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CarolWI Posted 14 Aug 2011 , 4:12pm
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I'm looking for an easy pourable, good tasting, not overly sweet poured fondant. I am not experienced with fondant and need your help. I have read so many reviews of different pourable fondants and can't seem to locate a recipe or store bought fondant that I can use on petit fours. I prefer one that coats nicely with one coat, but would be okay with using a recipe requiring 2 thin coats to get nice coverage. I see that there are many recipes that require huge amounts of powdered sugar; I understand the usual overall sweetness of petit fours, but so many recipes out there seem to have overkill of the powdered sugar. Can you use Satin Ice & turn it into a pourable fondant? I'm planning to do a white pourable, then after it dries....I want to airbrush my desired colors. These will be square petit fours in the design of baby blocks so I want to put a different color on each side and thought the airbrush techique would work great in order to accomplish this mutli-colored attempt. Would sincerely appreciate your help!!

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CarolWI Posted 14 Aug 2011 , 4:14pm
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Oh and I have seen a recipe where white chocolate or almond bark is melted and added to poured fondant; is that something anyone has tried? does it work?

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leah_s Posted 14 Aug 2011 , 4:18pm
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Well, first it's the powdered sugar that makes the icing opaque. You said you wanted good coverage.

I've actually found the Wilton poured fondant recipe to be quite good.

Petit fours are a MAJOR PITA. And you're going to color each side differently? Please post pictures when they're done!

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CWR41 Posted 14 Aug 2011 , 5:54pm
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CarolWI Posted 14 Aug 2011 , 6:07pm
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Yes, I am hoping to airbrush each side a different color; praying that it works!! And yes, I saw Mark Atwoods video and that's what pushed me to give these little treats a try. Has anyone tried his poured fondant recipe? How was it? I have heard these are a PITA, but they look so darn cute and when I decided to host my sister's baby shower....I thought little blocks would be adorable!! The shower isn't until later this fall, but I want to do a practice run within the next few weeks to see if my ideas are going to work. I am so new at this stuff! Granted I have baked for years and have great success, but the decorating is a whole new game! I'm kind of a perfectionist and am always super hard on myself, but always feel the need for challenge....and well, this is the next challenge on my plate. If things works out the way I hope, I will definitely post a pic late this fall. But as for now, just need some help in the right poured fondant recipe and whether or not it will work to airbrush them as I plan. Thanks to all for the help in the endeavor and my future ones as well icon_smile.gif

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ycknits Posted 14 Aug 2011 , 6:23pm
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I like the petit four pourable icing recipe on the Martha Stewart website.

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JanH Posted 14 Aug 2011 , 8:43pm
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Wilton quick pour fondant recipe (with 21 reviews):



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CarolWI Posted 15 Aug 2011 , 10:46am
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I'm at a toss up of using the recipe noted under Mark Atwoods video on http://www.mahalo.com/how-to-make-petit-fours/ or Wilton's http://www.wilton.com/recipe/Q.....nt-Icing-1

I noticed a comment on Mark Atwoods that there are 8 egg whites missing from the recipe; has anyone made this and found it to be correct as is or is it missing the egg whites?

I think Wilton's is easier, but wonder which is a lighter sweetness.

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Occther Posted 15 Aug 2011 , 10:59am
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My petit four recipe uses a similar poured fondant recipe to the Wilton one. The thing about poured fondant is that it is very sweet. That is the reason you want it to be very warm so it doesn't make a thick coat. Once it is dry, it is pretty glossy. Not sure if you could air brush them. You might try coloring the poured fondant. Maybe you could use different color Mercken's candy melts and make ganache to cover them.

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CarolWI Posted 15 Aug 2011 , 11:52am
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Does your recipe have egg whites or not? Have you ever tried a recipe with egg whites? Decisions, decisions...my head is spinning!! LOL!! As far as the airbrushing, I have seen yays and nays on different sites, but the nays were from a few years ago. The more recent comments were yays due to the better technology of airbrush units; I guess it's probably a matter of turning down the pressure and keeping enough distance. I'm going to give it a test try in a few weeks. If it doesn't work, I will be bummed to say the least, but will have to go with an alternate plan. I still think it would look totally cool to have the sides and top of the blocks different colors and the letters a deeper color than the block side; such as a very light pink on a side with a darker pink letter. Like I said, I can only hope & will have to see what happens.

And Thanks to ALL for your responses! I appreciate your feedback icon_smile.gif

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Occther Posted 15 Aug 2011 , 11:31pm
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No - my recipe doesn't use egg whites. This is the only recipe that I have used.

Poured Fondant

1 cup hot water
1/4 cup light corn syrup
3 lbs confectioners sugar

Stir together in large glass bowl. Microwave on high for 2 minutes. Stir. Return to microwave for 1 more minute. Stir again. Add 2 tsp. almond extract. Fondant should be very smooth and very warm.

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