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cakecoachonline Posted 21 Aug 2011 , 2:07pm
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I was asked to make a wedding cake for some good friends of mine - and of course attended the wedding - daughter was bridesmaid etc. We all stayed overnight at the hotel and a good time was had by all. The next day those of us who were left were clearing up the function room and I decided to go down to the kitchens to retrieve the rest of the three tier cake and the boxes and stands for my friend.

Would you believe this. The Head Chef and a couple of the waiters were all tucking into the cake with a cup of coffee. 'This cake is the best cake we have had here at this function room - here have a taste' the Head Chef said offering me a large slice. 'I know its great - because I made it!' I replied. 'And I have come to collect the remainder before all the waiting staff and Chefs eat the rest!' I have never since experienced such embarrased faces of three people at the same time. Can you believe their nerve. But in any event it was nice to be told the cake was good - but by the time I arrived a large percentage was already gone from the tier we were trying to save for a potential christening cake!

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sharon24 Posted 21 Aug 2011 , 2:18pm
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That is soo funny, especially offering you a slice of your own cake!

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kel58 Posted 21 Aug 2011 , 2:23pm
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Well on one hand it sucks that you were not able to save the cake for another function and that the staff would just go ahead and eat the cake. Maybe couples don't usually come get the extra??
On the other hand I think I would have a hard time being mad after that compliment. I was totally picturing them all standing there with forks in one hand and coffee in the other, standing eatting over the cake untill you said they offered you a slice. I had a little giggle at the mental picture.
Give youself a pat on the back for the fantastic cake. They have seen a lot of cakes I am sure and have dubbed you "the best"!! yay

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yummy_in_my_tummy Posted 21 Aug 2011 , 7:11pm
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That is funny!

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BlakesCakes Posted 21 Aug 2011 , 7:30pm
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Funny on one hand..............sad on the other.

Sad in that you shouldn't have to tell "professionals" that they're not to consume food that IS NOT THEIRS TO CONSUME icon_mad.gif

They didn't pay for the cake. They weren't invited guests to the function.

Short of scraping off some crumbs from a cakeboard or eating a shard that was too small to serve to a guest, they had no right to cut into that cake.

Sorry, but if that cake was to be saved for a christening (fruitcake?), they'd be paying me for having to re-make the tier and they could eat the rest until they burst.

The nerve of some people--gahh icon_evil.gif


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AnnieCahill Posted 21 Aug 2011 , 7:40pm
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Oh the day after my wedding I had the person tell me there was no cake left. I said "look, I made the cake, I saw how much was left over, and I know there are at least some of three of the tiers left." She went in the back and came out with a box of the Christmas confetti. I said um, you're forgetting the pumpkin spice and the lemon (the chocolate was long demolished the night before). There wasn't much left of any of it but I wanted to give the leftovers to my family from out of town.

She gave me a nasty look and went back into the kitchen. Uh, I know damn good and well I was the only wedding at that venue for the MONTH (it was December) and all the cakes were individually boxed because I did floating tiers. It's not like it could have been confused with someone else's cake. Then she came back out after about five minutes and plopped them on top of the bar and snapped "ok did you need anything else?" I looked at my husband and I was thinking "hold my earrings" but then I remembered I didn't have any on.

Messing with my cake is like messing with my emotions.

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BlakesCakes Posted 21 Aug 2011 , 7:56pm
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Good for you!

I worked as banquet staff many years ago and there was definitely a habit of making "leftovers" fair game.

Now, to be fair, at times, there were leftovers that we knew would be thrown in the trash--whole roasts, pans of chops, etc. Throwing those away was a real waste and once declared trash by the banquet manager, we were allowed to put together take-out boxes for ourselves. That declaration was made ONLY after it was cleared with the client and there was no doubt that they wouldn't be taking those leftovers for themselves.

Leftover cake(s) were boxed up--if they were in good condition or significant in size--and put in the cooler. If the client requested them that day, they were handed over. If they weren't "claimed" by the next day, they were usually divided up amongst the staff or thrown away.

Part of a good banquet manager's job is to check with the client about THEIR wishes--and to see that their requests are handled properly. A bad banquet manager will allow his chefs and staff to run roughshod and snap up everything left in sight.


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