Pricing Cakes By Cake And Or Slice?? What Size Serving?

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Krista512 Posted 12 Mar 2012 , 7:39pm
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So I am having a hard time figuring out how to properly price my cakes.
I must say im new to cake decorating and my stuff is not perfect but i do the best I can. I dont have pastry school or any of that im all self taught so i sort of feel like I cant charge what a bakery charges since I dont have their training.
I had my prices set to a certain price per size of cake and once i calculated it i had it at $35 for a 6 in and basically up $10 for each 2 inches added to that size. for basic buttercream. i made a cake and realized i hardly got $5 to cover the cost of my gas to go shopping, my electriciy and gas to cook the cake and all my time making the cake, buttercream, fondant and decorating the cake.

now i have it set to ...
Basic with all buttercream starts at $3.00 per serving
Buttercream with basic fondant decorations start at $3.50 per serving
Fondant covered cakes start at $4.00 per serving

Serving sizes are based on an average serving of 1.5 x 2 x 4
Sheet cakes are a single layer with servings of 1.5 x 2 x 2

Round Cakes - 2 Layers of cake 1 layer of filling
6 in - 9 servings
8 in - 16 servings
10 in - 26 servings
12 in - 37 servings
14 in - 51 servings
16 in - 66 servings

Square Cakes - 2 Layers of Cake 1 layer of filling
6 in - 12 servings
8 in - 21 servings
10 in - 33 servings
12 in - 48 servings
14 in - 65 servings
16 in - 85 servings

Sheet Cakes 1 layer of cake NO filling
9x13x2 - 29 servings
11x15x2 - 41 servings
12x18x2 - 54 servings
16x24x2 - 96 servings

should I stick with this or should I switch to 1x2x4 inch servings? if so should I change the price per serving up or down? one batch of basic white batter makes about 5 1/2 cups of batter and cost me about $4 to make. I use buttercream dream recipe that also makes 6 cups and cost about $4 as well
my MMF cost about $5 to make with the flavoirings I add. then have to add in cupcake liners, boxes boards or cupcake holders.

Im just so un sure. I hate feeling like im ripping people off since i cant hardly get any orders now. I was posting on craigslist but people on there are already looking for a deal and wont pay the price for quality ingredients.

People love the taste of my cakes but I just cant get the word out to the right neighborhood. i live in a big city where there are lots of lower income people and the people with the money are on the other side of town and im sure there are great cake decorators there. what should I do. i need to be able to get atleast 2-3 orders a week for good size cakes. We financially arent making it with my husbands pay check. even just $300 a month profit would make a world of difference for us. but i dont want to slave for $2 profit on a dozen cupcakes over and over agian.

I dont do wedding cakes right now but should i use wedding cake slices for all cakes prices?

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CWR41 Posted 12 Mar 2012 , 8:02pm
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Originally Posted by Krista512

should I stick with this or should I switch to 1x2x4 inch servings? if so should I change the price per serving up or down?

I dont do wedding cakes right now but should i use wedding cake slices for all cakes prices?

Switch to industry standard (8 cu. in.) 1x2x4 inch servings. Your price per serving is fine, as long as it's for industry standard sized servings.

Yes... it's the same cake--it doesn't matter if it's being served at a wedding or any other occasion.

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vgcea Posted 13 Mar 2012 , 12:50am
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Krista, the prices per serving you have here look good, and much better than what you had previously. I see you working so hard, and I love how you're evolving with the advice you're getting here. Your passion is obvious and your posts show how much you want to help your family. Just thought I would come in here and drop some words of encouragement. (((HUGS))).

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Krista512 Posted 13 Mar 2012 , 6:01am
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Thought I would share this spreadsheet that I made. I know I cant possibly be the only one not sure how to price cakes. I am going to add to it later but this is a start for base prices. I am going to add price to make batter and buttercream for each size in there at some point too. so i can see the difference between my cost and my price for the customer.
dont know what price group i will go with yet or I may use those prices as levels for the level of difficulty instead of a price per gumpaste flower type of thing.

question does any of you charge more for chocolate buttercream or cream cheese since they cost more to make? or do you list them as standard?

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Andrea0730 Posted 13 Mar 2012 , 3:33pm
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Thanks for the spreadsheet! Looks great.

I have seen many people that charge more for chocolate and cream cheese buttercream, but I don't. I figure that those are very standard flavors and it doesn't cost that much more to make. I guess I figure if I am going to charge more for those flavors I pretty much have to charge more for everything but vanilla/vanilla. So basically I raised the vanilla price slightly to match with the others so I could make them all the same. Hope that makes sense! It may also depend on your area, though. Check out other decorators' websites and see what they are doing

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