Don't Know What Else She Expects.......

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louanne Posted 7 Jun 2011 , 9:04pm
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ah sorry needed another vent session. Had a cake that i done this weekend which was a beach ball for a first birthday, i dont know what went wrong but nothing was working right, i have done 3d balls before without problems but this just wasnt woring, so i called mom and let her know i was having problems and if it would be okay for me to do a square cake with a very large cake ball as the beach ball instead of the beachball being actual cut cake, she said that's fine as long as it has a beach ball on it. So i finally get the cake together and i admit it was not my best work, which is why when mom showed up i told her how sorry i was, it was not exactly what she was expecting ( it wasnt just hideous but it wasnt flawless) i refunded her the deposit she paid and offerred her next cake order for free and just profussly apologized. She seemes satisfied when she left. ( this was saturday)

well today we get the announcement that we have been voted best of the best for bakeries in our town ( yay us) so i posted on FB and thanked everyone. mom posts "well, i don't know how you got this if other people got cakes like my son's first birthdya cake" so i send her an email, again telling her how sorry i am and how i would really like the opprotunity to make it up with a free cake. I did ot remove her comment from my fb page because yes it was snide but i did mes up her cake. Well i post the pics up in my gallery, because yes it's not perfect but its not horrible, and her friend starts making terribly ugly comments under the photo, so i just removed her comments and left it at that, well then mom gets on and says well at least you spelled his name right but i brought you a picture with red in it ( which she asked when she ordered to change the red to orange) and then said i didnt ask for sea shells either. Well the pic she brought in had the sand and sea shells on the board and she asked for the sand so i assumed she wanted the shells too, so i made a ton of white choc shells for it.

anyways, sorry i just dont know what else she expects, i admitted my mistake but is it really necessary to get on fb and make rude and snide comments when i have appologized and tried everything i know to try and make her happy and make ammends.
I am trying really hard not to delete her comments and ban her from my page, but oh is it tempting.

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jason_kraft Posted 7 Jun 2011 , 9:15pm
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Delete her comments and ban her from the page. There's no upside to keeping them there.

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KakeMistress Posted 7 Jun 2011 , 9:22pm
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and honestly if she is going to be like that even after offering a free cake then i say no cake for you

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louanne Posted 7 Jun 2011 , 9:33pm
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i went ahead and deleted and banned, i hate doing it but your right jason nothing good will come out of leaving it, i would have no issue whatsoever if she had posted snide things on yelp or something of that nature ( i mean sure i wouldnt like it) but to post on FB is just ugly, i guess it just feels more like a personal attack on FB than on a site made for reviews. and uncalled for since i really have tried to make it up, I mean i extended the courtesy of refund and free cake to prevent bad reviews and to be able to prove that what she received was not standard for our shop.

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kneenah Posted 7 Jun 2011 , 9:39pm
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First off stop beating urself up, u are human and we make mistakes. We all have bad days. I think it was really rude of the lady to react like that, seriously how immature and for her friends to even get involved is completely uncalled for. If i were i would delete her AND block her and her nosy little friends. U dont need any bad energy to be jinxing ur success as a baker. If I were u i wouldnt even make business with her again. I am a woman of my word but if she is trying to making u look bad after u apologized i wouldnt even offer to do anyother cake. She would look even more stupid asking u to do it after saying all those things...Congrants on being voted best bakeries in our town.. U CANT PLEASE THEM ALL...

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imagenthatnj Posted 7 Jun 2011 , 9:44pm
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louanne, delete her from the comments and take her away. It is your right to do so.

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imagenthatnj Posted 7 Jun 2011 , 9:46pm
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Oh, I read you did. You acted professionally; she's rude. Just put it in the past.

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KellyJo3 Posted 7 Jun 2011 , 9:53pm
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So sorry you had to deal with someone like that. It's not like you didn't try to make up for it. I bet she's one of those types that whenever she goes to a restaraunt, she complains about everything until she gets a bunch of free stuff. Ban her *ss from your page and anyone she uses to bash your cakes. Like, I'm sure she has never made a mistake before! Remember you were voted the best for a reason!

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sweettreat101 Posted 7 Jun 2011 , 10:03pm
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We all have bad days. If it were me I would send her a polite email reminding her that I apologized for the cake and refunded her money. There was no need for the snide and rude comments on my facebook page. Due to this unfortunate event I will no longer be offering you a free cake. Have a nice day. You don't need customers like that.

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solascakes Posted 7 Jun 2011 , 10:27pm
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Delete her from your life ......FAST.

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gatorcake Posted 7 Jun 2011 , 10:29pm
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What her actions reveal is that she does not expect anything. The title of the thread intimates that she is looking for something from you, but her actions indicate she does not want anything from you. She is bitter or angry or upset or all the above and whatever you do you/have done will not placate her. She does not want an apology, she wants to harm your business.

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cakegirl1973 Posted 7 Jun 2011 , 10:30pm
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Originally Posted by jason_kraft

Delete her comments and ban her from the page. There's no upside to keeping them there.


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sebrina Posted 7 Jun 2011 , 10:37pm
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Good grief. What more COULD she want? So, have I got this right? She ordered one cake, at said price, & ended up getting it for free, with the promise of another??? I would be singing your praises, not bashing you. Can you post a pic of the cake for us? I'd love to see what this lady is gripping about!

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louanne Posted 7 Jun 2011 , 10:40pm
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i was just talking with a friend whoalso happens towork for me, giving her the dialy run down since she had to leave early today, and told her everything, and like she said we have the right to refuse service so we can refuse her business since we have given her a refund, she said we shouldnt give her a free cake either since the free cake is offerred as "hush money"...sounds bad but lets be honest that's what it is, since she decided to try and stir stuff on facebook that she gets the "no cake for you" Anyways, i'm over it. frustrated sure, but what can i do.

and gator she may be out to hurt my business, it's petty if she is, i admitted i am human, i made a mistake tired to make it right, my conceinsce is clear in that matter, I have many very loyal customers, one of my most loyal customers is one which i had a cake disaster with her cake my opening weekend, but i made it right and she has been to us for every cake since and sends many other clients our way. I guess it all depends on the type of perosn they are to start with.

Thanks for listening guys!! it's nice to know i have a safe place to vent things out!

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louanne Posted 7 Jun 2011 , 10:50pm
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picture is in my gallery, not even gonna try and figure out how to post it in the thread, the pic was taken before its final coating of luster spray ( i always take a pic and then touch up any uneven color before sending out, dont know why but color variations always seems to show up better on my camera than to my naked eye) I have to get my other memory card uploaded before i will have the picture of it as it went out, but this one is pretty much the same just without the missing blotch of sheen on the orange section.

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