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jennifercullen Posted 11 Jan 2012 , 12:40pm
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I'm not sure if I am posting in the right area for this really, I want to buy the cake boss software right now. I'm just wondering for anyone who has it, is it possible to put on a disk as a back up once you have it downloaded or not? If not what happens if you get a new computer, or your computer gets wiped of everything? Can you just redownload it? I know you can order it on a disk, but as I'm in the UK I dont know a) if they'd even send it to me, and b) if I'm gonna be charged VAT on the software when it gets here! (I was just charged £50 for customs for my agbay leveller!) and to be honest c) I dont want to wait that long lol.

Any help would be much appreciated icon_biggrin.gif

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maendings Posted 11 Jan 2012 , 1:28pm
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I purchased Cake Boss last year and it is a wonderful program! Yes I backed it up on a disk and matter of fact, they constantly remind you to do so at the end of each session. If there are updates, they are free and they were very helpful when I had some problems installing it (my problem, not their software). It does take time to load all of your recipes but it has made a world of difference in my profit margin and peace of mind. You know when someone says 'how much will that be' ? and you pull a number out of your head and you usually loose! lol Well, now I tell them I have a program that I load all of my information into and I will get back to them with a price. There is a place where you also load in supplies (boards, boxes, paper, colors...every darn thing that you use and are now able to figure it into your price structure). You also include overhead-gas, electricity- and what you need to be paid per hour.
Make sure you watch the tutorials; I kept getting crazy numbers on one order but I didn't load the correct amount into the materials section. So if there are problems, just watch the videos or call them They are more than glad to help you.
Sometimes at night if I have new recipes I just load it in. It has enabled me to put in a 1,2,or triple recipe with the right price. A sheet cake might use a triple recipe-well there it is. Keep your grocery receipts or whenever you buy cake supplies and check them with the price you have entered. Example: eggs in the master list 12 _____ eggs $1.65 so when you put in your recipe and you need 3 eggs, it automatically figures out that cost. Sometimes you have to fiddle around with ounces or lbs, but its no big deal. Fondant (Wilton the 4 package kind) will figure out what 1 package is.
All in all, it is worth every penny of it. If you get it, I will help you if you need it.
Good Luck

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Cakechick123 Posted 11 Jan 2012 , 1:28pm
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I just reinstalled it last week. When I bought it they sent me an email with the download link as well as the registration key. I just used that link on the old email to re-intall and it worked perfectly. Took 2 seconds to import the backup file from the old system and I was up and running icon_smile.gif

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Cakechick123 Posted 11 Jan 2012 , 1:34pm
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Originally Posted by maendings

Yes I backed it up on a disk and matter of fact, they constantly remind you to do so at the end of each session.

I think the OP meant the program, not your data backup. If you get a new computer you have to reinstall the program and then use your backup that you made at the end of each session to get all your information the new computer.

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SanDiegoBeautifulCakes Posted 11 Jan 2012 , 2:59pm
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I am curious about the the database. I was able to get a little info from the tech support person, but she would not give out much info. The database is SQL Lite, one of the worst ones ever, and now way out of date.

So I am curious as to how to get the data out of the database. Not to load into another instance of CB, but to be able to see the layout of the data and create a data pump to load data all at once. We have thousands of recipes that I am not even going to begin to type in manually. Currently there are no tools that allow you to perform maintenance on the SQL Lite database.

Has anyone performed a backup of the data only? Has anyone had any issue with porting the data to another instance? I also asked the tech support person this question: Can I run CB over the network with multiple workstations and only one instance of CB? Can the data source reside on a server, while the app is located on a workstation? Or multiple workstations. Has anyone configured their app and database this way? Our bakery has more that one workstation, and need this.

Beth & Andrew
Cake Artists

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kelleym Posted 11 Jan 2012 , 4:03pm
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Hi Beth & Andrew,

Thank you for your continuing interest in CakeBoss. We have very specific reasons for choosing the database that we did. If you would send me your phone number I will have my husband, the developer, call you on Saturday. He is in a class this week and Saturday is the soonest he can speak with you.

Based on your questions here, I do not think CakeBoss is suited to your needs, as it is not suitable for multiple workstations, and is intended for a single user only.

Thank you,
Kelley Masters
Owner, Masters Software

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jennifercullen Posted 11 Jan 2012 , 4:55pm
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Thanks for all your answers. So I guess I can keep the email and re download it instead of putting it on a disk. That suits me too, I just wasnt sure where you'd get the link and if you got to keep it etc.

Thanks a lot icon_smile.gif

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