag idea had crossed my mind, but I have never tried it myself. Anyone ever given it a try? I'm worried the kids would squeeze too hard and just open the hole up too big. Hmmm...

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LaWmn223 Posted 20 Apr 2012 , 1:30pm
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What if instead of ziplock bags you used Wilton disposible bags?....they are stronger...I have never cut a pattern in one but, I have filled one and just cut the tip of the bag off to do a simple swirl on a cup cake...if you cut just the tip off you can also do a simple dot pattern.

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dinascakes Posted 20 Apr 2012 , 1:54pm
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I like your station idea. I think that would be good. I would put maybe 4 piping bags (disposable) with a different color frosting and different tip on each one. and in the fondant station, I would also limit maybe 3 or 4 colors of fondant, a roller, and a few simple, small, basic cutters: like a heart, star, circle and square. NO SPRINKLES! They will get everywhere! KEEP IT VERY SIMPLE! It will give you less headaches later. GOOD LUCK! I hope they all enjoy it! Sounds like it will be fun!

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LaWmn223 Posted 20 Apr 2012 , 2:12pm
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I cant find the book....but I think she uses scotch tape to reinforce the tip on the ziplock bag.

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denetteb Posted 20 Apr 2012 , 2:22pm
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Here are my thoughts. To start with, with that wide age range and number, you will have really no control over what they do. And stations would be a good idea except that everyone except the first group has to wait while the first ones start. The last group would have a long wait. And the first group would be eating while the last group is still decorating. My thought is to have the supplies divided up by table. So if you have 5 tables, you would have 5 kids and a chaperone at each table. For example each table gets some loaded baggies or icing bags with any tips in them, a few cutters and a few blobs of fondant. So the kids don't have to go from table to table, they just stay at their table and can use anything on their table. Just use whatever tips you have, they won't care if it is a star or drop flower or leaf. You could do a really quick demo. Like a 2 minute demo. Then just let them have at it and have fun. Remember that the point is to let them have fun as a reward for their reading accomplishment, not really to teach them to decorate. This will be way more fun for them than watching you do a cake and eat it. This is a great idea and will be a lot of fun f or the kids. Congrats on doing it for them.

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