Funny Story.....or, Has This Happened To You?

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kisamarie Posted 7 Sep 2011 , 5:27am
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I made a spiderman cake last week for a 4yr olds birthday. It was a friend of the family and she just wanted something simple, so she decided on a yellow cake with a chocolate fudge filling. They pick up the cake and everything goes well, then she tells my mother in law, four days later, that the cake was fabulous, especially the raspberry filling................... lol ummm, that was chocolate fudge........ I dont know how she got raspberry out of a chocolate fudge ganache...... it did not taste like rapberry, I tasted it myself. If I get any referrals for Raspberry filling, I wont know what to make!!!!! lol

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bakingkat Posted 7 Sep 2011 , 5:55am
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I had something slightly similar, I had made a ton of cakes for an open cake tasting and somebody was insisting that there was an orange cream cheese filling/frosting in the carrot cake and I told them it just had some almond and vanilla in it. I don't know if they didn't realise I was the one who single-handedly made every cake there, but they wanted that cake and wanted to order it exactly like it was but still insisted it was orange frosting. Whatever... lol I guess all that matters is that our customers liked it. icon_smile.gif

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SammieB Posted 7 Sep 2011 , 6:15am
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I had something similar happen, though not with cake! My husband and I started making our own wine, and when my brother got married we provided 4 different types. Since we had no labels we wrote on the box which was which for the bartender. Sure enough, she got them confused and the merlot/cab blend was swapped with the pinot noir. People kept saying the wine was good, but not a typical merlot, and so on. My hubby went up to the bartenderto nicely corect her, and she was adamant she was correct. He finally just laid it out, "No ma'am, you are not. I know b/c I bottled that wine myself." icon_smile.gif Poorgirl was so flustered!

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Dayti Posted 7 Sep 2011 , 7:52pm
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I have had a few customers return to my bakery requesting the lovely raspberry/strawberry/summer fruits cupcake they had last time. Despite me insisting they must be referring to the red velvet cupcake since I don't do anything with red berries in, they still think I'm nuts even when I explain it's a chocolate/vanilla mix that is coloured red icon_rolleyes.gif

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GenGen Posted 7 Sep 2011 , 8:30pm
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lol hubby and i used to purchase tubs of Neapolitan icecream and occasionally just the chocolate.. a few times.. the one in the chocolate tub had a strawberry flavor.. very distinct too.. despite it being completely chocolate icecream no other flavor ripple visible in it..

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labmom Posted 7 Sep 2011 , 10:09pm
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people sure have different tastes don't they after reading some of the posts.
I know people who taste almond cake and swear that it is cherry???

Maybe with your cake it was the brand of chocolate that you made the filling with? Sometimes that makes a difference each as a different flavor.

but my wierdest was not a cake but a chip and vegetablle dip that I took to a dinner party. The hostesss was gobbling it up and was going around telling every one to try the clam dip that I had brought.. I kept telling her that it was just the lipton french onion dip that was sour cream and french onion soup mix... no biggie... just someone had ask for me to bring it.

the hostess kept saying how she didn't like seafood but she loved this clam dip. ... many people didn't eat it thinkit it was a seafood dip... I finaly put a little sign on the back of my business card by the dip to assure people what exactly in the dip!!

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QTCakes1 Posted 7 Sep 2011 , 10:40pm
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Cherry and almond actually have a similiar flavor tone. That's why you'll see a lot of cherry and almond combos. My BFF does this with just about every baked good I make, heck even regular foods. She'll say,"This taste so different from the last time. What did you do different"? I tell her it's the same thing as the last time and then she'll insist,"No, it isn't you did something different". Which of course drives me crazy, cause I'm like how are YOU going to tell me it's different when I am the one who made it. icon_rolleyes.gif

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traci_doodle Posted 7 Sep 2011 , 11:40pm
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Isn't the filling in those chocolate-dipped cherry cordial candies sort of almondy? Maybe it's an association thing. I made a cake last weekend and my friend complimented me on the almond flavoring in the cake. I did put almond in, but I didn't think it was very strong. I thought the cream cheese flavor was much stronger, and I still wonder if that's what she was tasting.

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QTCakes1 Posted 7 Sep 2011 , 11:50pm
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Yup. And you'll see in cherry recipes they'll say to add a little almond extract to kick up the cherry flavor. I find that an 1/8 tsp almond extract, gives creamcheese frosting a nice strong, cream cheese taste. But I know almond can be easily picked up by some.

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Baker_Rose Posted 8 Sep 2011 , 10:38pm
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Yea, me too! I used to work for a caterer and one of her daughters ran the front of the house etc. One day I was called into the office to settle an argument. She was in there with four other women, all from her church. Their minister was celebrating a birthday or something and they were ordering the cake, but they all were arguing over what kind of cake.

They wanted a cake like one I had made for a large party for the minister the year before. This man loved cake, and I think he celebrated everything he could with cake because I KNOW I wrote his name on a LOT of cakes, small to large. The cake they were asking about stuck out in my mind because it was an odd combination, but everyone said it was fabulous cake. I did a full sheet cake, marble with cream cheese icing. It was strange and so it stuck out in my mind.

Now each woman remembered the cake differently. One swore that it was marble cake with fudge icing. Two were convinced that it was marble cake filled with strawberries and finished with cream cheese icing. And the last said it was yellow cake with raspberry filling and buttercream. I didn't remember the fruit filling, just marble with cream cheese.

I have a feeling that there were so many celebrations for this minister with cake that they were getting various cakes mixed up, but everyone swore that that specific celebration had a specific cake, they just didn't agree on which cake. Go figure.

After phone calls to other church members they decided to order marble cake, raspberry filling and cream cheese icing. It's one of my more unusual combos.

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