Shamelessly Seeking Constructive Feedback On Website Please

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LorienSkye Posted 8 Aug 2011 , 12:27am
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Hi fellow CC'ers whose feedback I value greatly 
I officially opened my cottage foods business (with business license and insurance) about 3 months ago and I have been putting a large amount of time and resources into promotion and advertising. I developed a website and also ordered all of my other promotional materials through vistaprint so that I have consistent branding. I am marketing my business to upscale venues in the area and I want my presentation to be consistent with the type of clientele I am trying to attract. Am I hitting close to the mark? Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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Kiddiekakes Posted 8 Aug 2011 , 12:48am
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Website is nice..I did find the writing on the lefthand side to be too small to read so you may want to make the font bigger...Actually all the fonts could be a bit bigger...LOL..age showing...I think the flavors list is way too long..I would cut some out and shorten it and maybe say ..specialty flavors upon request..It becomes too much to choose from and confusing to look at and choose.I would charge more than $3.50 for fondant covered cakes per serving..It is only 50 cents more than BC but fondant is way more money to either buy or make..JMO..Actually...I find all your prices too low but then again you are in a different demographic location and your area may not be able to sustain higher prices...Site is very nice though...Good Luck on your new adventure...

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HappyCake10609 Posted 8 Aug 2011 , 1:03am
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First off, I love the color (purple is my favorite color) and the design at the top.

I agree that the font on the navigation menu buttons is too small to read, I would enlarge it quite a bit. And I don't think enlarging the other fonts a bit would be a bat idea either. Also, since I'm on the topic of fonts, sans-serif (with out decorative accents on the letters) are easier to read on the computer. It could just be my browser (I had difficulty with the fonts on my own website the other day) but it looks like most of the text is in Times New Roman. In general I like to use a decorative font for headers and titles, but a simple font (like arial) for the main text. That's just my preference though.

I would have the name of your company larger in your header, maybe right justify it and make it large enough to take up a lot of that blank space. As it is, it kind of blends in with the rest of the site.

Overall, I think your site is very nice and professional. I really like you little "note from the owner" on the main page. It's a nice touch!

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FromScratchSF Posted 8 Aug 2011 , 1:07am
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Your cakes are lovely, and your site is better then most I've seen!

I feel your pain, I am currently going through re-branding and such. I hope to have my new page built by the end of the month so Imma save you some money and tell you a few things my oh-my-god-my-site-better-be-awesome-with-how-much-you-cost graphic artist is telling me:

Your menu font loads really really small. I can hardly read it and I have 20/20. There is a lot of dead space on both sides of the screen, is that the template or can you adjust those things? The font color is also hard on the eyes, it's better to have your font on a white or very light background. Are you able to make the text background a lighter shade of lavender?

She also told me it's better to only have one larger photo of product per page with a link to a gallery in your sidebar if people want to see more of your work instead of having several small photos on a page. That way people can see an example of the detail in the photo and makes reading easier without having to click around too much.

But seriously, better then a lot of cake websites I've seen! Good job since you are doing it yourself!


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LaurenLuLu Posted 8 Aug 2011 , 1:22am
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I think it looks great, echo the side bar needing to be larger. Also, it needs more direct information as to your location other than an area code.

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poohsmomma Posted 8 Aug 2011 , 1:19pm
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Very classy looking site. The color is subtle, and the font is neat and very legible.
However I agree with the others that the font is way too small. Even the name of your bakery at the top is small-it was hard to find.
I like how you actually showed pictures of tiered cakes and single tiered cakes. Also, adding the "layman's speak" to keep things simple.
A little typo on the Wedding cake info page...on the third bullet down the very last word has jumped down to the bottom line. (might just be my monitor)

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GarciaGM Posted 8 Aug 2011 , 1:45pm
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I'll pipe up and echo what the others have said. Too much empty space in the side bars, left navigation bar text is too small, and there should be a greater distinction in the shades of purple between the background and the text. I would also suggest using less italicized font in places like the "Wedding Cake Information" page - reserve italics for special notes instead.

Otherwise, I love the overall look! Good luck with your new "official" business!!

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LorienSkye Posted 8 Aug 2011 , 5:58pm
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Thank you so much everyone for the excellent feedback. I will be implementing the suggestions of increasing font size right away. I appreciate all of the help and suggestions. Thanks so much to everyone who took the time to look and comment icon_smile.gif

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metria Posted 8 Aug 2011 , 6:06pm
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I would also suggest cutting the number of different fonts you use. I see at least 5 different fonts just on the home page. I'd only use 2 at the most.

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AnnieCahill Posted 8 Aug 2011 , 6:17pm
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Everything needs to be bigger. The business name (hey, I WANT to remember you) and the selections on the left side.

I would also ditch the papyrus font, but that's just a thing with me...kind of like comic sans.

Dark font on a light background is much easier to read than dark on dark or light on dark. That's just something my good friend, who designs web pages, has told me in the past when we talk about website design.

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